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Modification Log for InTouchPro

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of InTouchPro to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, or a trial version, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
1.09 C 07/12/2007 Replaced install form with one from DocElite - to enable copy and paste.
1.09 B 05/05/2006 Removed breakpoints and test for default printer.
1.09 A 05/05/2006 Added breakpoints to test for slow startup problem.
1.09 01/05/2006 Added PROFSTAT field to users table to enable use of qualifications etc. on letters etc.
1.08 I 07/04/2006 Added paperclip symbol to indicate attachments.
1.08 H 30/01/2006 Changed '...' to magnifying glass icon for clarity.
1.08 G 03/12/2005 Added companies report - just listing companies and main contact.
1.08 F 22/11/2005 Modified number of documents shown in list distributed to user from 500 to 1000.
1.08 E 24/10/2005 Changed default document location to match EasyEnquiry.
1.08 D 12/09/2005 Added online updating facility.
1.08 C 05/07/2005 Added 'updater' facility to get system to update automatically where an update location has been specified and a newer version exists.
1.08 B 20/06/2005 Added verification to opening of documents (using 'tick' method) to test for success before setting document as read.
1.08 A 01/06/2005 Added ability to tick several documents, in the distribution forms, and view them at the same time.
1.08 23/05/2005 Extended size of document titles to 120 characters from 80 Bug-fix: Incoming and outgoing document distribution reports - read/unread options inverted.
1.07 M 16/05/2005 Added ability to delete events.
1.07 L 05/05/2005 Bug-fix: Incoming & outgoing correspondence distribution only showing FIRST 100 items in 'in-trays' when it should have shown LAST 100 'dealtwith' and FIRST 100 Undealtwith - note problem with 'events' add/edit screens need redesign, not reqd for most users at this point.
1.07 K 15/03/2005 Bug-fix: Unable to edit outgoing document types.
1.07 J 09/03/2005 Added shortcut to all textboxes and editboxes for cut/paste/spellcheck.
1.07 I 24/02/2005 Added spellcheck to incoming documents 'TO ME' and outbound ones too.
1.07 H 24/02/2005 Added form to present options for distribution and adding attachments - rather than 'Asking Questions'.
1.07 G 15/02/2005 Stopped system from making WORD visible while updating.
1.07 F* 01/02/2005 Added flag to allow limited admin control for specific workstations.
1.07 F 30/01/2005 Added ability to attach documents with extensions of less than three characters.
1.07 E* 19/01/2005 Bug-fix - Access to EasyEnquiry look-ups accidently disabled..
1.07 E 19/01/2005 Added spellchecker and modified word 'replacetext' to check footers as well as body of text.
1.07 D 15/12/2004 Modified way Word is closed to include a 'don't save changes'.
1.07 C 26/11/2004 Bug-fix - Registering incoming documents trying to look for allowevents flag which does not exist for incoming document types.
1.07 B 25/11/2004 Added feature to 'clean-up' lists of contacts, to remove orphans, whose companies were deleted with old version of IntouchPro.
1.07 A 23/11/2004 Ready to deliver 'events' features and add ability to change document category IF NOT LINKED TO EASYENQUIRY.
1.07 05/11/2004 Added integration features to link with DocElite etc, and started work on 'Events' to create documents for lists of recipients.
1.06 04/10/2004 Enabled SUPERUSER to edit document, even where underlying file is missing, and allowed specification of somewhere other than the datalocation for all new documents.(released to Pexhurst only - out of sequence).
1.05 L 27/10/2004 Bug-fix - Attachments on INCOMING documents not reviewable from screens for 'incoming documents distributed to me'.
1.05 K 13/10/2004 Bug-fix - name of company & description not correct on contact reports.
1.05 J 11/10/2004 Added 'description' to contacts reports for companies.
1.05 I 05/10/2004 Bug-fix - unable to access attachments to incoming documents as distributed to people.
1.05 H 29/09/2004 After meeting with user group added various enhancements to improve user interface:
1) Put indication of when comments have been entered by recipients of incoming/outbound documents.
