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Modification Log for EasyPO

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of EasyPO to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, or a trial version, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
1.65H01/04/2022** 1.65 H 01/04/2022 Changed the way %Margin is calculated on job list
** 1.65 G 18/03/2022 Mods add/edit variations - allowed to save without completion date or start date
** 1.65 F 23/02/2022 Mods add/edit contracts - allowed to save without completion date, also added button for windows 11
** 1.65 E 21/01/2022 Mods add/edit orders - access to operatives
** 1.65 D 21/01/2022 Mods add/edit contact - access to operatives
** 1.65 C 06/01/2022 Mods to the browser function - to open excel files as automation, rather than directly (avoiding messages about TS)
** 1.65 B 04/01/2022 Mods to prnorders (temp table closed) and add job from order
** 1.65 A 22/12/2021 Tiny problem accessing teams from job list.
** 1.65 21/12/2021 Added PI Insurance details
** 1.64 B 09/12/2021 Modified tempdir to move it under current folder - for Terminal Server use.
** Modified most forms to remove tmp files from data environment
** 1.64 A 26/04/2018 Modified variations print to include type code otherwise the number at the top was not unique
** 1.64 15/02/2018 Added features to accomodate 'pricing' for Enhanced Glazing
** 1.63 C 10/04/2017 Modified Job Analysis to correct carry forward of app details, also put numbers into running log
** 1.63 B 02/03/2017 Modified Job Analysis to include more details
** 1.63 A 30/06/2016 Added INSTRUCTION LOG export to excel, and modified the analysis report slightly
** 1.63 30/06/2016 Added features for Matrix, mostly cost/value reporting and two new fields - a short initials field for the
** jobs register and an indicator to help orders be marked as having been assessed for O&M content
** 1.62 E 29/06/2016 Bug-Fix: New instructions not saving client ref or getting new inst number - always 1
** 1.62 D 22/02/2016 Added APPENDIX to subcontract orders
** 1.62 C 15/02/2016 Bug-Fix: Double click on grids in job list crashing - not referencing click through
** 1.62 B 03/02/2016 Bug-Fix: Problem showing correct invoices for orders!
** 1.62 A 03/02/2016 Bug-Fix: Problem adding invoices for orders
** 1.62 22/12/2015 Added registered office to suppliers table
** 1.61 A 22/12/2015 Added warranty to subcontracts
** 1.61 12/12/2015 Added FCTINST table for instructions to contracts
** Added ability to complete instructions and print basic reports on them
** 1.60 10/12/2015 Added PCRate and PCValue to FCTAPPL
** 1.59 A 12/11/2015 Added flag to prevent workscope being added to contract
** 1.59 12/06/2015 Added various account details (credit line, credit amount online facility) to vendors table
** 1.58 K 22/05/2015 Added ability to swap between enquiryno and client order in enquiries
** 1.58 J 21/04/2015 Added ability to put a order without prices on the clipboard
** 1.58 I 21/04/2015 Added ability to put a job details sheet (without values) on the clipboard
** 1.58 H 31/03/2015 Added address to job list export
** 1.58 G 16/12/2014 Bug-Fix: Problem when selecting suppliers by Trade
** 1.58 F 04/12/2014 Added ability to set bgcolour by project and switch between projects
** 1.58 E 04/12/2014 Added client order and tender attachments buttons to job list
** 1.58 D 26/09/2014 Modified job list to make it shorter - to fit screens at matrix
** 1.58 C 22/09/2014 Added ability to print orders and contracts directly to pdfs and the clipboard
** 1.58 B 22/09/2014 Added ability to send attachments from jobs to the clipboard and layout of orders etc changed.
** 1.58 A 10/09/2014 Modified the way the system finds the next attachment number to allow for filetered tmp lists
** 1.58 04/09/2014 Increased size of file extension for attachments to up to 5 characters
** 1.57 E 11/08/2014 Various mods for Matrix. Buttons for att types on job list, ability to print order without terms
** 1.57 D 02/04/2014 Added option to filter job list by job list legend colours and clear filter
** 1.57 C 02/04/2014 Added option to filter job list report by job list legend colours
** 1.57 B 02/04/2014 Added option to exclude job values from printed sheet - also enabled it to be printed without editing and changed layout of printed sheet
