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Modification Log for EasyEnquiry

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of EasyEnquiry to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, or a trial version, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
1.64G20/04/2022New for MM
1.47N04/09/2012** 1.47 M 16/08/2012 Updated progress report template
** 1.47 N 04/09/2012 New cost value templates for jobs
1.47L15/08/2012Changed sort order for O&M schedule
1.47K03/08/2012Added criteria to O&M schedule to exclude various administrative projects
1.47J01/08/2012Added O&M schedule report
1.47I27/07/2012Added JOBVALUE and MARGIN to export jobs to Excel
1.47H19/07/2012* 1.47 H 19/07/2012 Added O&M Notice to documents created for new jobs
1.47G19/07/2012** 1.47 F 13/07/2012 Modified export by postcode to pick up last eight chars of location not seven
** 1.47 G 17/07/2012 Modified consultant & client analysis reports to give a bit more clarity - i.e. print clients and consultants names!
1.47E12/07/2012** 1.47 B 21/06/2012 bug-fix: internal spelt wrong on sending emails to o&m people.
** 1.47 C 03/07/2012 Modified site setup requisition template
** 1.47 D 11/07/2012 Added export by postcode
** 1.47 E 12/07/2012 Modified sector analysis reports to give a bit more clarity
1.47A01/06/2012Modified sort order on Enquiry Schedule to bring speculative jobs into workers sections
1.47 18/05/2012Newly added 'budget' on enquiries needs to be a text field, not a number
1.46C16/05/2012Added access to schedule for workers from edit job function
1.46B15/05/2012Updated construction phase plan template
1.46A10/05/2012Added in future jobs (12 months ahead) to team plan spreadspreadsheet - also changed sort order to be by startdate
1.46 08/05/2012Increased size of Description fields in jobs and enquiries and added budget field to enquiries
Also added a 'definate' field to indicate that a tender was to be expected
1.45C22/03/2012Updated the procurement schedule
1.45B22/03/2012Added Cost Value spreadsheet to be output with new jobs.
1.45A09/02/2012Added ability to track logged in users in the same way as Finecosts
1.45 09/02/2012Added SITEMGR field to jobs table
1.44H07/02/2012Added cashflow template to 'sounds' table and made it export to 'valuations' folder when new jobs created
1.44G28/01/2012Removed 'T/O to secure' from bottom of enquires lookahead
1.44F27/01/2012Modified enquiries lookahead to put more totals at the bottom
1.44E26/01/2012Modified enquiries lookahead to include priced enquiries going back 12 months or so
1.44D23/01/2012Modified enquiries lookahead to exclude unpriced enquiries
1.44C20/01/2012Modified enquiries lookahead to include proces for jobs with no start on site date
1.44B20/01/2012Modified export jobs to excel to include new fields
1.44A20/01/2012Enabled users to complete new fields when in 'Marketing Mode'
1.44 20/01/2012Added fields to support cust. sat. and case shts to jobs table
1.43 18/01/2012Added 'first place' and 'in the running' fields to enquiries
1.42E01/01/2012Added as the default smtp server address
1.42D23/12/2011** 1.42 C 07/12/2011 Added validation to the employee assignment report
** 1.42 D 23/12/2011 Added email to dwalker & elaine when enquiry lost
1.42B06/12/2011Added employee assignment report
1.42A05/12/2011Modified the minimum margin on a job from 20 to 15%
1.42 29/11/2011Added revwby and revwdate to enquiries
1.41O14/09/2011Updated documents for going into job files.
1.41N02/09/2011** 1.41 M 02/09/2011 Modified jobs report to leave out margin details without a signature
** 1.41 N 02/09/2011 Modified jobs report to include more details (other than margin) without a signature
1.41L10/08/2011Added ability to send jobs and enquiries to TenderDepot
1.41K04/08/2011Made a number of mods for Lee Stuart - dealing with default documents and job/enquiry folders
1.41J04/08/2011Added description to message sent to Denaploy
1.41I26/07/2011Added SECTOR and FINYEAR to excel export of jobs, along with a form to enable a bit of simple filtering
1.41H03/07/2011Added username and tender due date to email sent by system when spec enq. upgraded to actual enq
1.41G30/06/2011Added ability to select a number of employees in the enquiry schedule report
1.41F11/02/2011Added new codes to Asbestos survey in add and edit jobs
1.41E31/01/2011Added process to create and edit a project notification form for O&M manuals
1.41D12/01/2011Modified criteria for enquiry schedule to ignore date ranges for P & C items when 'Marketing Criteria' are seleted
1.41C11/01/2011Added date lables to the look ahead for enquiries
1.40A24/11/2010Modified criteria for sending emails of O&M details
1.40 24/11/2010Added fields for O&M Manuals
1.39P26/10/2010Made contact and telno compulsory
1.39O26/10/2010Modified mails to include contacts and telephone numbers
1.39N16/09/2010Stopped mail being sent twice for newly submitted tenders
1.39L15/09/2010Modified the way 'lost by' %age is calculated to give the amount by which the enquiry value should be reduced to meet the winning bid
1.39I06/09/2010Modified layout of Enq Look Ahead to 'skinny' down column H (Comments)
1.38B13/04/2010Modified the way the H&S folder is accessed - because it was being duplicated due to a missing backslash
1.38A11/03/2010Modified layout of three enquiry analysis reports to show Enq No. instead of Job No in title bar
1.38 08/03/2010Added indicators for site, project and contract documents to filing details on jobs and enquiries
1.37B28/01/2010Added further enquiry analysis report - and removed details that were no longer required as per Nick instruction
1.37A27/01/2010Added enquiry role analysis reporting to mimic the same thing with jobs
1.36C18/01/2010Put wrong figures on enquiry report sheet.
