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Modification Log for DocElite

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of DocElite to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, or a trial version, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
1.61Y16/10/2014Added criteria to docs issued to enable only commented on documents to show
1.61X09/10/2014** 1.61 W 29/09/2014 Modified layout of documents awaiting approval report to correctly count number of documents by reviewer
** 1.61 X 09/10/2014 Added columns to submission summary to enable users to see amount of time taken to process
1.61V23/09/2014Added status criteria to current documents report on web interface
1.61U18/08/2014Added ability to create pdf from selected incoming submissions
1.61T15/08/2014Added ability for report scanner to advise that no attachments were available
1.61S14/08/2014** 1.61 R 30/07/2014 Modified approvals summary report to include non-reviewers who review
** 1.61 S 14/082014 Added ability for report scanner to combine pdfs into single file and deliver to web client
1.61Q17/07/2014Modified documents not issued report from web interface to support selection by part of title, reason for issue and to create spreadsheet
1.61P23/06/2014Modified comments returned late report to allow for non-lead reviewer
1.61O16/06/2014Added ability to run tq report against criteria for linked documents
1.58 10/09/2012Added NoDirectory field to popnm to enable / diisable visibility of project directory to users
1.57S14/08/2012Added error handling for opening database to update stored procedures
1.57R10/08/2012Added feature to insert and update stored procedures to any database
scanned by the acrobat file scanner
1.57Q18/07/2012** 1.57 O 24/05/2012 Updated image viewer to latest version C/W support files
** 1.57 P 26/06/2012 Modified criteria for acrobat reporting current documents report
** 1.57 Q 18/07/2012 Added ability to filter out current revs only in approvals register
1.57N14/05/2012Added ability to specify a range of document numbers when running document submission summary from web site
1.57M27/04/2012L 15/03/2012 Added ability to filter for only archived in current documents report in web interface
** 1.57 M 27/04/2012 Modified all the reports to allow for very long project titles
1.57K15/03/2012** 1.57 I 26/01/2012 Added error handling with reporting for serious errors
** 1.57 J 28/02/2012 Added ability to search list of projects using the path
** 1.57 K 15/03/2012 Added confid, internal and archived columns to excel export from current documents report in web interface
1.57H25/01/2012Added document approvals summary report for web interface
1.57G12/01/2012Modified approval outstanding report to include issue out reason and ability to specify same on web interface
1.57F14/12/2011Modified layout of Q&R report to include any userdefined fileds - even on the smplified layout and to remove underscores from their labels
1.57E01/12/2011** 1.57 D 22/11/2011 Added Ignore No Issue criteria to documents awaiting approval report - for web reporting
** 1.57 E 01/12/2011 Modified layout of current documents report to print repeated values for document numbers - when the originator changes
1.57C16/11/2011Added new excel issue sheet report to web reporting
1.57B04/11/2011Added ability to set the archived field from the main document register within DocElite
1.57A04/11/2011Added processing for Archived field (above) for reports
1.57 30/10/2011Added field to document inventory, puttobed, to allow for sections of the register to be ignored - which could speed up the web interface
1.56A17/10/2011Modified web interface documents not issued report to allow for blank originator to be specified.
1.56 10/10/2011Extended size of drgtitle to 150 characters & added default document distribution
1.55M21/09/2011Bug-fix: Unable to run approvals outstanding report - to spreadsheet
1.55L16/09/2011** 1.55 K 16/09/2011 Modified documents issued report to filter out document types as specified
** 1.55 L 16/09/2011 Modified approval analysis report to filter out document types as specified
1.55J08/09/2011Added to and from dates to selection criteria for documents outstanding approval report in acrobat scanner
1.55I23/08/2011Added document distribution exception report to acrobat report scanner
1.55H18/08/2011Bug-Fix: Documents Approvel register not properly checking the document type selected when running reports for the web interface
1.55G10/08/2011Added ability to select intent for recipients in Query reportes (Action/Information/N/A)
1.55F12/07/2011Added parameter to routine running documents awaiting approval report via acrobat scanner to allow selection of a reason for issue
1.55E23/06/2011Further improved error handling in AcrobatFileScanner - picked up that sometimes temporary files not being closed after reports
1.55D23/06/2011Modified submission summary report to enable filtering of accepted or rejected documents
1.55C21/06/2011Modified documents without attachments report to filter out document types as specified
1.55B21/06/2011Modified documents without attachments report to include documents which have no attachments with a specified extension not just those where it cannot be found (was never there as opposed to gone missing)
1.55A20/06/2011Added enhanced error handling for AcrobatFileScanner
1.55 14/06/2011.
