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Modification Log for FineCosts Communications Centre Manager

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of FineCosts to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, or a trial version, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
1.01I10/05/2012** 1.01 I 10/05/2012 Changed recipient of H&S Alert emails to be anne (hardcoded)
** 1.01 H 13/04/2012 Changed H&S Alert emails to include a csv file and be sorted by job number
1.01G29/03/2012Changed H&S Alert emails to be sent on Sundays only and not go to everyone
1.01F13/03/2012Changed recipient of H&S Alert emails to be hayley (hardcoded)
1.01E01/01/2012Added as the default smtp server address
1.01B23/10/2009Added ability to direct job value reminders to specified list taken from finecosts
1.01A05/10/2009Added alerts for large job value changes
1.01 25/02/2009Modified approved variations message to exclude write offs a bit more!
1.00Z30/10/2008Added clue to indicate the path to the data that is being scanned
1.00Y30/10/2008Added double check for printed on variations and remittances
1.00X23/09/2008Added alerts for SWMPs
1.00W18/07/2008Modified 'variations approved not printed' report to ignore 'write off'
1.00U26/03/2008Stopped Accounts Directors from getting emails they don't want!
1.00 T 19/01/2008 Removed references to NRB (field now deleted).
1.00 S 15/01/2008 Employers Insurance details added to check.
1.00 R 15/01/2008 Insurance details NEVER emailed - unless sunday was a working day, modified and set to test.
1.00 Q 10/01/2008 Modified scanning and sending emails to allow for insurance details shortages to emailed.
1.00 P 28/11/2007 Added scanning of insurance details.
1.00 O 14/04/2007 Added processing for order numbers reserved.
1.00 N 09/08/2006 Added processing for jobs won but not confirmed by letter.
1.00 M 09/08/2006 Bug-Fix - Event log saving mechanism making huge file! caused system to crash.
1.00 L 04/08/2006 Stopped processing of any orders which are not status 'I' to allow users to put orders on 'Hold' or cancel them
1.00 K 28/07/2006 dded ability to process plant hire records to send reminders, and ability to read log
as a text file
1.00 J 26/07/2006 Added updating facility & functionality to read mod logs
1.00 I 19/07/2006 Modified email connectivity test to allow for different recipient
1.00 H 13/07/2006 Added ability to test the email connectivity
1.00 G 03/03/2006 Modified messages to print 'reminder' on how to clear messages for contracts, variations and payments.
1.00 F 08/11/2005 Converted emails to use West Wind - and added failure reporting
1.00 E 30/09/2005 Added ability to set a CHASEAFTER date to easyenquiry - to enable marketting emails to be delayed
1.00 D 12/08/2005 Bug-fix had disabled emails for everything bar marketing!
1.00 C 01/08/2005 Added ability to send email to marketing personnel reminding
of tenders submitted that need chasing.
1.00 B 14/07/2005 Bug-fix in approved variations - not staying on correct contract for some reason
1.00 A 04/07/2005 Completed first shot, added scan for expired CIS details
1.00 25/05/2005 Started work on 'FCCManager' to complement FineCosts