1.36B18/01/2010Modified changing/setting of new fields so that user enters them on change to 'submitted' status for enquiry
1.36A18/01/2010Added ability to fill in new fields and hid work breakdown codes
1.36 18/01/2010Added new fields for enquiry mark-up breakdowns
1.35B26/11/2009Added ability to update enquiry sectors from enquiries screen
1.35A17/11/2009Odd errors with POPAROLE table, tried to resolve
1.35 05/10/2009Added fields to jobs table to allow emails of major changes to job values to be sent
1.34 20/09/2009Added field to enquiries table to allow users to indicate 'firm' dates for receipt and return of tenders
1.33J17/08/2009Modified enquiry schedule to reflect Tender Expected (entry) date for speculative enquiries
1.33I16/07/2009Added job sector analysis report
1.33H26/06/2009Last tweak to allow for users entering colons and slashes in descriptions etc - which are used to make up folders!
1.33G26/06/2009Additional tweak to accommodate blank entry dates
1.33F26/06/2009Modified creation of folders for enquiries to allow for speculative ones - which had a non valid character (31)
in their code, which was throwing the systems ability to make a folder.
1.33C20/04/2009Modified the way job and enquiry folders are created to be a bit more consistent
1.33B11/04/2009Added ability to update training details from list of employees (not just the sickness/training button)
1.33A16/03/2009Added job roles report - export to excel only to start with...
1.33 15/03/2009Added overtime, overcost and justice flags to jobs table
1.32F11/03/2009Modified excel export from enquiry report to stop it from printing just last few pages
1.32E11/03/2009Added ability to ignore date requirements for select enquiry status codes on enquiry schedule report (excel output)
1.32D25/02/2009Added ability to ignore date requirements for select enquiry status codes on enquiry reports
1.32C17/02/2009Added comments as a column to the roles form for jobs and enquiries
1.32B17/02/2009Added exports to excel for jobs search and enquiries search
1.32A06/02/2009Added ability to enter comment against roles and display little comment icon
1.32 06/02/2009Modified aroles table to allow for a comment to be entered
1.31C30/01/2009Modified jobs and enquiries to delete roles as records are deleted
1.31B30/01/2009Added features to ensure that roles are prompted for when adding or editing jobs and enquiries
1.31A30/01/2009Bug-fix: POPENQ.CONSULTANT and POPJOBS.CONSULTANT do not exist ! fixed spelling error!
1.31 29/01/2009Added ontime and tobudget to jobs table
1.30 29/01/2009Modified 'CTYPE' field to allow for multiple roles also added sectors to same table - as
well as roles table and sectors table and project source field to jobs and enquiries.
1.29D27/01/2009Added ability to search details of clients and consultants as well
1.29C26/01/2009Added more sophisticated search facility to jobs and enquiries
1.29B07/10/2008Modified deletion of enquiry to remove folder as well, but only if the user authorises it
1.29A23/09/2008Modified SWMP template update to pick up more fields from database
1.29 23/09/2008Added field to keep track of when a job value is updated, and the ability to specify the location of a SWMP template
as well as a 'trigger' value for the swmp. Modified the job add/edit functions to create a new folder for the plan
and made the system look for a template to use - and copy it to the new folder should a project exceed the trigger value.
1.28E09/09/2008Modified authorised users to use flag field to indicate that their rights are restricted - i.e. no access to margins etc.
1.28D09/09/2008Moved Training facility to authorised users only section
1.28C09/09/2008Added Training facility to calendars
1.28B08/09/2008Added ability to filter pipeline only enquiries and specified clients and change the sort order for enquiry schedule report
1.28A11/08/2008Added ability to filter pipeline enquiries from enquiry schedule report
1.28 05/08/2008Added new files to popstat table (nohilite replacing flag and done as required for reporting).
Also added new pipeline field for speculative enquiries
1.27F01/08/2008Bug-fix: editing jobs also wiped out contact details
1.27E01/08/2008Bug-fix: editing enquiries wiped out contact details
1.27D01/07/2008Added option to filter out enquiries by status for enquiry schedule report
1.27C27/06/2008Added right click capability to selection of employee in enquiry schedule report
1.27B24/06/2008Added consultant to search criteria for jobs and enquires reports, added export turnover by consultant
1.27A24/06/2008Added ability to view and edit client/consult status on client table and complete name of consult on
enquiries, spec enqs and jobs
1.27 24/06/2008Added fields to allow for a consultant to be identified against enquiries and jobs - and a ctype field for
clients table to identify which are consultants, clients or both
1.26G23/06/2008Modified enquiry report to include/exclude spec tenders
1.26F23/06/2008Modified enquiry schedule to report spec tenders using entry date...