1.54D13/06/2011Bug-Fix: error generated when leaving comments section fo review incoming submissions
1.54C09/06/2011Modified o/s approvals report to allow for a subtitle
1.54B09/06/2011Modified o/s approvals report to make o/d flag relate to ref date above
1.54A06/06/2011Added 'ref date' to outstanding apporvals reports
1.54 12/05/2011Added new 'alternative address' to list of companies, and a flag to the transmittal notes table to allow for selection
1.53C08/04/2011Bug-Fix: company details report not reporting fax no in fax no column
1.53B08/04/2011Modified layout of company details report - added header for design team, internal and subcontract
1.53A08/04/2011Added company details (project directory) report to acrobat file scanner, and changed sort order to reflect roles
1.53 07/04/2011Added table of contacts for companies - to 'fill out' the project directory - these are separate from the existing email addresses which are purely for the webelite emails
Added more userdefined fields to Q&R sheets and their labels
1.51I14/03/2011Bug-fix: Rename of button caused download to cease working
1.51H14/03/2011Bug-fix: Bad label on acrobat file scanner
1.51G04/03/2011Bug-fix: Documents issued to specific recipient report ignoring document type when run from web site
1.51F28/02/2011Added ability to get current documents report as a spreadsheet from the web interface
1.51E11/02/2011Added asterisk to review outstanding report (from web site) to indicate that the received date has been used because no issue date is available. Also added ability to export documents issued report to spreadsheet from website
1.51D02/02/2011Added transmittal numbers and so forth to documents issued to specific recipient report export to .csv file
1.51C25/01/2011Added revenue protection feature to acrobat file scanner
1.51B12/01/2011Added percentages to legend in approvals register report
1.51A16/12/2010Bug-fix: left report behaviour set at 90 - without distributing the support files
1.51 15/12/2010Added bcc option to list of companies
1.50I17/11/2010Added option above to web interface
1.50H15/11/2010Added option to documents comments returned late report to include 'never issued' also added status column
1.50G12/11/2010Bug-fix in above filtering out documents from 'finished' originators
1.50F12/11/2010Added option for filtering out document numbers by orignator group, on acrobat file scanner for current documents report
1.50E10/11/2010Added option for overdue only on documents awaiting approval report
1.50D05/11/2010Added option for ALL originators on document submissions summary
1.50C05/11/2010Added options to web interface for document submissions summary
1.50B05/11/2010Added new report - document submissions summary
1.50A04/11/2010Modified layour of current documents report - red bars not appearing
1.50 30/10/2010Added new field to transmittal notes to provide descriptive element such as 'brickwork package' visible on web interface
1.49L27/10/2010Added ability to clear lastmail settings on presentation details
1.49K18/10/2010Added ability to export OUTSTANDING approvals register to excel
1.49J15/10/2010Added ability to export approvals register to excel
1.49I29/09/2010Added 'last use' field to web user list report
1.49H16/09/2010Modified the way zip files are created from submissions to allow for documents to be linked by the exact upload time
1.49G13/09/2010Modified the way TQ reporting handles return but unclosd queries
1.49F10/09/2010Modified screen caption while running acrobat file scanner - to make it easier to cancel the right
copy of the system
1.49E09/09/2010Noted problem with importing/exporting simple distribution planning from/to excel - null values being
interpreted as not empty
1.49C30/07/2010Added status date and turnaround time to review analysis report
1.49 17/05/2010Added 'download' field to attachments file for future tracking of download information
1.48R11/05/2010Added distribution comments to documents issued to specific recipient report
1.48Q27/03/2010Added received dates as per above to the same report
1.48P27/03/2010Added issued to and from dates to print out of documents issued to specific recipient

1.48O20/03/2010Moved Temporary folder to under the one the system is running in.
1.48N19/03/2010Modified all reports and labels to remove data environment references to temporary
directory - in preparation for making system able to run twice on the same PC
1.48M15/03/2010Added 'passed comment' selection criteria to Q&R sheet reports from web interface
1.48L14/03/2010Modified layout of review/approvals register to make columns more flexible
1.48K11/03/2010Modified layout of review/approvals register
1.48J11/03/2010Small tweaks to improve running of reports from acrobat file scanner
1.48I04/03/2010Modified the rvwcdocs report to ensure that the temporary table is closed after use
1.48H03/03/2010Modified the way query reports were processed to eliminate the problem with empty date rec'd dates adding odd records to the report
Also put in place a progress indicator where possible to show the number of records extracted by the above
1.48G02/03/2010Added planned and forecast dates to documents awaiting and overdue approval reports
1.48E23/02/2010Bug-fix in moving from VFP6 to VFP9 - temp files not opened in data environment sometimes (retncomm in this case)
1.48D08/02/2010Completed mods for planned and forecast labels - accommodating them in reports etc.
1.48B01/02/2010Added Date Received filter to documents not issued report
1.48A20/01/2010Bug-fix, typo in restoring data (possibly caused by conversion to VFP9)
1.48 17/01/2010Added table to allow for creating a list of keywords for the photo library
1.47 10/12/2009Added Notes and supplier details fields to matl requisitions to make it clearer to buyer
that they should fill them in.
1.46 07/12/2009Added internal and confidential flags to photos
1.45E04/12/2009Added dividing lines on print shop request that is emailed to copyshop - to delineate the attachments from the
next document, to make it easier for the printers to see which attachments are for which document
1.45D19/11/2009Modified processing of reports for accrobat scanner to include filters for confidential and internal
Also 'toned down' colours on reports and added label to matl requisition to shown comments more clearly
1.45C13/11/2009Added ability to match RETEDATE to 'dealtwith' on tqreports to help filter
out completed ones
1.45A28/10/2009Modified dttolong function to show properly decoded minutes!
1.45 19/10/2009Added username to document requests
1.44B15/10/2009Modified layout of transmittal note sto include 'return comments by'
1.44A09/10/2009Modified Approvals Outstanding Report (for Web Interface) to allow for All Design Team as
1.44 14/09/2009Added confidential field to project directory to tie in with confidential documents
1.43A11/09/2009Added criteria to query report to exclude answered ones...
1.43 11/09/2009Added subcontractor flag to project director popnm
also added confid and internal flags to document inventory popin
1.42G08/09/2009Added ability to prevent WebElite from sending emails for a specified project
1.42F17/08/2009Added 'just current' and 'just recent' filtration to documents not issued web report
1.42E12/08/2009Modified layout of labels for document numbers a second time!
1.42D12/08/2009Modified layout of labels for document numbers
1.42C12/08/2009Added ability to print labels for sticking to documents when hanging in racks, and do same from acrobat file scanner
1.42B10/08/2009Added ability to put list of documents issued to specific recipient in list awaiting issue
1.42A04/08/2009Added free text and default features to snag system and update reports to display
1.42 04/08/2009Added free text ability to rooms for snags
Also added 'constuction' and 'desdevel' flags to poppm
1.41I16/07/2009Added more visibility of Actionee Notes to reports on snags
1.41H07/07/2009Added ability to use OR to select two different document numbers in current documents pdf report
1.41G07/07/2009Added Excl. Withdrawn Documents option to documents without attachments report
1.41F01/07/2009Added Withdrawn Documents Report to report scanner (without grey background)
1.41E30/06/2009Taken grey background off withdrawn documents report - because all documents in report are withdrawn!