** 1.57 A 01/04/2014 Added ability to print a contract or job sheet from the edit contract/jobsheet screen
** 1.57 31/03/2014 Added contact names and phone numbers to jobs, also added operatives memo field to suppliers
** 1.56 07/02/2014 Added web address to clients table
** 1.55 B 07/02/2014 Added payment terms to sub-contract orders
** 1.55 A 22/01/2014 Bug-fix: select project screen showing Memo instead of contents fo memo.
** 1.55 20/01/2014 Changed location fields in FCTENQ and FCTJOB into memos, added ability to get to orders from jobs and thus to attachments
** Also added we address to suppliers
** 1.54 10/12/2013 Added email address to jobs and enquiries, and turned client email into a memo box
** 1.53 A 09/12/2013 Added ability to mark attachments to orders as 'QUOTATION' and control printing of orders by it's presence
** 1.53 29/08/2013 Added otype field to fctoinv - so that the invoices would link correctly to the orders...
** 1.52 B 24/04/2013 Added margin percentage to summary line on jobs list
1.52A12/09/2012Added cancelled button to material orders and put a 'order cancelled' watermark on it as well, also added order value, and invoiced totals to Order Invoices printout
1.52 05/09/2012Added email & emergency contact no to operatives, our account ref to vendors and start dates for suppliers insurances
1.51 04/09/2012Added more fields to applications (more discount and ommisions)
1.50 16/08/2012Added table for employee certification, and various fields to applications
1.49C08/08/2012Modified job colouring to include effect of discounts
1.49B23/07/2012Deducted discounts from job value for displaying on job register
1.49A30/12/2011Added certification summary report (as excel file) for suppliers & Look Ahead reports
1.49 30/12/2011Added Certification (training) types and history for suppliers - with scope for employees
1.48 30/12/2011Added TaxDeduct field to suppliers table, along with NI number and Co Reg No.
1.47 29/12/2011Added Invoice date to Vendor Invoices & coloured up subcontract orders list
1.46E11/11/2011Modified layout of remittance log, last column not printing, and changed the control for the log, as Teresa is having 'mad' printer problem.
1.46D08/11/2011Modified add employee assignment to not copy the date from start to end date - as it overwrites and annoys
also modified the select job form to add first last and seek...
1.46C22/09/2011Modified Dayworks spreadsheet to save it into a folder by job number
1.46B20/09/2011Bug-fix: Job list report not following criteria correctly!
1.46A14/09/2011Modified Dayworks spreadsheet to enable users to modify it.
1.46 12/09/2011Added colouring up for returns without credits
also added order type to index for return
** 1.45 09/09/2011 Added credit reference fields to returns table
1.44 09/09/2011Added tables to support returns functions
also added ability to change order the jobs register is shown in
1.43I24/08/2011Added comments to application for payment and moved actual application into a summary section, also modified the team assignment features to pick up job start and end dates where entered
1.43H10/08/2011Bug-fix: Only taking received monies from LAST application and presenting it on jobs list - should have shown the total received.
1.43G05/08/2011Changed week ending to start date on day work sheet in Excel
1.43F03/08/2011Added further summary box to jobs list to indicate where there are monies outstanding
1.43E03/08/2011Added purchase order summary box to jobs list
1.43D02/08/2011Added two more colours for the jobs list, a grey for cancelled, and a blue for 'booked'
Also allowed the change of a contact in the clients list to 'cascade' down jobs ad enquiries.
Added a legend form for the jobs list.
Added a credits column to the orders section of the jobs list
Changed the label on the application form to say Project Description so that no confusion exists with the job no.