1.26E21/06/2008Added ability to enter 'speculative' enquiries
1.26D16/06/2008Modified new enquiry schedule to limit it to six weeks ahead, and to only colour pending/submitted entries
1.26C16/06/2008Added new enquiry schedule report exporting to excel
1.26B09/06/2008Meeting at Pex, and more mods to p.trades, and standard phrases etc.
1.26A09/06/2008Continued work on principal trades
1.26 04/06/2008Added new table for standard document phrases
1.25A20/05/2008Bug-fix: Attempted to put a value in OMargin on addjob - there isn't one!
1.25 20/05/2008Added OMargin field to hold original margin
1.24E02/05/2008Modified Full Jobs report to prevent margins etc being printed when no totals requested
1.24D01/05/2008Modified Full Jobs report to include direct costs column and show the average margin
1.24C01/05/2008Modified margin entry to prevent < 20% being entered
1.24B29/04/2008Modified reporting of margin to address only JobValue, not JobValue / Invoice
1.24A29/04/2008Added ability to edit margin field and included it in full job report
1.24 29/04/2008Added 'margin' field to jobs table
1.23 22/04/2008Added link to InTouchPro and new tables for Health and Safety features
1.22 B 22/01/2008 Modified system according to instructions from MJV.
1.22 A 07/01/2008 Changed layout of document register.
1.22 07/01/2008 Added document register to enquiries & Jobs.
1.21 A 05/12/2007 Added type 3 to asbestos survey types.
1.21 28/11/2007 Added new field to popjobs to allow for entry of ASBESTOS (n/a, type1 type2) and new style install form.
1.20 D 15/10/2007 Added ability to export enquiries to excel.
1.20 C 12/09/2007 Modified conversion of enquiry to job to set enqstatus to won.
1.20 B 11/09/2007 Added ability to 'retry' to make folders for a job - for some reason, it is not always able to make them.
1.20 A 19/07/2007 Added test on exit from supplier performance analysis to check for raiseby and date - where rating applied.
1.20 19/07/2007 Added HSPERF field to supplier performance.
1.19 12/07/2007 Added SNAGGING filed to jobs for close out, also some reports and made contract manager compulsory.
1.18 02/07/2007 Added various 'close-out' fields to job table to enable simple closeout procedure.
1.17 29/06/2007 Changed index keys for H&Safety table.
1.16 29/06/2007 Altered size of rating field in H&S assessment table for jobs.
1.15 29/06/2007 Added H&S assessment table for jobs.
1.14 28/06/2007 Added performance assessment table for jobs.
1.13 I 28/06/2007 Revised validation to check for final invoice before validating retention dates and updated colouring of register to match.
1.13 H 27/06/2007 Added validation to jobs to ensure that retention dates and values are properly entered.
1.13 G 19/04/2007 Modified calender to use uderscore for today (as the colour was being used to switch from days to half days, and the green
was spoiling it slightly.
1.13 F 19/04/2007 Modified updater to allow for slight delay in deletion.
1.13 E 16/04/2007 Modified client turnover report so that it worked!
1.13 D 12/03/2007 Added export to excel for enquires won, lost etc.
1.13 A 05/03/2007 Quick fix for headings on team schedule report.
1.13 28/02/2007 Modified personnel to allow for holdiays and sickness.
1.12 15/02/2007 Started mods to allow for more detailled assignment of personnel
Modified system to incorporate an excel export for companies - showing turnover by year, by company
1.11 E 27/12/2006 Modified function that determines financial year to push it ten days into the future
thus making anything after xmas into the following year
1.11 D 30/11/2006 Made data entry for values extend into 100 million mark - to allow for -1.8 million.
1.11 C 28/11/2006 Added contract review report.
1.11 B 27/11/2006 Changed default for contract review to be false.
1.11 A 22/10/2006 Added Enquiry Status Summary report - outputs to excel.
1.11 12/10/2006 Added confirmation of order and orderby fields to jobs to allow users to
indicate how orders were received and whether or not a confirmation letter had gone out.
1.10 D 18/09/2006 Modified jobs report to put team members on one line (where possible)
Modified colouring of job items to correctly pick up company holidays only - not just
employee ones!
1.10 B 20/07/2006 Added delivery address to jobs.
1.10 A 14/07/2006 Changed Absence/Leave bars on team schedule to be different colours.
1.10 11/07/2006 Added delivery address to jobs.
1.09 A 03/07/2006 Added ability to edit contract review fields.
1.09 03/07/2006 Added contract review fields to new jobs, and ability to specify a PDF printer.