1.41D29/06/2009Modified pront shop requests to pick up 'reinforcement' of b/w printing
1.41C23/06/2009Added Snags Actioned, but not Cleared report
1.41B23/06/2009Made acrobat file scanner pick up project detaisl for each project as scanned - otherwise labels did not change
1.41A23/06/2009Added report for a 'snag letter'
1.41 21/06/2009Added structural changes to support ability for recipient of Snag to pass comment on it and to cross ref to a Q&R sheet
1.40C19/06/2009Added option to exclude document type from document not issued report - and started on snag detail sheets
1.40B17/06/2009Added ability to exclude withdrawn documents from documents not issued report
1.40A16/06/2009Modified the way snagging action numbers are generated
1.40 09/06/2009Added tables to support new snagging features.
1.39C18/05/2009Added simple layout to TQ report for Acrobat file scanner
1.39B15/05/2009Added export to excel for the acrobat file scanner module.
1.39A29/04/2009Modified layout of company details report - problem with mob number repeating main telephone number
1.39 25/04/2009Added new fields to list of companies and originators to help manage 'prefixes' on document numbers
1.38D23/04/2009Added ability for Acrobat file scanner to process requests for zip files - based on document submissions
1.38C20/04/2009Bug-fix: Not selecting correct underlying document number when select non-current revision to add to existing transmittal note
1.38B30/03/2009Modified presentation details to allow for user defineable prefix parameters
1.38A30/03/2009Modified document approvals distribution report to encompass non approvals!
changed layout of above to use less paper as well
1.38 22/03/2009New structure to allow non-admin users to do simple uploads.
Also to restrict on line commenting on Q&R sheets for given 'blocks' of users
1.37H16/03/2009Added document approvals register report to acrobat file scanner
1.37G05/03/2009Tidied up some cosmetic flaws caused during aborted update of structure to accommodate new logos
1.37F26/02/2009Modified document issue sheet request from acrobat file scanner to include/exclude withdrawn documents
1.37E23/02/2009Modified the web user details reports to weed out users with invalid Namerefs
1.37D18/02/2009Added ability to filter out withdrawn documents from 'not issued' report
1.37C17/02/2009Added ability to report on documents not issued
1.37B16/02/2009Added ability to report on only orphaned users in acrobat scanner
1.37A16/02/2009Set scanning for acrobat files to stop at 19:59 to allow for copying of data (backup)
1.37 15/02/2009Increased size of subject line on messages to 200 characters - and added a pack to the pj file when updating structure also added a report to the acrobat scanner to list all users across all projects
1.36H02/02/2009Added legend to current documents report
1.36G28/01/2009Added ability to create document issue sheets!
1.36F22/01/2009Modified current documents report to use colouring system from main document register
1.36E21/01/2009Modified acrobat report scanner to work in latest version of Vista - wasn't able to load xfrxlib.fll
1.36D12/01/2009Modified acrobat report scanner to timestamp folders more often
1.36C12/01/2009Modified acrobat report scanner to timestamp folders for single site processors too
1.36B12/01/2009Modified acrobat report scanner to timestamp folders
1.36A18/12/2008Modified criteria for TQ reports to allow for empty return required dates
1.36 12/12/2008Added 'hidesubm' field to companies table
1.35B10/12/2008Modified criteria for documents awaiting approval report
Also added comments returned late report
1.35A04/12/2008Added ability to process documents awaiting approval report
1.35 02/12/2008Added fields to attachments to include details of upload time and date
1.34D25/11/2008Added ability for deletion of documents to skip to next document for help when deleting a number of documents
1.34C14/11/2008Added ability for administrators to edit query numbers and suffixes
1.34B11/11/2008Problem when creating zip file of attachments to transmittal - not recognising the commas.
1.34A31/10/2008Bug-fix: Error with wait window when sending transmittal
1.34 30/10/2008Changed email address in list of companies and individuals to be a memo field, with one email address per line
also added 'tender' flag to list to enable differentiation
1.33B27/10/2008Added date range to current document report
1.33A08/10/2008Modified Acrobat scanner to allow for documents not yet returned and to prevent 'esc' trap from stopping report
1.33 02/10/2008Removed mod in 1.32 as it didn't help identify the other user.
Started work on removing restriction on three character file extensions - by doing away with them
Also added 'urgent' features to Q&R sheets and modified the way requisitions/items are raised to reflect AS comments
Also added 'nothing to report' report for scanner
1.32M25/09/2008Made system write a file into tempfolder with the network machine & name of user - to help Citrix users identify
who is using the system.
1.32L25/09/2008Added flag to switch on or off the ability for external people to raise Q&R sheets in their own name when a default originator exists, it should default to YES
1.32K17/09/2008Acrobat report scanner not picking up current date, modified to set it on each scan
1.32J05/09/2008Added site and user telephone numbers and fax details to printed requisitions and uncoded the text for descriptions and comments
1.32I04/09/2008Added ability to edit a query number - have to right click on the 'arrow' in the edit form
1.32H26/08/2008Added ability to filter document issue sheets by set number - not just highlight the row
1.32E08/08/2008Bug-fix: distribution sheet testing for empty specified date, should have been testing for non-empty specified date
1.32D07/08/2008Modified distribution sheet to allow for printing only details of things that happened on a specific date
1.32C07/08/2008Fixed bug in distribution history - forgot to seek the document in the issue history, so just got a random result!
