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Simple Spreadsheet to help with back-up scheduling.

This download is a very simple .xls spreadsheet which can help you create a tape back-up schedule.
The idea is that you want to run a scheme where you have one tape for Mon, Tues, Wed and Thur and a number of tapes for Friday (normally 4 or 5). The snag is always keeping up with the right Friday tape... and if your end users are expected to change the tapes without messing with the server - you want a simple log, with the Fridays numbered.

Well, click on the link below, and save the file to your local machine (tip - you might need to use your right hand mouse button and choose the 'Save Target As...' option). There are no macros in the sheet, and although it is protected, to avoid the formulas getting spoilt, there is no password - so you can unprotect it.

If you like it, use it and pass it on - please leave the little message at the bottom of the sheet though, we would like some credit!

Simple Spreadsheet to help with back-up scheduling