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Modification Log for EasyWorks

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of EasyWorks to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
1.74 20/05/2024** 1.74 17/05/2024 mods for David Jnr :
* Job Register:
* Add NCR quick link similar to Orders, Deliveries etc
* Quotations:; Find Quote Function:
* Add Enq Ref search line
* Review Customer / Suppliers:
* Customer / Supplier Details: Expand Categories
* Vendor Tier 1
* Vendor Tier 2
* Raw Matl
* Manufacture
* Maintenance
* Tooling
* Transport
* Office Supplies
* Consumables
* Certificate of Conformity: Add Matl Spec information on generation.
1.73R07/03/2024Modified to support Sage to 2024
1.73Q31/10/2023Spark and Wire added to timesheets
1.73O04/10/2021Added ability to hide scheduling notes on job items - useful for zoom audits
1.73N01/09/2021** 1.73 N 01/09/2021 Modified invoices to stop Invoice Total 'floating' on all pages
** 1.73 M 24/05/2021 Modified scanner to stop exit after 2100 iterations (no leap to scanner on reload)
** 1.73 L 20/05/2021 Added scanner to create Seiki Export on demand and schedule
1.73J19/04/2021Added export to Seiki function for Pending Job Items
1.73I22/03/2021Modified Route sheets to reposition wrkitem on correct record to ensure page headers are printing correct quantity reqd and dates
1.73H17/02/2021Modified route sheet
1.73G03/02/2021Modified to support Sage to 2021 - based on work with Rollstud
1.67J17/09/2012Bug-fix: Operations library not filtering properly - so it was possible to delete the wrong records on the parameters table.
1.67I13/09/2012Added ability to import expended hours from excel
1.67H28/08/2012Modified so that pdfs can be created from route sheets
1.67G13/07/2012Modified addition of new workshop codes to expressly exclude non O entries
1.67F13/07/2012Modified the way the temporary table for ocodes is closed on exit from workshop operations
1.67E12/07/2012Bug-fix updating structures
1.67D12/07/2012Added more confirmation checks for new databases
1.67C23/04/2012** 1.67 C 23/04/2012 Increased size of despatches totals to allow for more than 9 million.
** Also fixed bug stopping report being run twice
1.67B03/04/2012Bug-Fix: not copying all selected items when adding jobs/quotes from existing quotes
1.67A29/03/2012Added ability to cope with xlsx and similar attachments
1.67 01/03/2012Added a currency code to quotations, companies, jobs, orders & invoices
1.66X08/02/2012Added a comments box to the purchase orders - allowing for standard comment across all POs
1.66W03/02/2012Fixed a problem with reporting - not using the current temporary files as below.
1.66V31/01/2012Moved temp folder BACK to pick up username from the environment - also moved 'hander' to username based folder too
1.66U31/01/2012Moved temp folder back as it was causing a problem with the non TS client!
1.66T31/01/2012Moved temp folder to pick up username from the environment - also moved 'hander' to username based folder too
1.66R18/12/2011Added ability to zap very old records and compact the database
1.66Q17/11/2011Added support for Sage Accounts 2012
1.66P27/05/2011Added excel export for management reporting tool
1.66O27/05/2011Added new totals to management reporting tool
1.66N26/05/2011Added new management reporting tool to give values of orders etc. within a specified period
1.66M07/03/2011Bug-fix: Blacklisting of invoices for export to Sage not working, because it always gets overwritten
1.66L02/02/2011Added work or item to purchase order prints and added feature to enable selection of
serial numbers from work order item when creating POs
1.66K21/01/2011Missed detailed bill print out
1.66J21/01/2011Added work order item number to invoices to help with tracking
1.66I14/01/2011Added acrobat output from invoices form - and modified alternative invoices to allow for long email addresses
1.66H18/11/2010Added detailed job costing report
1.66G03/11/2010Added itemised hours and orders to work in progress reports
1.66F03/11/2010Added itemised hours and orders to work in progress reports
1.66E20/09/2010Added ability to exclude jobs 'INVOICED IN SAGE' from work in progress reports
1.66D17/09/2010Modified the labels for items 5 & 6 on CA (Complaint) sheets
1.66C10/09/2010Changed layour of commercial invoice to support an EORI number
1.66B06/09/2010Added ability to match CAR Nos to NCR Nos
1.66A19/07/2010Bug-fix: COC for individual items not picking correct item number - working from job item instead!