1.32B06/08/2008Added approvals analysis report to acrobat report scanner
1.32A06/08/2008Added a bit more explanation on the emails sent out with transmittals, and updated the import/export of simple distribution plans to match WebElite
1.32 24/07/2008Added support for new material requisition tables and 'sales' and 'buyer' flags for organisations
1.31U07/07/2008Made acrobat file scanner a bit more informative
1.31T01/07/2008Added the appropriate Q&R sheet type description to the scanned TQ report
1.31S30/06/2008Added Documents Without Attachments Report to list 'processable' as acrobat files
1.31R26/06/2008Adjusted layout of TQ report
1.31Q24/06/2008Added ability to scan for Documents Issued report to create acrobat files for web interface
1.31P24/06/2008Modified selection criteria for TQ reports to make them more closely match existing
1.31O24/06/2008Added ability to scan for TQ reports and fixed bug - scanner not picking up correct project title
1.31N19/06/2008Added ability for scanner to process a number of webelite folders
1.31M18/06/2008Added ability to scan for requests for acrobat reports.
1.31L11/06/2008Modified various reports and forms to show when documents have been withdrawn.
1.31K11/06/2008Modified colouring up of document distribution plans, also made them less likely to
fall over when there are no documents to process, and easier to copy/update from docelite
to webelite and vice versa
1.31J28/05/2008Made sending of transmittals honour the cc setting
1.31I28/05/2008Made sending of transmittals honour the cc setting
1.31H23/05/2008Added ability to filter out withdrawn documents from approval reports
1.31G23/05/2008Added Document Distribution Plan import/export for excel, also added ability to print from pdfviewer
1.31F21/05/2008Added 'High Quality' option to PDFViewer!
1.31E16/05/2008Made PDF Viewer auto size itself to nearly full screen
1.31D13/05/2008Added form to enable viewing of PDF attachments via ImageViewer (same as photos) particularly for Citrix users
1.31C14/04/2008Created public variables LOMADEBY and LOCOPYSHOP to allow for alternative 'raisers' of print shop requests
1.31B10/04/2008Added title to new condensed report (and document status)
1.31A09/04/2008Added condensed report for documents 'picked' in the main document register
1.31 26/03/2008Added 'internal' to tq types table to control whether external users could raise those types
1.30C25/03/2008Added ability to 'multi-edit' lead reviewer
1.30B18/03/2008Modified project list to try an see full folder name
1.30A14/03/2008Added ability to 'multi-edit' reasons for issue
1.30 12/03/2008Added field to TQTypes to allow for downloading of attachments from closed Q&R Sheets
1.29D12/03/2008Modified layout of outstanding approvals reports to get more of title visible - and reduce number of pages
1.29C28/02/2008Added ability to create xls file from list of approval documents - and to put them back in the list awaiting issue.
1.29 B 26/02/2008 Added ability to create a zip file from a transmittal note - for copying to CD or whatever.
1.29 A 22/02/2008 Added Comment Matrix sheet from the architectural version of DocsPro for YJLi.
1.29 15/02/2008 Added 'TQATTACH' field to list of companies and individuals - to allow for selection of tq types that might result in alerts being sent.
1.28 12/02/2008 Added 'copyshop' field to list of companies and individuals - to allow for selection of alternate printers, perhaps near to site
Also added copyshop field to list of print shop requests, so they could be tracked as well.
1.27 A 22/01/2008 Added ability to edit DType, DMadeby and DQueryno fields in three dirstribution levels of TQ Sheets.
1.27 15/01/2008 Added DESIGNER flag to list of companies and individuals.
1.26 B 29/11/2007 Added ability to move underlying attachments when moving documents from one originator to another
1.26 22/11/2007 Added comments field to document submissions summary table - to allow third-party/internal circulation to be recorded.
1.26 A 27/11/2007 Added mobile phone number for contacts in list of companies & individuals.
1.26 22/11/2007 Added comments field to document submissions summary table - to allow third-party/internal circulation to be recorded.
1.25 A 20/11/2007 Bug-fix: further distribution not being picked up from defaults.
1.25 01/11/2007 Added new fields to support enhanced features in distribution of Q&A sheets, and to create remote users with very low level of access.
1.24 H 25/10/2007 Added feature to allow printing of documents issued reports by a 'starting with' option for the recipient.
1.24 G 25/10/2007 Bug-fix: hadn't tested for new intent fields in TQ printing via word.
1.24 F 24/10/2007 Modified so Q&R sheet only users can add attachments.
1.24 E 09/08/2007 Modified so read-only users can't split Q&R sheets.
1.24 D 07/08/2007 Added ability to 'split' TQ sheets into revisions.
1.24 C 27/07/2007 Modified system to use a system generated mail sendername - rather than the sender email address, which was causing the occasional
problem. Also Modified TQ reports to include UserDef fields.
1.24 B 26/07/2007 Modified layout of document distribution report (prnrdist) to make recipient name clearer.
1.24 A 11/07/2007 Added ability to specify a schedule for emailing from webelite and new withdrawn documents report.
1.24 30/05/2007 Added department code to companies and individuals - so they could order documents for themselves online.
1.23 E 29/05/2007 Added ability to issue all revisions of documents which are sitting in list awaiting issue.
1.23 D 18/05/2007 Added ability to filter Q&R sheet reports by whether or not they are marked as dealtwith by the admin. for reporting.
1.23 C 15/05/2007 Improved report criteria for Q&R sheets - to enable user to specify 'level' at which recipient is addressed.
1.23 B 01/05/2007 Added ability for administrators to decide how many documents should be uploaded at a time in a submission -
also impoved messaging system so that combos were used both for selection and deselection of recipients.
1.23 A 28/04/2007 Added '(No Repro)' flag to issue type to allow for sizes being 'blind'.
1.23 27/04/2007 Added ability for TQ types to be raised by anyone (who can see them). Also added 'sendat' and sentat times and dates to
the PopLO and PopTR tables so that web users can decide when print shop requests and transmittals are e-mailed.
