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Modification Log for FineCosts

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of FineCosts to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, or a trial version, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
1.42R18/09/2014Added 'Cancel Tender' button to TenderDepot form
1.39A17/09/2012Modified the order number format for plant and skip orders
1.39 05/09/2012Added table to allow tracking of invoices against orders
1.38A31/07/2012Changed label on supplier allocation sheet to be Order No, where previously it said Job No.
1.38 02/07/2012Added field to control ability to authorise small orders < 500
1.37B17/05/2012Bug-fix: Payments not doing calculation for CITB discount
1.37A15/05/2012Modified the way payments work - prevented users from modifying the CITB levy or applying separate discount
Also added the name of the supplier to the ist of contracts - along with contact details.
1.37 10/05/2012Added DELINSTR field to skip exchange records
1.36O01/05/2012Modified contract conditions - put a 'version' flag on it
1.36N12/04/2012Improved the way reminders are sent to the tenderdepot
1.36M03/04/2012Bug-Fix: Not closing binaries file (SOUND) after using it!
1.36L02/04/2012Bug-Fix: Mispelt function to show H&S Rating on selectsupplierbytrade
1.36K31/03/2012Bug-Fix: Contingency field spelt wrong - system unable to add contracts
1.36J30/03/2012Tried to put H&S rating on supplier selection features
1.36I29/03/2012Modified contracts screen to show sell cost updated with sell cost of variations, likewise the cost report
Removed an existing order, and tried to clear old job details from appendix - by default it was picking up progress from an old job. Also put some % margin numbers in for reference
1.36H13/03/2012Modified H&S Ratings to fall A-C (dropping D)
1.36G13/03/2012Modified H&S Ratings to fall A-C (dropping D)
1.36F07/02/2012Bug-fix: unable to select suppliers by cost code
1.36E30/01/2012Added 'yellow carding' features
1.36D27/01/2012Completed variations by job/project summary report
1.36C27/01/2012Added more detail of exchanges to jobs/materials report
1.36B27/01/2012** 1.36 B 27/01/2012 Added exchanges to job/materials report
** 1.36 A 27/01/2012 Added variations summary report
1.36 27/01/2012Added 'value' fields to skip exchanges so the costs can be monitored
1.35A26/01/2012Added review and management for skip exchanges
1.35 23/01/2012Added new table for skip (and other) exchanges
1.34Z19/01/2012Bug-fix: Printing final account statements sometimes crashed system/
1.34Y17/01/2012Added ability to select 'red carded' suppliers when running reports etc.
1.34X17/01/2012Modified the way 'red cards' are removed
1.34V01/01/2012Added as the default smtp server address
1.34U16/12/2011Bug-Fix: Error when sending tenders to TenderDepot - if no email address is present, the system crashed.
1.34T16/12/2011Added cost code descrption to form for tender enquiries
1.34S30/11/2011Added ability to archive a tender enquiry and to remove one from the web site
1.34R29/11/2011Added some confirmation to exiting new variations, contracts, orders and tender enquiries
1.34Q20/11/2011Added buysign users to list of directors on raising new tender enquiries
1.34P19/11/2011Added indicator to tender enquiries to show when tenders have not been sent
1.34O17/11/2011Modified the way the approval levels work.
1.34N11/11/2011Modified the email reminders etc to include a bit more detail (for me) about which tender enquiry is being problematic also changed reminder to remind in the text
1.34M10/11/2011Stopped the final account variations being made visible regardless of what retention is put on them
1.34L09/11/2011Added 'approved total' button and default 5% for retention to final account screen - along with the need to approve any actual variation
** 1.34 K 09/11/2011 Unhid approve contract button!
1.34J09/11/2011Simplified Final Account handling even further
** 1.34 I 08/11/2011 Made modifications to the contracts forms to enable the handling of the FINAL ACCOUNT variations to process a
** Final Account Agreement
1.34H01/11/2011Made modifications to the variations are handled on contracts - using the suppcost to determine the sell value
1.34G31/10/2011Bug-fix: deleting redcard caused email problem - using form values not db ones!
1.34F29/10/2011Added 'RED CARD' System based on existing narratives
** 1.34 E 27/10/2011 Modified validation of edit contract to compare supplier with existing orders on the same job - excluding this one!