1.66 02/07/2010Added ablity to change the size of the fonts on the Job List - some users struggling with 8point font
1.65Z02/06/2010Added option to decide if the invoice item descriptions are truncated to 3/4 lines or not.
1.65Y17/05/2010Modified adding of orders to focus on supplier initially - so that correct VA rate can be picked up
1.65X13/05/2010Removed the time related costs from the summation below
1.65W13/05/2010Added summation of order costs (excl VAT) to totalord column in excel export below
1.65V12/05/2010Modified excel export below to minimise the number of lines being exported
1.65U11/05/2010Modified excel export below to allow for all jobs to be selected
1.65T10/05/2010Added excel export for jobs analysis report
1.65S06/05/2010Improved spreadsheet output from tracking order progress
1.65R05/05/2010Started work on look ahead for tracking order progress
1.65Q20/04/2010Removed values from packing list (still on CI and the 'both' options)
1.65P19/04/2010Added selection menu so users could opt to rename the commercial invoices at print time to be
CI, PL or both
1.65O13/04/2010Added message and 'cancel' feature to printing of job sheets
Modified copying of purchase orders to prevent 'previously printed' details being carried across
Added pdf printing button to commercial invoices and jobs
1.65N26/02/2010Modified commercial bill search to stop searching for material spec and size
1.65M25/02/2010Modified commercial bill search to correctly look in drawing no. details etc
1.65L19/02/2010Modified milestone analysis to key from either machine or description
1.65K16/02/2010Changed layout of bills (invoices) to allow for longer notes and 4 lines in the invoice narrative at the bottom
1.65J19/01/2010Added ability to define new label for Matl. Due
1.65I13/01/2010Added log and trace numbers to search criteria for finding jobs
1.65H18/12/2009Updated to output invoice information in format (apparently no chr(26) on the end and filename in LOWERCASE!) for Sage 2010
1.65G17/12/2009Updated to read Sage 2010 data
1.65F27/11/2009Added ability to search for commercial invoices in the same way as jobs etc.
1.65E25/11/2009Modified the way the 'find' feature on invoices works - to try and ensure that the users have fully selected an invoice
before it is printed
1.65D04/11/2009Modified the way 'printed' flag is dealtwith - making it just update the 'updated' label on the print out
rather than actually locking the record. Also made the system set the 'printed flag' on the way into a print out
rather than after it.
1.65C03/11/2009Added printed flag to job orders, and split printing into preview (w/o print) acrobat and printer optionsAdded printed flag to job orders, and split printing into preview (w/o print) acrobat and printer options
1.65B03/11/2009Added flag for printed note to orders
1.65A02/11/2009Disabled ability to print from the preview screen in Orders - and thus made it possible
to stop the preview from setting the 'printed' flag
Modified edit of workshop details to require password to turn off order locking
Modified order report to allow for extraction of orders not yet invoiced - although goods/services received.
1.65 28/10/2009Added updatedby, updated and printed flags to orders table
1.64F12/10/2009Added 'opening date' to WIP report and buttons for 2 and 3 years ago.
1.64E05/10/2009Resolved issue with C.O.C. Notes - the QA Manager not being saved against the delivery note, when a single item
is despatched and a C.O.C. is printed against that.
1.64D29/09/2009Improved 'find' feature in orders to use 'picklist' system and also speeded up search. Modified 'search forwards' to test for end of file, not beginning.
1.64C29/09/2009Bug-fix: Copying quotations brought across wrong quotation item number - looked like it needed renumbering
1.64B08/06/2009Bug-fix: Commercial invoice deletions was wiping related serial numbers etc for all line items
1.64A28/05/2009Added button to allow user to view company details from PO/PO item forms
1.64 12/05/2009Added currency table and currency field to commercial invoices
1.63J07/05/2009Added ability to include three tracking features into excel export (tags, serial nos and casts)
1.63I21/04/2009Modified the layout of the commercial invoice to remove position and include date
1.63H22/01/2009Added feature to pick up details on purchase orders from job items where they are specified.