1.22 E 24/04/2007 Bug-fix: TQ Recipients not getting properly flagged when they are 'further action' level - so updates not correct.
1.22 D 24/04/2007 Added simple password protection to deletion of projects from the project list and updated updater.
1.22 C 20/04/2007 Modified reports to work with previous mods.
1.22 B 20/04/2007 Removed the option for the second level of Q&R sheet distribution to be flagged with a blank level.
1.22 A 30/03/2007 Modified revision editing form to show current revision and test for any change when saving.
1.22 29/03/2007 Added department code to print shop requests - to allow for billing back to different departments
Added 'departments' to utilities to allow for selection by drop down.
1.21 21/03/2007 Added Internal flag to companies and individuals table - to allow them to see more on web interface.
1.20 C 20/03/2007 Added 'DateProcessed' to processing of Q&R Sheets (to enable printing of todays date).
1.20 B 19/03/2007 Improved layout of gallery and export of RFIs to excel (dates coming across ambiguously).
1.20 A 13/03/2007 Added feature to self-register new activex control for photos.
1.20 13/03/2007 Added photo gallery.
1.19 B 28/02/2007 Added ability to export tq report as an excel file.
1.19 A 21/02/2007 Bug-fix: TQ Reports only searching first level of recipients.
1.19 13/02/2007 Added new table to support links from multiple design management items to documents.
1.18 M 19/01/2007 Modified layout of current documents report to prevent duplication of document title on second and subsequent revisions
also added ability to use a 'short document numbers' layout .
1.18 L 17/01/2007 Modified reporting criteria forms to allow for selection of specific documents (using 'magnifying glass') from 'To Originator' boxes.
1.18 K 12/01/2007 Added ability to have alternative layout for basic Q&R sheet report (similar to facility with transmittals).
1.18 J 11/01/2007 Recompiled Application - for testing problem on user site.
1.18 I 10/01/2007 Added ability to select category for the tq summary report.
1.18 H 04/01/2007 Noted bug with issuing documents with individial matrix - an index wasn't being set correctly, causing the system to crash.
1.18 G 14/12/2006 Added Withdrawn Document Distribution report.
1.18 F 08/12/2006 Continued work on Design/Procurement Management Features.
1.18 E 07/12/2006 Added ability to print superceded document distribution report - only listing documents that have been sent at least once.
1.18 D 06/12/2006 Added ability to direct output from distribution exception report to list awaiting issue.
1.18 C 24/11/2006 Added more design management features.
1.18 B 16/11/2006 Bug-fix: Not correctly saving 'dealt-with' flag on thirdparty distribution of TQ sheets.
1.18 A 16/11/2006 Added default to allow user to specify whether DocElite should e-mail transmittals by default.
1.18 15/11/2006 Added features to make some TQ attributes invisible (to non admin) and to make some users unable to see some types of TQs
1.17 E 14/11/2006 Modified distribution reports to only include recipients who got documents between specified dates - the
existing criteria filtered documents that were issued between specified dates, but included all recipients regardless
of the date they received the documents.
1.17 D 01/11/2006 Added ability to delete document submissions and to review web users messagebox/messagelogs and delete entries.
1.17 C 01/11/2006 Bug-fix: Didn't allow for design management items without links to documents.
1.17 B 31/10/2006 Added simple colour coding to design management items to indicate status.
1.17 A 31/10/2006 Changed colour scheme for design management links.
1.17 30/10/2006 Added ability to link documents to design/procurement management items, added summary report
for Q&R Sheets and fields to support limitation for remote users accessing Q&R sheet types
Also fixed bug when deleting TQ sheets, system not deleting global number reference.
1.16 I 13/10/2006 Added 'attachments' icon to 'Documents to be Issued' form.
1.16 H 13/10/2006 Bug-fix: Error message incorrectly nested in testing for attachments when e-mailing
transmittals/copyshop requests.
1.16 G 13/10/2006 Added 'attachments' icon to 'Documents Awaiting Issue' form.
1.16 F 12/10/2006 Improved 'progress' reporting on zip creation - too fast for users to see.
1.16 E 12/10/2006 Completed implementation of new VFPCompression tool.
1.16 D 10/10/2006 Utilised new VFPCompression tool to create zip files.
1.16 C 09/10/2006 Modified documents with attachments report to pick up selected file types - even when there are more than
one attachment to a document.
Also improved the way DocElite informs the user that a document file already exists in the destination path
when attaching documents to records.
1.16 B 06/10/2006 Added ability to run Documents with attachments report - specifying attachment types
Also added access to the calendar via the right-mouse menu from text and date fields.
1.16 A 04/10/2006 Bug-fix: adding documents to individuals distribution for issue, when using documents 'on hold' caused crash.
1.16 29/09/2006 Started work on Design Management features
Also added features to support templates for the three stages of each type of Q&R sheet - thus enabling
user to print covering letters to go with distributions
Ready for First Demo of Design Management features.
1.15 D 14/09/2006 Added features to help manage web-submitted attachments remain tied to immediate distribution
messages - even if the administrator changes the underlying file name on acceptance.
1.15 C 11/09/2006 Bug-fix, error when loading the form that allows users to change the default print shop narratives.
1.15 B 11/09/2006 Added ability to accept submissions via the web site - with no attachments.
1.15 A 11/09/2006 Added report option to TQ sheets to enable reporting on historically late returns
also added report from docspro to report on review comments returned late.
1.15 06/09/2006 Extended size of email address fields to 100 characters (from 50) to allow for more than
one address. Also added notes and comment to POPLO table (for print shop requests) to allow
for the narratives to be saved with the request.
