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Modification Log for ActionScan

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of ActionScan to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
1.01 30/04/2012Modified opening of contacts table to prevent tablevalidation failing so easily
1.00Z23/04/2012Modified opening of contacts table to allow for a few 'errors' to shut the system down.
1.00Y16/03/2012Discovered there are two formats of file from which to extract fax number and (if available) contact name
modified the scanner to cope with both
1.00X16/03/2012** 1.00 X 16/03/2012 Modified housekeeping slightly - if the system processed some files and new ones arrived during the processing
** the .pcl part (beginning with X) was being ruled an orphan - then the system could not find it when it processed it's
** parent bit!
** 1.00 W 16/03/2012 Added a bit of debugging info - to narrow down the problem with not creating a pdf file.
1.00V13/03/2012Testing for ability to open contats table added
1.00U13/03/2012Added code to try and identify where the Orphans are coming from
1.00T09/12/2011Put in code to rename FAX.* files to ORPHAN FAX.*.TXT if they become orphaned - enabling reading via notepad
1.00S21/12/2010Improved scanning to allow for anti-virus to release files before delting them
1.00R14/06/2010Bug-fix: Scan for orphans crashing due to not correctly bracketing date
1.00Q14/06/2010Added scan for orphan faxes.
1.00P10/06/2010Improved the creation of pdf files to correct errors in xref table
1.00O10/06/2010Stopped system sending 'done that' messages outside 'pause' time
1.00N09/06/2010Added message to explain why 9999 faxnos should be forwarded to fallback user
1.00M09/06/2010Added feature to look for empty fax numbers - as these seem to prevent P2K from creating FAX.nn files
1.00L09/06/2010Added feature to check for duplicated fax numbers in the contacts database, and tried to limit
Actionscan.cgi notification to every 15 minutes (log getting swamped)
1.00K08/06/2010Added feature to run actionscan.cgi on - so that depotwatch can monitor scanning
1.00J08/06/2010Changed the number of iterations the system processes to 500 from 5000, as there is some apparent memory leak!
1.00I05/06/2010Changed the number of iterations the system processes to 5000 from 50, as there is no apparent memory leak
1.00H04/06/2010Modified the originators list to try and help validate the format and email address
1.00G03/06/2010Added list of originators to try and minimise messages to fallback!
1.00F03/06/2010Added font bold on hand made pdf files from txt
1.00E03/06/2010Added ability to read txt files and write out pdf to match
1.00D02/06/2010Added conversion for text files as well
1.00C02/06/2010Reduced height of form for main scan screen, also put in error handling in case contacts file
cannot be opened
1.00B01/06/2010Added basic error handling - sending errors to fallback.
1.00A01/06/2010Final commissioned version - expecting to use OakDoc PCLtoPDF based parameter system
1.00 31/05/2010Started work on 'ActionScan' to scan predefined folder for faxes and convert them to pdf files and then email them