1.63G07/01/2009Added ability to save an copy new PO items, and made drawing number display when required.
1.63F06/01/2009Modified VAT export to pick up a 'mapped to' arrangement
1.63E17/12/2008Added support for Sage Version 15
1.63D12/12/2008Added ability to start invoice numbering from non standard place
1.63C08/12/2008Modified add bill to pick up vat code from customer where entered via job list
1.63B03/12/2008Bug-fix: Added ability to change VAT code on credit notes
1.63A01/12/2008Problem with VAT Code - now added VAT code to ORDERS and bills
1.63 01/12/2008Problem with VAT Code - now added VAT code to ORDERS and bills
1.62I26/11/2008Modified companies form to enable changing of all VAT codes from one setting to another
1.62H20/11/2008Modified the label for part number on job print out and the criteria for print it
1.62G19/11/2008Added ability to enter a description for the drawing number field
1.62F12/11/2008Bug-fix: Problem after reading sage accounts details
1.62E11/11/2008Modified Commercial Invoice to use a group footer instead of a summary band - because the summary band doens't print the page header in vfp6
1.62D06/11/2008Added group header to second ans subsequent pages on commercial invoice
1.62C06/11/2008Added ability to pick up more than one po number on a commercial invoice - and made more details print on page two...
1.62B06/11/2008Bug-Fix: Repair cost not showing on commercial invoices
1.62A04/11/2008Added ability to renumber order items (if no receipts) and to select supplier for NCR Analysis reports
1.62 28/10/2008Modified commercial invoices to include serial numbers
1.61C28/10/2008Modified commercial invoices to pick up unit costs and to align properly in package area
1.61B23/10/2008Modified new WP report to get the order deliveries linked to the job items
1.61A20/10/2008Modified commercial Invoices print to exclude VAT and tidied labels for package contents also added WIP report
1.61 18/10/2008Started work on commercial invoices and work in progress report
1.60G18/07/2008Bug-fix: Problem when adding/editing order items - if part number if to be hidden
1.60F15/07/2008Modified purchase order items to have proper labels for parts and drawing numbers
1.60E04/07/2008Modified NOT TO pack the workshops database
1.60D17/06/2008Modified invoices to stop them from picking up the billto from the first invoice - now looks at last invoice to
given customer
1.60C17/06/2008Added option to print unit costs on invoices
1.60B03/06/2008Added excel export for companies reports
1.60A02/06/2008Added copying of some of the details from order items to NCR details when they are added to the system.
1.60 01/05/2008Added field to NCR table to allow entry of a PO order line number - and enabled user entry of cust. po label
Modified layout of new route sheet, to move tag and cast numbers back to the top
1.59B17/04/2008Added ability to read Sage Version 14 data
1.59A17/04/2008Added back the option to print the route sheet in the old format
1.59 16/04/2008Added field to allow for second line of description on route sheets, when user makes them double height
Also added memo field to order items to allow entry of status and created resource based export to excel
1.58I03/04/2008Modified the route sheet to only print tags/serials etc on first page
1.58H01/04/2008Modified the way that bill details are selected - for some reason some bill were taking a detail line from the next bill
1.58G06/03/2008Added feature to enable users to select one order for preview of job report and another for excel export
1.58F05/03/2008Added ability to include route items in jobs report export to excel.
1.58 E 05/03/2008 Modified edit of consignment details - to prevent editting a nonexistent record
1.58 D 04/03/2008 Added feature to READ newly created QA certs label!
1.58 C 04/03/2008 Added ability to change QA certification label.
1.58 B 19/02/2008 Added Job Item to NCR Analysis report.
1.58 A 19/02/2008 Added W.O.N. to NCR Analysis report.
1.58 08/02/2008 Added 'despto' field to despatch notes - similar to 'billto' on invoices.
1.57 C 30/01/2008 Added check to ensure the same PO is not used for more than one job.
1.57 B 30/01/2008 Modified calculation of VAT for invoice items to pick up vat code of customer - not just a random job number.
1.57 A 30/01/2008 Added ability to print supplier and customer labels.
1.57 28/01/2008 Increased length of Size field in wrkoitem table to 40 characters to match other tables.