1.34D24/10/2011Updated RAMS document
** 1.34 C 19/10/2011 Modified the printing of contracts to try and include a RAMS form, and the layout of the F.Account report to leave out the date
** 1.34 B 19/10/2011 Modified the appendix slightly and some of the features for sending stuff to tenderdepot
** 1.34 A 03/10/2011 Added a test for logged in users...
** 1.34 01/10/2011 Increased the size of the email address field, and removed SendOMMAlert from all but superuser screens
1.33E12/09/2011Quick-fix: Users able to add tender enquires for jobs that do not exist
** 1.33 D 12/09/2011 Quick-fix: using badly spelt index order in sending tenders fcttdel1 instead of fcttdet1
1.33C08/09/2011Modified layout of hand crafted emails
1.33B08/09/2011Modified layout of emails for invites and reminders for tenderers
** 1.33 A 05/09/2011 Added ability to send a reminder email scheduled 1 day after the invitation to tender is sent for an enquiry
** Also made system update the finecosts 'sent date' when invitations to tender are emailled
1.33 30/08/2011Added TENDERBY field to tender details - so users get the name of who accepted or declined to tender
** 1.32 U 26/08/2011 Quick-fix: allowing access to workscope fields on approved contracts and variations - but in readonly mode
** 1.32 T 12/08/2011 Added features to get the winner from the website and open/clse tenders
** 1.32 S 12/08/2011 Added more features to support etendering web site
1.32R12/08/2011Added more features to support etendering web site
1.32Q10/08/2011Added new features to support TenderDepot eTendering
1.32P04/08/2011Added new risk assessment/method statement evaluation features, dropped H&S Questionnaire
1.32O01/08/2011Modified the 'copies' decoding for orders and changes variations, contracts and payments so that users cannot save changes after approval is given
1.32N26/05/2011Added date criteria to new report
1.32M25/05/2011Added new tender enquiry vendor summary report
1.32L29/03/2011Added ability to print payments from acrobat file scanner
1.32K23/03/2011Modified Appendices to put facilities options down to sub contractor in all cases
1.32J18/03/2011Tightened up control of Orders to STOP two being raised on a given job to the same contractor
1.32I18/03/2011Added order total column to outstanding liabilities report
1.32G22/02/2011Added ability for user to elect not to view tender enquiries in Word before they are saved to folders below
1.32F21/02/2011Bug-fix: Tender enquiry documentation not being stored in enquiries folder - both types enq and job going to jobs folder
1.32E17/02/2011Same as D but for schedule documents as well
1.32D17/02/2011Added ability for tender enquiries letters to be stored in the folder designated by easyenquiry
1.32C11/02/2011Modified layout of XML output and made it possible from a button on the contracts form (for the Admin)
1.32 31/01/2011Added details of PI insurance to supplier table
1.31E31/01/2011Modified the pickup of contact no when entering a project no in add order
1.31D28/01/2011Modified the way HS Rating By is presented to avoid using a combo box
1.31C28/01/2011Spelling error in B
1.31B28/01/2011Added email from add contract to send to O&M manual people defined in easyenquiry
fixed little bug when adding order that wipes out entered contact details!
1.31A27/01/2011Added features to pick up phone numbers and site contacts a bit more smoothly when adding orders - also modified to HQ' message to say Pexhurst...
1.31 14/01/2011Added return condition for tender enquiries table
1.29B18/11/2010Bug-fix: wrong table set as default in cost codes report
1.29 09/11/2010Added H&S assessment fields to contracts - so the subbies can be monitored
1.28 02/11/2010Dropped usage of trade codes in preference for cost codes
1.27G02/11/2010Added excel lookahead option for tender enquiries
1.27F18/09/2010Added two buttons to enable user to put delivery date into delivery instructions
1.27E13/09/2010Added CopyTenderEnquiry form to reduce the time require dto create multiple packages for a single job/enquiry
1.27D26/03/2010Modified layout of appendix report - and added two entries for asbestos training to the defaults
1.27C11/03/2010Added ability to stop last copy (accounts) of orders to be printed by type of order
1.27 15/12/2009Added field for OHSAS18001 support on suppliers table
1.26V23/10/2009Modified edit project to allow for entry of 'jobvaluereminders' email addresses
1.26U18/05/2009Modified the way the system calls WORDREPLACETEXT to use version from IntouchPro which seemed to be working better
1.26T11/05/2009Added ability to double click suppliers when selecting from lists in reports
1.26S19/03/2009Modified contract details printing to force pick-up of contract number on appendix print
1.26R09/03/2009Revised adding of contract to force retentions
1.26Q18/02/2009Revised the way liabilities report take account of discounts again
1.26P18/02/2009Revised the way liabilities report take account of discounts
1.26O18/02/2009Modified liabilities report to take account of discounts
1.26N28/01/2009Modified new contracts to default to contractor having design responsibility
1.26M05/12/2008Modified T&C Report to use duplex setting (duplex=2)
1.26L05/12/2008Modified layout and terms of standard conditions report
1.26K04/11/2008Bug-fix: Duplicate message not printing on second and subsequent remittance advice
1.26J30/10/2008Put some warnings in if printing things that are not approved etc - and also made printed flag visible.
