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GDPR - Data Protection in the EU from 25 May 2018

From 25 May 2018, the EU has introduced new rules to protect individuals privacy and security.

These rules affect the way services such as DocElite are provided.

Finedata Limited provides the DocElite system to, primarily, construction companies who use it to help manage their business to business relationships with designers, consultants, suppliers and sub-contractors.

As such Finedata Limited does not manage the data held on the various DocElite portals, this is the responsibility of the individual companies who subscribe to Finedata Limited for their own portals.
This means Finedata Limited has not entered the data, does not maintain or audit or vet, does not normally have access to it directly, does not process, share, supply or sell that information with or to any third parties.
Finedata Limited does not use the information entered into DocElite portals for any marketing purposes whatsoever.

DocElite portals are not designed to hold very much information about individuals, generally it is limited to the email and postal addresses, telephone numbers and other contact details
for organisations and companies typically already contracted to supply goods and/or services for the purposes of one or more construction projects.
This may be slightly different for companies and organisations who are/have been invited to tender for the supply of goods and/or services
- in that even less information may well be retained in a DocElite portal (probably just a company/organisation's name and one or more email addresses).

This information would be generally be freely available on the participant's web sites, in their advertising material, on business cards and often painted large on the sides of their vehicles - thus largely in the public domain.

The free availabilty of information such as this does not release Finedata Limited or the companies subscribing to DocElite portals from their responsibilities under the GDPR rules,

This page is intended to help anyone concerned that their personal data is being held by a Finedata Limited service inappropriately
or that such data is incorrect or held insecurely, or otherwise in breach of the GDPR rules, discover, amend or request to have that information removed.

The first point of call for anyone who wants to act on the foregoing would always be the administrator for the DocElite portal, which in most cases companies display quite clearly on the DocElite Login page.

However, Finedata Limited offers an alternative starting point for anyone unsure who to contact in this regard.

In order to persue any query you should be able to provide us with an email address, your company or organisation's name, some idea of the project's name and the name of the company likely to be subscribing to a DocElite portal.

Please contact Martin Griffin at Finedata Limited using either of the approaches listed below,

Telephone : +44 (0) 1438 893046

E-Mail :

Given sufficient information, we will endeavour to locate the current contact(s) at the organisation(s) in question and forward your query.

Plase bear in mind though that the information in question does not belong to Finedata Limited and we are unable to supply, modify or delete it ourselves, we
can only assist you locate the right people to help.

Whether or not Finedata Limited is able to actually help you effect a resolution, you will not be charged any fee by Finedata Limited in relation to this activity/request.