1.14 G 04/09/2006 Improved 'find' feature for documents to do 'rough' matches and allow for the originator
to be omitted. Also added system updates to the pick database form and improved the handling
of out of date systems.
1.14 F 28/08/2006 Modified preparation of print shop requests to create zip file for attachments - even
if copyshop is not expected to have it emailed - so it can be 'picked-up' from web site.
1.14 C 23/08/2006 Added a pause to the compression of attachments for CopyShop requests - some very large files are taking
a LOT of time.
Also added ability to cc the request to other people, and put the request number in the subject line.
1.14 B 22/08/2006 Added delay when creating printshop zip file - on some networks it was too fast to work properly.
1.14 A 22/08/2006 Added disk icons to transmittal details form - to help people identify documents without attachments.
1.14 21/08/2006 Started mods to support global numbering for Q&A sheets - and added category codes for query & response sheet types.
1.13 U 15/08/2006 Added ability to review remote user list in both username and 'Known As' order - also put message on document submission
attachment add form to prevent users from not linking documents and files accidently.
1.13 T 11/08/2006 Bug-fix - document submissions not updating list 'dealt-with' status correctly.
1.13 S 09/08/2006 Modified layout of e-mailed version of document transmittal - to include recipients contact name and company name.
1.13 R 08/08/2006 Added ability to send output from 'documents no issued, or not issued on time' report to the 'documents awaiting issue' list.
1.13 Q 07/08/2006 Added authentication to mail handling facilities and two new levels of error message on the connectivity test.
1.13 P 03/08/2006 Added new report layout from 'list of documents awaiting issue' showing details of previous revisions.
1.13 O 02/08/2006 Added ability to change 'reason for issue to us' from documents awaiting issue, and allowed the current documents
report to output list to documents awaiting issue.
1.13 N 28/07/2006 Added .txt version of .htm file attached to transmittal e-mail.
1.13 M 27/07/2006 Improved layout of document return transmittal - also modified warning on distribution of review documents
to avoid display when documents being returned.
1.13 L 25/07/2006 Bug-Fix: Layout of TQ reports not including recipients unless they gave comments.
1.13 K 13/07/2006 Added a connectivity test for the mail server - to help simplify installation and testing
Also added some basic error handling to the project selection form.
Also added ability to save the column widths from each project for each type of Q&R Sheet on the main grid.
1.13 J 11/07/2006 Bug-fix: Not adding new projects when searching drive.
1.13 I 06/07/2006 Modified document issue sheet to ignore 'blind' reasons for issue.
1.13 H 03/07/2006 Added direct support for printing to PDF formats, and made new internet/browser icon.
1.13 G 27/06/2006 Modified Documents Issued report to ignore 'extra' issues that fall outside specified date range etc.
1.13 F 26/06/2006 Added ability for readonly users to create saved lists of documents - but only locally.
Also added indication that documents have more than one attachment on a given revision.
Also made it not possible to delete revsions with attachments.
1.13 E 20/06/2006 Added method to stop import of .bmp files from being corrupted by other software on users machine
Also added lookup for lead reviewers when adding/editing companies
1.13 D 12/06/2006 Added facility make some document sizes 'blind' - so that A3 and A4 documents would not be included on print shop requests.
1.13 C 10/06/2006 Bug-fix: routine that searches for databases to do subfolders as well, could be trying to use temporary folder before it has been created.
1.13 B 06/06/2006 Modified routine that searches for databases to do subfolders as well.
1.13 A 03/06/2006 Modified add documents routine to pick up document type from existing document.
1.13 26/05/2006 Added 'logoname' to popusr table - to allow for automatic presentation of projects 'key players' on login screen.
1.12 L 25/05/2006 Modified 'Documents Issued (Specific Recipient) report to allow for selection of 'Latest Rev Issued to Recip'
rather than current rev only (which could be different).
1.12 K 15/05/2006 Made size of Nameref field slightly larger on transmittals to allow for names like METRONET to print in full.
1.12 J 09/05/2006 Bug-fix: More mods to the document comment sheets to allow for people running word 97.
1.12 I 03/05/2006 Bug-fix: Modified document comment sheets to allow for people running word 97.
1.12 H 03/05/2006 Added icon on document inventory forms to indicate comments on documents.
Added ability to filter out withdrawn documents when running reports.
1.12 G 07/04/2006 Added ability to add documents to distribution (during dist process, while selecting recipients).
1.12 F 05/04/2006 Added ability to change originator of a Q&A sheet - if the order is by type only - not by type and originator.
1.12 E 22/03/2006 Bug-fix: Document Type not correct on issue list while generating transmittals.
1.12 D 18/03/2006 Added 'Save and Next' option to adding new documents - allowing user to enter a series similar revs to consecutive
documents from the same originator.
1.12 C 11/03/2006 Added ability to put old revisions of new documents on an existing transmittal - similar to mod in 1.11E, but
to the previously created transmittal.
1.12 B 06/03/2006 Bug-Fix : TQ Order picking up DCS order in error - fixed.
1.12 A 28/02/2006 Improved layout of Document Comment Sheet (added toppadding to tables) - and changed the naming convention to
make it drop the reference to the originator - difficult to update if reference is changed later.
1.12 28/02/2006 Added ten user defined fields to Q&A Sheets, also DCSNO to popin and new document comment sheet.
1.11 J 17/02/2006 Added document type to advanced search criteria.
1.11 I 08/02/2006 Added check after running reports - to improve system for use with pdf creators, using a different
path for output of file rather than the data folder.
1.11 H 03/02/2006 Improved setting of document status - to alert use if lead reviewer not same as person commentating.
1.11 G 02/02/2006 Bug-fix - problem when returning to distribution after quitting
also fixed problem printing attachment reports - phantom Laing logo.
1.11 F 02/02/2006 Bug-fix - problem when declining to issue documents due to them being withdrawn, for approval etc.
1.11 E 30/01/2006 Added ability to add old revisions to a transmittal - to enable two versions of the same doc
to be on one transmittal.