1.56 A 23/01/2008 Added Matl Due field to jobs report.
1.56 18/01/2008 Added comments field to job item table and modified jobs report to provide simplified export layout.
1.55 F 16/01/2008 Added 'proforma' capability to alternative invoice layout based on 'proforma' trigger in wrkbill.custpo.
1.55 E 15/01/2008 Jobs list to enable access to orders for specific job items via their item numbers.
1.55 D 07/01/2008 Modified calculation of VAT for purchase order items to pick up vat code of supplier - not just a random job number.
1.55 C 31/12/2007 Added new alternative invoice layout.
1.55 B 28/11/2007 Added new style install form.
1.55 A 27/11/2007 Added ability to put individual PO Items against individual Job Items.
1.55 23/11/2007 Added CustNCR field to NCRs.
1.54 G 23/10/2007 Bug-fix: unable to print consignment notes because the label for part number was wrongly spelt
Also made sure the TMPIDSS files were created before adding item to a consignment.
1.54 F 22/10/2007 Added summary to NCR analysis report (counting and totaling subcontract/customer issues)
Added drawing number and rev, along with poitem and matldue to job report
Added 'copy' features to purchase orders and CA for picking details from item or NCR as applicable>br> Added test to creation of resource planning to prevent crash is spreadsheet already exists and is open.
1.54 E 22/10/2007 Added 'running late' report to milestone analysis.
1.54 D 19/10/2007 Bug-fix: unable to print quotations because the label for part number was wrongly spelt.
1.54 C 18/10/2007 Added a 'quick find' feature in purchase orders, and quick total for purchase order invoices
and some cosmetic changes to delivery/coc notes.
1.54 B 18/10/2007 Hid wrong item on route sheet - and relabelled part/dwg no to match entry for NCR.
1.54 A 18/10/2007 Added ability to hide po item number and drawing no.
1.54 17/10/2007 Various mods for Nexus Broxburn.
1.53 D 02/10/2007 Added ability to set the year end date.
1.53 C 25/09/2007 Added new indexes to MKTABLES form.
1.53 B 20/09/2007 Bug-fix: Problem with long descriptions on grid for job items - trimmed it to 250 characters.
1.53 A 17/07/2007 Added ability to select existing routing sheet when creating new one, and new columns to jobs report to show machine loading
and new Machine Loading report
1.53 04/06/2007 Increased size of 'IDDESC' fields in WRKBIDS,OIDS,IDS,DIDS to allow for more characters in
serial, trace and log numbers
1.52 C 15/05/2007 Allowed users to define the labels for serial, trace and log numbers.
1.52 B 02/05/2007 Modified edtting of NCR forms to stop it from changing the date and raised by entries on leaving the company reference.
1.52 A 30/04/2007 Added ability to set the label used for Part/Drawing No. to be something else.
1.52 20/04/2007 Added Job Item to NCR table.
1.51 B 29/03/2007 Bug-fix: PDF printer not being set before printing Delivery Notes and NCRs using PDF button.
1.51 A 20/03/2007 Added ability to read Sage Accounts Verson 13 - and made version optional.
1.51 15/01/2007 Added ability to move job items up and down jobs.
1.50 A 09/01/2007 Added ability to select whether workscope and order items are shown on orders.
1.50 12/11/2006 Added item numbers to orders and part numbers and workscope to order items.
1.49 M 06/11/2006 Added enhanced ability to review invoices for jobs where the items are not on the 'main' or principal job number.
1.49 L 02/11/2006 Bug-Fix: Editting a quantity only and then saving with a quotation item failed to recalculate selling prices.
1.49 K 01/11/2006 Bug-Fix: Find in Quotations not working properly when drawing numbers specified.
Also added fields to jobs and orders reports to provide first 4 lines of descriptive element.
1.49 J 26/10/2006 Enhanced 'find' function on quotations.
1.49 I 24/10/2006 Added colouring to job orders to indicate whether they had been delivered.
1.49 H 24/10/2006 Added ability to 'Bump' jobs forward or backward to to a specific date.
1.49 G 13/10/2006 Added Person Responsible to the NCR Analysis report.
1.49 F 06/10/2006 Added work order details to stock despatch list.
1.49 E 02/10/2006 Bug-Fix: Needed to add copy no variable to forms calling order print.
1.49 D 30/09/2006 Added ability to print two copies of orders, one for the office and one for the supplier.
1.49 C 29/09/2006 Added ability to export stocklist to Excel spreadsheet.
1.49 B 25/09/2006 Added ability to use 'gaps' in despach note items - so deleting no 3 and reentering it puts it back in '3'
also added ability to move items up and down the list and to see the job items being delivered from the list of despach notes.
