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Modification Log for DocSafe

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of DocSafe to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, or a trial version, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
2.50 A 09/02/2007 Modified issue procedure to attempt to update deliverables register if EITHER the IDCNO or the OthRef is completed.
2.50 09/02/2007 Changed size of revnote field - 8 to 15 characters, also added some features to enable addition of revsions from
deliverables register and to make system display last rev when updating.
2.49 C 30/01/2007 Minor mods pointed out by Bohus.
2.49 B 30/01/2007 Modified issuing to ensure that a 'client' has been chosen (if required) and that they have an othref set.
Also modified the othref 'picker' to offer a suitable number.
2.49 A 30/01/2007 Modified document revision distribution form to show OTHREF from the transmittal notes.
2.49 26/01/2007 Modified according to instructions from Bohus (added IDCNO and made updates to deliverables).
2.48 D 24/01/2007 Modified adding of new receipts to allow for a 'N/A' transmittal note.
2.48 C 17/01/2007 Modified reporting criteria forms to allow for selection of specific documents (using 'magnifying glass') from 'To Originator' boxes.
2.48 B 07/12/2006 Changed ouput of transno to excel from incoming deliverables to put a single quote
in front of it (thus making it behave like a label not a date).
2.48 A 06/12/2006 Added check when loading logos that the .bmp was associated with PAINT
Also fixed bug when changing the category of an incoming document
Also changed format of exported date to excel to be dd/mm/yyyy format.
2.48 06/12/2006 Added sort orders to main document register and new logo field to DOCpm.
2.47 E 04/12/2006 Modified layout of A3 reports for document deliverables and corrected
the columns in the deliverables form - was picking up data from wrong table.
2.47 D 27/11/2006 Added 'find' feature to document deliverables, also improved handling
of output to pdf files.
2.47 C 24/11/2006 Improved export to Excel for document deliverables.
2.47 B 24/11/2006 Added export to Excel for document deliverables.
2.47 A 23/11/2006 Added more reporting to document deliverables.
2.47 09/11/2006 Added customer ref. column to document deliverables.
2.46 D 06/11/2006 Incorporated VFPCompression utility for back/restore/updates - not transmittals etc yet.
2.46 C 02/11/2006 Mods to document deliverables to make things a bit easier.
2.46 B 11/10/2006 Made project list shareable.
2.46 A 11/10/2006 First Look version delivered to Stork Protech.
2.46 03/10/2006 Having converted to vfp9, started work on incoming documents deliverables list.