1.11 D 28/01/2006 Added a check in issuing mechanisim to warn if documents are withdrawn
also added ability to save an incomplete issue process and return to it.
also changed all buttons with caption of '...' to have a magnifying glass instead.
1.11 C 25/01/2006 Bug-fix - Summary on transmittals conflicting with print shop request/document summary.
1.11 B 24/01/2006 Bug-fix - Q&A Report always presenting serial number - not query no.
1.11 A 13/01/2006 Bug-fix - Problem loading layout selector for printing word versions of Q&A sheets.
1.11 12/01/2006 Added third distribution level to TQ sheets, not yet updated HTML version of tq reports
so these have been disabled until ver 1.11 A
1.10 T 01/12/2005 Bug-fix - unable to preview transmittals.
1.10 S 29/11/2005 Added document summary to transmittal sheets.
1.10 R 08/11/2005 Added features to allow webelite to scan approvals etc.
1.10 Q 28/10/2005 Added ability to select revisions for current document report.
1.10 P 26/10/2005 Added ability to import list of companies from DocumentDepot.
1.10 O 13/10/2005 Added Approvals Analysis Report.
1.10 N 04/10/2005 Added date columns to Q&A sheet distribution tabs.
1.10 M 16/09/2005 Made 'batch' column visible on transmittal form - users being creative with usage.
1.10 L 14/09/2005 Bug-fix : adding tqs failed to find function not working properly in main document register.
1.10 K 01/09/2005 Bug-fix : adding tqs failed to select table on form release.
1.10 J 01/09/2005 Added ability to inhibit showing of companies that have finished when adding tq's and TQ recipients.
1.10 I 26/08/2005 Added On-Line updating.
1.10 H 23/08/2005 Moved back-up batch file from root of C: drive to 'whereami' to allow for 'locked down' systems.
1.10 G 02/08/2005 Added option to SavedList report - printing just those which have changed revision. Also added ability to put all the documents on a given transmittal into the list awaiting issue.
1.10 F 27/07/2005 Removed all references to other projects from 'picture' clauses on buttons.
1.10 E 25/07/2005 Added test when entering documents to see if another originator has used the number already.
1.10 C 11/07/2005 Enhanced updater features, and tidied the printing of Q&R sheet reports.
1.10 B 08/07/2005 Added 'Updater' features.
1.10 A 30/06/2005 Incorporated West Wind email features.
1.10 28/06/2005 Added indexes to POPIN to allow for sorting on document title, document number and type.
1.09 15/06/2005 Modified size of DRGTITLE field - increased to 100 chars and added new FILENAME field to POPIV - to accommodate new system DocumentDepot (although not fully implemented yet - still under development with EasyDoc).
1.08 B1 03/06/2005 Modified creation of prntshop requests from issuing documents.
1.08 A1 02/06/2005 Improved creation of CopyShop e-mail - to make attachments into zip file even where spaces included in file names, also modified the layout of the transmittals issued report to include the batch/set numbers.
1.08 Z 18/05/2005 Added ability to save list of documents from 'document issues (specific recipient)'.
1.08 Y 15/05/2005 Put checkboxes for transmittals and document issue sheets on company front form - to enable users to set them on more easily.
1.08 X 29/04/2005 Bug-fix: Modified SMTP_TRANSMITTAL to correctly handle transmittal types with spaces in their descriptions.
1.08 W 19/04/2005 Added Document Statistics report to count incoming and outgoing documents.
1.08 V 08/04/2005 Added 'ListAction' and 'ListActionBy' tags to tqtemplates - to provide series of 'oneline' entries for recipient names and codes.
1.08 U 04/04/2005 Reversed colouring of 'answer received' shading on HTML output from TQ sheet reports - to match paper reports.
1.08 T 18/03/2005 Added enhanced selection criteria to TQ Reporting, also fixed bug in TQ Sheets - clearing type on abandoned edit.
1.08 S 11/03/2005 Added report to document inventory - allowing 'picked' documents to be printed.
1.08 R 09/03/2005 Added shortcut menu to all text and edit boxes, and then allowed spellcheck on them - as well as cut/paste etc.
1.08 Q 02/03/2005 Modified routine that creates original structure for TQ Types - so that defaults can import all fields at latest database version (i.e. getting all recently added labels in from any saved defaults).
1.08 P 08/02/2005 Bug-fix: When deleting document attatchments, system was ALWAYS deleting the first one related to a given document - even if user highlighted the second one. Moved correct file to incoming though.
1.08 O 31/01/2005 Added ability to change 'tags' in document headers on Q&R sheets, and tidied display. Also added ability to prevent display of 'find document' dialog when entering main document Register.
1.08 N 30/01/2005 Added ability to attach files with extensions less than 3 chars long.
1.08 M 21/01/2005 Further enhancements - generated by Web interface trials; allowed system to prompt for recipients of Q&R sheets on creation. Enabled system to jump to a Q&R sheet from a system message generated by Web interface.
1.08 L 17/01/2005 Added Spellcheck functionality.
1.08 K 18/12/2004 Modified Citrix Support.
1.08 J 15/12/2004 Added features for web interface & readonly document commenting updates.
1.08 I 09/11/2004 Added distribution/review comments to current documents report.
1.08 H 03/11/2004 Added ability to select project using command line parameter - for linking with IntouchPro Also enhanced Documents Without Attachments Report - to allow user to specify 'never had any attachments' option.
1.08 G 27/10/2004 Added ability to extract first lines from Details on Q & R Sheets to use on templates as a subject line.
1.08 F 26/10/2004 Added more Web Access features.
1.08 E 11/10/2004 Bug-fix, problem when adding new Q & R sheets - if none exist of type chosen, none get added... ok if some exist though.