1.26I13/10/2008Added supplier allocation report into excel format, and enhanced the trade directory report
1.26H25/09/2008Added label to remitance advice to show est. final value
1.26G11/09/2008Added check in adding contract to ensure that job number is completed
1.26F05/09/2008Added checks in contracts to prevent multiple orders being sent to same company on same job
1.26E03/09/2008Added ability to include unapproved amounts in liabilities reports
1.26D18/07/2008Added ability to print blank Orders and Appendices
1.26C04/06/2008Changed priority of colours for suppliers to force yellow where not approved and not sent evaluation
1.26B19/05/2008Bug-fix: Subcontract and purchase order reports missing unrelated elements when optional
elements not printed within groups.
1.26A16/05/2008Added CITB report and labels regarding CITB Levy to orders and payments
1.26 15/05/2008Added CITB Levy and labour only flags to contracts
1.25A09/05/2008Bug-fix: Had not allowed for deleted suppliers and removal of trades for them
1.25 08/05/2008Added index to supplier table to allow faster access to costcode
Added subcsent boolean field to suppliers table to indicate whether a subcontractor competency form has been
sent yet
1.24T08/05/2008Modified selection of suppliers by trade to use cost codes as well
1.24S08/05/2008Modified suppliers to enforce entry of default costcode.
Also modified trade selector to pick up cost codes.
1.24R08/05/2008Modified export to excel for suppliers to include trades/skills
1.24Q08/05/2008Added Supplier/Trades report
1.24P29/04/2008Added ability to edit details of appendix defaults
1.24O14/04/2008Added 'Last Orders' report
1.24N08/04/2008Modified the way for/while clauses are used to select records for pdf generation
1.24M08/04/2008Added test for QABY =GRIFF to export for companies not reviewed
1.24L08/04/2008Added ability to export list of companies not reviewed for ISO
1.24K07/04/2008Added phrase to materials order and rental order about environmental concerns for ISO
1.24J25/03/2008Bug-fix: Rendered system unable to print enquiry letters!
1.24I25/03/2008Bug-fix: Putting supplier name in an appendix crashed due to reference to DESCRIP not DESC
1.24H20/03/2008Added ability for acrobat pdf generator to create Orders
1.24G19/03/2008Added ability to put supplier name on enquiry letters
1.24F19/03/2008Modified system in tender enquiries to make it delete underlying doc files
also modified printing to allow for headed paper
1.24E16/03/2008Bug-fix: Mispelt number of requests
1.24D16/03/2008Made system carry runtime support for PDF generation and made scanner clean up after itself
1.24C16/03/2008Added ability to scan for pdf requests...
1.24B06/03/2008Made online update mechanism non case sensitive
1.24A05/03/2008Added TBC category for plant hire contracts return date.
1.24 04/03/2008 Added new category for users 'buysign' people who can approve orders and variations - but NOT payments.
1.23 M26/02/2008 Correct tender number 'slipping' during print process - corrected.
1.23 L26/02/2008 Added ability for anyone to add companies from within TenderEnquiries - not just admin and directors.
1.23 K24/02/2008 Added checks on payments - they need to be discounted by 5% wherever possible.
1.23 J23/02/2008 Added ability to add/edit ternder suppliers - without completing all their details...
suppliers still won't be usable for anything bar tenders as the add/edit contract functions will validate them 'out'.
1.23 I18/02/2008 Added reports for drawing register and tender summaries - also added access to tenders from contracts.
1.23 H18/02/2008 Removed table just added.
1.23 F07/02/2008 Added appendix for tender enquiry and ability to print things.
1.23 E04/02/2008 Added ability edit and update tenderer details.
1.23 D01/02/2008 Added ability use templates for tenderenquiry schedules.
1.23 C01/02/2008 Added ability use templates for tenderenquiry letters.
1.23 B31/01/2008 Added ability to 'double click' on selected tenderers to add/remove them.
1.23 A31/01/2008 Added facility to start looking at tenderers after adding enquiry details.
1.23 31/01/2008 Added waste carrier registration number field and contact details to tenders
continued work on tender enquiries.
1.22 A28/01/2008 Bug-Fix: Oversight, missed supplier details modifications for drop downs in 1.22
also missed that 'unapproving' supplier actually reapproved them.