1.49 A 17/08/2006 Added supplier name to joborder form - so user could see the suppliers name.
1.49 02/08/2006 Added CustIssue field, adjusted to work with Sage v12 and added item descriptions to deliveries report (optional).
1.48 D 20/07/2006 Fixed date on consignment notes - was picking it up from despatch notes, also added acrobat handling.
1.48 E 26/05/2006 Moved .hdl file to apps folder.
1.48 D 26/05/2006 Moved .ini file to apps folder.
1.48 C 26/05/2006 Added printer select button to NCRs so ops can create PDF versions for emailing.
1.48 B 17/05/2006 Stopped new PO Items from automatically clearing all fields on form - there is a button for that.
1.48 A 16/05/2006 Added Job Level Late Deliveries Report.
1.48 08/05/2006 Added consignment notes.
1.47 F 04/05/2006 Added ability to change a JOB No. when editing an order.
1.47 E 02/05/2006 Changed coloring of ncr/ca to differentiate between ones with the same number.
1.47 D 02/05/2006 Improved speed of searching and added message to save jobs that wants confirmation of Cust PO no.
1.47 C 24/04/2006 Bug-fix: NCR/Corrective actions not printing correctly - and mods not saving correctly.
1.47 B 12/04/2006 Improved performance of scheduling in production planning system.
1.47 A 12/04/2006 Bug-fix: unable to add NCR & CARs with the same number (forgot first validation).
1.47 11/04/2006 Added COMMENT field to jobs and orders, along with a new index for NCR forms
Added Comment button to jobs and orders forms - to enable entry of above
Added ability to provide 'short list' approach to find function in jobs list
Also added ability to specify a range of dates to work from
Added clear entries button to add new purchase order items
Added customer name to value cost report excel export
Created ability to run separate numbering series for CARs and NCRs
Changed Champion box in CA forms to be 'Cost Incurred'
Added searches for Material Specs and Sizes to purchase order find function
Modified label for item 5 on CAR forms
Added ability to generate new quotations from one or more old ones
Added new colour scheme to job list, whereby if the comment contains 'invoiced in sage'
it no longer apperas to be awaiting invoicing - there is a button on the comment editing
form to add the comment correctly
Made data location return to default after any print
Made a label on the attachments form to remind people that they need an attachment
to be able to complete a comment.
1.46 Q 23/03/2006 Added SUPPLIER ref to excel export.
1.46 P 23/03/2006 Added ability to specify work order number on orders report.
1.46 O 21/03/2006 Added ability to specify customer on orders report and export to Excel.
1.46 N 17/02/2006 Modified layout of routing sheets to remove 'final inspection' as it is normally an operation
also changed all ... captions to a magnifying glass symbol.
1.46 M 15/02/2006 Added filtering to late receipts report to make it ignore orders with no date required - delivered more than a year ago.
1.46 L 05/12/2005 Added ability for system to tell if user is trying to edit an order item that does not exist - and switched to 'add' mode.
1.46 K 21/11/2005 Added 'None' option to documentation on new orders.
1.46 J 21/11/2005 Bug fix: Editting NCR/Complaints causes raisedby dates and names to be replaced with current settings.
1.46 I 17/11/2005 Added 'print' function for orders and quotations to allow user to select PDF creator
Added ability to just print summary data from late deliveries report
Fixed bug copying data from BOTH supplier and customer on new orders
Fixed bug when inserting items on routing sheets
Added defaults to orders for no documentation - and added confirmation to prevent users from forgetting
Made routing sheets take rates from machines when selected from drop down.