1.43C01/08/2011Added new red colour for job list - where received is less than applied for, also echoed values of same on the form
1.43B11/07/2011Added ability to show contracts on resources screen
1.43A27/06/2011Added new totals to applications form, made system carry over more job details when adding contracts
also added feature to enable changing of client reference codes
1.43 07/06/2011Added new field to support alternative to 'as per schedule' in applications
1.42A31/05/2011Bug-fix: Error leaving matlpercent field in dayworks sheet
1.42 26/05/2011Added new fields to support actual receipts from applications and retentions held - and retention due dates
1.41 18/05/2011Added 'against' field to vendor invoices - to allow for entry of an invoice number that a credit note is set against
1.40F17/05/2011Increased width of columns on resources form slightly
1.40E17/05/2011Increased text size of resources form to 11pt
1.40D17/05/2011Increased text size of resources form
1.40C17/05/2011Increased width of resources form
1.40B17/05/2011Changed layout of resources screen to make more data available
1.40A17/05/2011Added ability to edit assignments from within the resources display
1.40 16/05/2011Added support for new 'assignment' table - FCTASSN to enable operatives to be booked onto jobs
1.39A18/04/2011Added paper copy version of application for payment (only excel originally)
1.39 18/04/2011Added application for payment table
1.38C12/04/2011Added ability to set order status from vendor invoices as well as comments
1.38B11/04/2011Modified the way attachments are added, moving them if they are in C:\$incoming
1.38A11/04/2011Improved costmetic details around adding invoices to orders
1.38 11/04/2011Added a table to manage invoices against orders FCTOINV
1.37A14/03/2011Added an analysis report for jobs and a check for post code when adding/editing orders, along with a 'site' button for delivery address
1.37 09/02/2011Added fields to jobs for confirmation of order and added ability to show gross margin without running report
1.36G07/02/2011Changed label for Surveyor to read Site Contact on orders
Also fixed problem on jobs list - the margin % left out the direct costs
1.36F15/12/2010Added validation on project/job no when adding/editing purchase orders
1.36E24/11/2010Added validation on supplier quote number and ability to alter margins on day works sheets
1.36D17/11/2010Added ability to specify range of dates on job list report
1.36C03/11/20102nd Test mod to allow for Office 2010
1.36B03/11/2010Test mod to allow for Office 2010
1.36A28/10/2010Modified calculation of gross margins on jobs to include direct labour in costs
1.36 26/10/2010Added a table for direct works items to job register - also fields for total costs
1.35C25/10/2010Added a job number to spreadsheet
1.35B25/10/2010Added a spreadsheet for the dayworks to EasyPO
1.35A22/10/2010Most of functionality for day works sheets in place
1.35 20/10/2010Added full and part delivery flags to orders table
1.34 14/10/2010Added tables for day works sheets
Also changed order in which copies of orders etc are printed - suppliers often getting PDFs now
1.33B29/09/2010Bug-fix: unable to search contracts
1.33A15/09/2010Modified copy decoding for contracts, order and variations to be more consistent
1.33 14/09/2010Added retention date and application value to jobs table
1.32I23/07/2010Modified Site Contact to Surveyor on contracts/purchase orders
1.32H19/07/2010Bug-fix: Exempt button for H&S Advisor not working
1.32G29/06/2010Added ability to sign off payments
1.32F29/06/2010Added payments section to contracts
1.32E29/06/2010Added VAT and other details to supplier records
1.32D25/06/2010Added start and end dates to job register
1.32C09/06/2010Hid percent on enquiries and fixed bug with saving pricing on status
1.32B18/05/2010Added Excel export to jobs list
1.32A14/05/2010Added Excel export to enquiries list - and some basic criteria to the job report
1.32 11/05/2010Changed FaxNo on clients table for email address
1.31B11/05/2010Added VFP Compression system to replace ZIP/UNZIP backups etc.
1.31A10/05/2010Bug-fix: Adding newly won job with number from wrong end of table!
1.31 10/05/2010Added clients table, and ability to create jobs from enquiries
1.30 07/05/2010Added enquiries table
1.29E20/04/2010Added ability to enter and update variations against contracts (not orders)
1.29D12/04/2010Added new jobslist report, and jobvalue to job register - so gross and net values can
be calculated
1.29C10/03/2010Modified the system to pick up location/description from selected project
when adding/modifying orders/contracts
1.29B10/03/2010Modified the system to simplify data entry when there are no trades or materials defined - and to stop the selection of contract types if there is only one
1.29A08/03/2010Added totals for orders and contracts within jobs list
1.29 07/03/2010Added jobs list to system
1.28A04/03/2010Test version for online updates
1.28 03/03/2010As delivered version with minor mods (bottom logo for reports)
1.27 03/03/2010Delivery version