1.08 D 27/09/2004 Added feature to support usage on Citrix server.
1.08 C 23/09/2004 Added feature whereby 'Find' is activated whenever user enters main document register (except when moving directly from Q & R sheets) to make finding documents easier.
1.08 B 22/09/2004 Bug-fix, reporting in Q & R sheets not working properly.
1.08 A 13/09/2004 Bug-fix, unable to add attachments from recipients of Q & R sheets (reference to fields on form removed for clarity) Added ability for read-only end users to specify whether they wanted to set insert mode on (previously unavailable - due to restricted access to project set-up details).
1.08 11/09/2004 Added labels for new features of TQs (allowing user to vary them) and completely reworked TQ interface Also allowed TQ Users to SET status on documents in the main register (if comments have been allowed by Admin).
1.07 03/09/2004 Added features to TQs to allow recording of media, and whether 'full answer', 'partial answer' and satisfactory Added ability for comments to be saved at distribution level on documents - for read-only users.
1.06 T 26/08/2004 Added features to TQ Templates for RFIs in particular, also modified layout of Return Transmittal.
1.06 S 18/08/2004 Bug-fix, long comments by receivers of TQ Sheets caused system to crash - trimmed to 80 chars now OK.
1.06 R 17/08/2004 Used 'Set No.' in distributions and enabled users to 'concentrate' highlighting of documents to a specific 'set' on the document issue sheets.
1.06 Q 11/08/2004 Added ability to change layout of TQ non financial report - so user can decide if serial number is required.
1.06 P 09/08/2004 Added user-defined title to picklist reports - which can be picked up from most recent saved or restored file name.
1.06 O 03/08/2004 Added a report to the 'return review comments' form, and a summary of the number of documents with status set. Also added ability to re-comment on documents already given a status.
1.06 N 29/07/2004 Added ability to print TQ reports to browser, added new document return transmittal, ability to save insert mode, modified approvals register to enable selection of status code.
1.06 M 15/07/2004 Modified the way comments are included in word templates for Query & Response sheets.
1.06 L 05/07/2004 Added ability to select whether 'returned to originator' is printed on TQ reports.
1.06 K 25/06/2004 Bug-fix - check on document distribution not restricted to selected documents.
1.06 J 24/06/2004 Added check on document distribution to help prevent issue of unapproved documents, also added company name to document issue selection form, and recipients list for clarity
1.06 I 23/06/2004 Bug-fix. Problem with accepting multiple document requests - poptr not open to record transmittal
1.06 H 16/06/2004 Added ability to specify location of 'Word' for sites where OLE instructions are 'overridden' by corporate policies and Application launchers
1.06 G 16/06/2004 Added 'Binaries' table to completed executable - to enable distribution of Info-Zip components with system
1.06 F 16/06/2004 Modified system to use Info-Zip components and enable use of local 'mail server' also gave user ability to click on column in TQ sheets to change sort order
1.06 E 15/06/2004 Modified system to use Info-Zip components and enable use of local 'mail server' also gave user ability to click on column in TQ sheets to change sort order
1.06 D 01/06/2004 Modified layout of TQ Reports
1.06 C 01/06/2004 Added ability to select sort order to TQ Reports
1.06 B 26/05/2004 Fixed error with FULLMADEBY - it was always picking up the project address!
1.06 A 25/05/2004 Added FULLMADEBY to tq sheets as Book Marks and modified layout of transmittal to get more of description of issuereason in space available
1.06 21/05/2004 Added SERIALNO to Q & R Sheets - to allow for projects where TQs need to be numbered in both ways (Type + Number and Originator + Type + Number)
1.05 C 11/05/2004 Added status & date received to PICKLIST & copied access to picklist to 'Other Reports' tab so Read-Only users can utilise it
1.05 B 10/05/2004 Added 7162 label format
1.05 A 04/04/2004 Modified 7165Labels NO LOGO to take the logo out...
1.05 31/03/2004 Added ability to order TQ Sheets by type and number - instead of originator, type and number Modified all TQ reports to tidy up
1.04 C 26/03/2004 Modified AddProfile to fix length to 8 chars instead of 2"
1.04 B 24/03/2004 Modified documatrix to stop it picking up recpients not send documents (in issuedto - taken from other older projects!) also improved layout of landscape picklist report
1.04 A 22/03/2004 Took 'new' style install screen with broken up sections...
1.04 12/03/2004 Started adding profiles to document records - to allow 'Pre-Defined' distribution Completed profiles, added 'SetNo' to transmittals
1.03 23/02/2004 Further mods for printshop people - web interface Modified CHANDOCS to update Attachments & XREFS Added new label layouts for L7165 as well
1.02 E 19/02/2004 Also modified current documents report to correctly include only current revisions
1.02 D 19/02/2004 Fixed problem with adding drawings - leaving out drawing type.
1.02 C 16/02/2004 Fixed problem with layout of review O/D and Reminder letters
1.02 B 12/02/2004 Changed order of items in HTML Transmittal
1.02 A 05/02/2004 fixed bug that made documatrix loop when run from issuprn and made it pick up e-mail address for paste buffer
1.02 13/01/2004 Added option for remote users to see ALL documents and ability to exclude documents from print shop requests
1.01 D 31/12/2003 Added various remote access features
1.01 C 09/12/2003 Added XP compatibility for word documents
1.01 B 04/12/2003 Added mods from docsproadv - developed for Tim Ing-S for monitoring approvals when user has made a mess of entering old data!
1.01 A 24/11/2003 Added e-mail address to company detail report and changed template layout again
1.01 20/11/2003 Taking for first implementation with client
1.00 A 30/10/2003 Fix on auto_action from main screen Continued development - added fields to database (no ver change)
1.00 29/09/2003 Started work on DocElite based on 1.06W docsproadv code