1.22 24/01/2008 Added tables for tender Enquiries and modified drop downs in add/edit supplier.
1.21 E17/01/2008 Changed Mecserve to the Health and Safety People in H&S Questionaires.
1.21 D15/01/2008 Duplex setting lost on subcontract order (again).
1.21 C15/01/2008 Duplex setting lost on subcontract order.
1.21 B15/01/2008 Modifed layout of subcontract and purchase order to incorporate an environmental statement.
1.21 A14/01/2008 Added Facalities Schedule to Appendix table.
1.21 11/01/2008 Added option fields to appendix.
1.20 B11/01/2008 Added ability to copy cost codes to trades.
1.20 A11/01/2008 Sorted one or two glitches with supplier details.
1.20 10/01/2008 Dropped NRB, HSASSESS, DISCOUNT & PREFERRED supplier fields added ISO and sub con competency.
1.19 B07/01/2008 Added advanced menu to contracts - allowing access to the jobs documents.
1.19 A07/01/2008 Bug-fix: Update didn't allow for MCD field not being available on purchase orders.
1.19 17/12/2007 Update failed to add field on site - incremented version number for a retry.
1.18 14/12/2007 Added MCD field to contracts - to ensure that people remember to apply 2.5% discount.
1.17 D04/12/2007 Changed icons for contracts being open etc. also modified returns report to include comments.
1.17 C22/11/2007 Added insurance reminder recipients to edit project form.
1.17 B21/11/2007 Relaxed check on supplier employers insurance details.
1.17 A20/11/2007 Added supplier and vendor comments to their details forms.
1.17 18/11/2007 Added install form with copy and paste facilities
Also added new costcodes (as an internal table)
And added cost codes to the order numbers on the printed sheets
Added supplier/vendor 'confirmation' form to new/edit orders/contracts and to approval of contracts.
Simplified colour schemes for vendor and supplier lists
1.16 B19/07/2007 Added H&S assessments to supplier performance and ability to copy details to clipboard.
1.16 A13/07/2007 Added validation against NRB and put stars in to indicate preferred supplier status and warning that suppliers not approved.
1.16 12/07/2007 Added HS Assess, Preferred and Discount flags to suppliers and vendors - made comments into terms
and added report on H&S for suppliers and vendors - also warning when using non-approved suppliers.
1.15 G03/07/2007 Bug-fix: Forgot to close the poperf file.
1.15 F03/07/2007 Added ability to see supplier/vendor performance from easyenquiry.
1.15 E28/06/2007 Improved selection criteria for two new report (vendor and supplier values).
1.15 D27/06/2007 Relaxed validation on suppliers to allow for no tax expiration date
and added two reports for vendors & suppliers... totalling thier order/contract values.
1.15 C06/06/2007 Added validation requirement for newly added subbies etc.
1.15 B06/06/2007 Added Printing of CIS Verification Forms.
1.15 A06/06/2007 Added Printing Delivery Notes.
1.15 06/06/2007 Added Delivery Notes.
1.14 W15/05/2007 Added ability to print blank H&S Questionnaire.
1.14 V14/05/2007 Added ability to change a supplier reference code
Added validation to payments to ensure that retention is reviewed
Added 'exempt' button to suppliers to enable setting of exempt in new CIS scheme
Added code to update Tax status date when payments are raised (rolling two years)
Restricted adding suppliers (as opposed to vendors) to signatories and accounts people.
1.14 U20/04/2007 Modified deletion of contracts and orders to require approval by director.
1.14 T19/04/2007 Added export to excel for supplier summary - to allow Penny to update new tax cert system.
1.14 S23/03/2007 Removed colouring from most printouts, also changed colouring slightly for orders and modified
Job/Materials report to normally print only outstanding items
1.14 R20/03/2007 Added colouring to purchase orders to test for hire items o/standing.
1.14 Q15/02/2007 Modified purchase orders screen to enable selection by order type a bit more clearly.
1.14 P29/01/2007 Modified remittance advices to print 'duplicate' if printed from preview and/or PDF button.
Also added test for runtime environment to prevent screen flashing on development machine, when preview reports run.
1.14 O29/01/2007 Modified liabilities reports to fix problem with 'retention' label not always printing.
1.14 N29/01/2007 Modified liabilities reports to include financial year and retention values.
1.14 M29/01/2007 Modified liabilities reports to provide three sort orders (and a LOT more pages!).
1.14 L13/12/2006 Modified system to prevent use of PDF printer on remittance and final account notes
also modifed receipt and return notes to pick up vendor information (not order)
also noted bug in add receipt whereby the supplier was getting 'stuck' and not allowing the user to see or edit it.