1.46 H 17/11/2005 Added features for 'limited access' for users not able to raise/modify orders, jobs etc - NCRONLY.
1.46 G 08/11/2005 Modified the way new jobs are copied - to prevent job items being added to the wrong job.
1.46 F 14/10/2005 Bug-fix: when accessing porder items VIA jobs system did not have access to wrkoids table
Date required on jobs not 'cascading' down job items when modified. Now cascades.
Actual hours etc being copied onto new jobs - not any longer
Purchase order number added to jobs reports
Summary list for customers added
Invoices no longer copied to new Purchase Orders
Rev No. added to job reports
Stock Items on jobs for stock (________) now put 'on order' rather than 'allocated'
Zero Value option added to purchase order report.
1.46 E 04/10/2005 Modified Corrective Action Request print out to use 'customer complaint' form numbering
1.46 D 27/09/2005 Modified Corrective Action to Corrective Action Request
1.46 C 27/09/2005 Modified Complaint to be Corrective Action
1.46 B 07/09/2005 Modified layout of Complaint report
1.46 A 07/09/2005 Completed first look NCR/Complaints features
1.46 06/09/2005 Started on new NCR features
1.45 F 06/09/2005 Added ability to filter out 'S'topped jobs and colour them in grey on register
1.45 E 06/09/2005 Added ability to move an order from one supplier to another
1.45 D 06/09/2005 Added ability to copy jobs from more than one existing job
1.45 C 05/09/2005 Added ability to create jobs from more than one quotation
1.45 B 05/09/2005 Bug-fix: added WRKOIDS to prnOrder data environment
1.45 A 01/09/2005 Added ability to search for cast/serial nos. from purchase orders
also improved user interface of download updates
1.45 31/08/2005 Added IDs to order items, also added attachments to companies and purchase orders
added ability to copy a purchase order
1.44 A 31/08/2005 Bug-fix - unable to delete brand
1.44 30/08/2005 Added 'Branding' to jobs - allowing for more than one company to operate from one workshop
1.43 A 30/08/2005 Added serial/tag/log numbers report
1.43 26/08/2005 Added ability to create COC for individual delivery items. Also added field to customer/suppliers
table to indicate that they require the individual ones
1.42 U 26/08/2005 Modified latedeliveries and receipts report to allow for selection of multiple companies
1.42 T 24/08/2005 Added spellchecker and system updater
1.42 S 14/03/2005 Added 'Approved Supplier List'
1.42 R 02/03/2005 Added ability to decide if comments were included on delivery notes.
1.42 Q 02/03/2005 Added Alternate Shift Pattern to allow for Fridays (or whatever) to be different
1.42 P 01/03/2005 Bug-fix: machine type codes fixed at 30 chars (some were still at 50)
1.42 O 26/02/2005 Completed multi-capacity scheduling
1.42 N 24/02/2005 Continued work on scheduling.
1.42 M 22/02/2005 Added ability to export ncr reports, add attachments to NCRs layout on various printouts
made sure schedules did not include 'off-shift time' added alternative narrative for COCs
with concessions. Made it possible to print job reports sorted by date required.
1.42 L 17/02/2005 Added ability to export/import invoices from remote site
1.42 K 08/01/2005 Bug-fix : not creating TMPPM before using it on print machine schedule
1.42 J 30/01/2005 Added ability to attach documents with extensions shorter than three characters
1.42 I 13/01/2005 Corrected spelling mistake in caption on form for modifying P.O. Item
1.42 H 26/11/2004 Stopped Sage section from requiring exclusive use - to zap the sales table
1.42 G 25/11/2004 Added ability to read Sage Version 11 data
1.42 F 12/11/2004 Modified code around job item routing details to use copy-zap-append to allow for slow
file reopening on users machine.
1.42 E 12/11/2004 Modified code around job item routing details to allow for tmpoper.dbf not being there
or for it being spoilt/already open
1.42 D 04/11/2004 Made system play wav sound instead of waiting - inkey(10) not accepted on site machines
1.42 C 04/11/2004 Added 10 second delay between printing sheets in job routing - end user reporting
an error message on line 9 (inkey) of existing routine
1.42 B 21/10/2004 Bug-Fix - machine picker form using old version of TMPPM file - made
show rout and showqrout create new one on the fly
1.42 A 19/10/2004 Added ability to edit history
1.42 19/10/2004 Added history to routing items to allow for stopping & starting again