1.14 K06/12/2006 Modified edit contract to prevent changing of supplier once order is approved.
1.14 J30/11/2006 Modified layout of jobmaterials report to include extra lines between 'still on hire' messages where the item
description includes more than one line. Also added print date.
Modified addorder form to put blank dates in - thus requiring user to enter something.
1.14 I29/11/06 Added contract review reports.
1.14 H28/11/06 Made completion of initials in contract review mandatory.
1.14 G27/11/06 Changed default for contract review to be false.
1.14 F16/11/06 Bug-fix: Receipt/return history not carrying forward (for calculations) correct order quantity.
1.14 E15/11/06 Bug-fix: Receipt/return history not picking up correct order quantity.
1.14 D22/10/06 Added QA status reports for vendors and suppliers - outputting to excel.
1.14 C17/10/06 Added validation of project numbers against confirmed date in EasyEnquiry - not confirmed cannot be used
for new orders.
1.14 B13/10/06 Bug-fix: Spelt Status wrong when initialising the new order form - STSTUS.
1.14 A13/10/06 Bug-fix: Didn't put order status field on new order form - so it crashed on validation.
1.14 12/10/06 Modified orders to prevent users from cancelling them accidently, also gave option of including/excluding them on
the report for job/materials orders.
1.13 06/10/06 Added cost code to Contracts and right click calendar on menu.
1.12 B05/10/06 Added ability for users to find suppliers and vendors by trade/materials
Also prevented mods to contract prices after approval.
1.12 A22/09/06 Added ability for system to increment the variation serial and ident numbers automatically - if someone else uses the current one
while user enters data (slowly?).
1.12 22/08/06 Added reporting to highlight hires outstanding.
1.11 C22/08/06 Added ability to delete items from return / receipt note and change vendor reference and add HQ / to be collected addresses.
1.11 B15/08/06 Added returns and receipts history reports (within order details) and made appendix pick up retention details from contract.
1.11 A14/08/06 Modified layout of Material & Rental orders to allow for long address & delivery instructions.
1.11 11/08/06 Added default supplier for order types.
1.10 B10/08/06 Bug-fix: Orders not getting correct type when being printed.
1.10 A09/08/06 Added description summary to rental order reports - and legend to orders form, to make colour scheme clear.
1.10 04/08/06 Added Quote No. to materials & plant purchase orders, along with two extra indexes - raisedby and quoteno and some search facilities.
1.09 F01/08/06 Improved layout of Purchase & Rental Orders when they run to second page.
1.09 E31/07/06 Added cost code to Purchase & Rental Orders.
1.09 D31/07/06 Added Job Materials Report.
1.09 C28/07/06 Changed layout of orders slightly..
1.09 B28/07/06 Added ability to specify email addresses of recipients of Plant Hire Reminders.
1.09 A26/07/06 Modified the way phone numbers are taken from site names in adding/editting orders.
1.09 26/07/06 Added required until, net total and to be priced fields.
1.08 G24/07/06 Impoved layout of Materials Order.
1.08 F24/07/06 Bug-fix - using wrong variable names for qareview details - fixed.
1.08 E24/07/06 Bug-fix - unable to delete order items.
1.08 D24/07/06 Order changed after printing material order - fixed.
1.08 C24/07/06 Made 'date required' appear as 'Date Required Until' for rental orders.
1.08 B22/07/06 Enhanced the way system handles rental orders.
1.08 A21/07/06 Completed 1ST look at matl orders etc.
1.08 20/07/06 Modified indexes to incorporate order type in orders, order details and receipts and receipt details.
1.07 20/07/06 Added QA and contrevw fields to contracts, orders, suppliers and vendors.
1.06 A17/07/06 Added FIND CONTRACT form to allow users to search for an order.
1.06 11/07/06 Added ORDER TYPE table.
1.05 07/07/06 Added sort order to contacts table for date order.
1.04 F06/07/06 Added ability to automatically 'fill in' gaps in contract/order numbers
and print to acrobat files.
1.04 E15/05/06 Modified image order in contracts for payments (again) - the test meant that payments outstanding could be overlooked for retentions.
1.04 D13/05/06 Changed image order in contracts for payments - moving retentions to the middle - and added first/last buttons.
1.04 C12/05/06 Made contracts print the same number of appendices as main sheets.
1.04 B08/05/06 Turned off verification of printer availability - because it was taking too long.
1.04 A06/04/06 Made H&S Questionaire print two copies by default and added narrative to bottom of orders.
1.04 22/03/06 Added more fields to help manage H&S requirements (Empl Insurance) and added an export for companies.