2) Put 'tick box' for 'dealtwith' on grids where possible to make it plainer to novice users.
3) Changed 'Date Received' on incoming documents to be just 'Date' as external parties refer to 'their date' rather than date received.
4) Moved position of 'Dealtwith' flag on forms, and repositioned label - to make it more obvious, also changed label contents to include 'Not' when the user has not dealtwith the document yet... for clarity.
5) Added ability to sort results by the first five columns in incoming and outgoing document searches.
6) Changed label on 'Document Types' to say 'Outgoing Document Types' for clarity.
7) Modified main form (companies and contacts) to take advantage of screen sizes over 800x600.
As a result of some of the above mods, the first column or two in most document grids now indicates the 'status' of the document - even when it is the current one, improving clarity.
1.05 G 27/09/2004 Added ability to cc: outgoing documents.
1.05 F 21/09/2004 Added ability to define location of MS Word for OLE automation - which can be problematic with NAL/ZEN installations.
1.05 E 20/09/2004 Bug-fix - changing company reference left existing contacts on old reference.
1.05 D 13/09/2004 Added ability to 'deselect' entries from the list boxes when searching for correspondence.
1.05 C 09/09/2004 Added ability to set a default path for C:\$incoming - by machine.
1.05 B 27/08/2004 Added extra functionality to accommodate links to EasyEnquiry and to allow non-numeric jobs & enquiry numbers where no link to EasyEnquiry is needed.
1.05 A 24/08/2004 Bug-fix - non administrators unable to view documents distributed to them,. added request for attachments when registering documents.
1.05 24/08/2004 Added attachments to documents (to allow for more than one file) and for a drop-down of keywords also added ability to import contacts from one IntouchPro database to another.
1.04 A 18/08/2004 Bug-fix - unable to view outbound docs sent to user! Added short report for listing contacts as a summary. Added ability to assign distibution to outgoing documents as they are created.
1.04 16/08/2004 Added sort order to documents (incoming & outbound) - by date issued/received Added ability to 'forward' documents to other people when you've had them distributed to you. Added ability to see document comments when reviewing distribution.
1.03 D 11/08/2004 Modified layout of contacts reports, and added label format for 16 per page, also fixed bug in deletion of documents whereby distribution was being retained.
1.03 C 10/08/2004 Added ability to copy users to contacts.
1.03 B 09/08/2004 Added default addressee for incoming documents.
1.03 A 05/08/2004 Added correspondence distribution reports - to allow for checking who has read what.
1.03 22/07/2004 Modified system to read path for saving documents from EasyEnquiry - and to clear accidental 'E' references from enquiries and job numbers (user input error). Also incorporated FBZIP.exe INSIDE the Intouchpro .exe file
1.02 N 21/07/2004 Added report to search for 'missing documents'.
1.02 M 28/06/2004 Bug Fix - Searching incoming documents not working when company/originator specified.
1.02 L 25/06/2004 Added the ability for an administrator to change a company ref - under certain circumstances also made 'private' documents more private - by hiding the document title.
1.02 K 24/06/2004 Added ability to change Company Ref of recipient or originator of document for Admin & Originators ONLY.
1.02 J 22/06/2004 Added ability to change ID of recipient or originator of document for Admin & Originators ONLY.
1.02 I 11/06/2004 Added feature to flash taskbar icon and play sound should incoming documents be found.
1.02 H 09/06/2004 Bug Fix - double click on distribution of incoming or outgoing documents produced error.
1.02 G 04/06/2004 Added distribution to outgoing documents & changed back-ups to use FBZip.
1.02 F 28/05/2004 Added 'time stamp' to comments on contacts and companies.
1.02 E 21/05/2004 Made colons in files names change to underscores.
1.02 D 21/05/2004 Moved document locations to allow for invalid file names.
1.02 C 21/05/2004 Moved mulicopy lock file to current folder to prompt for user to confirm deletion. Also added feature to pick up new number starting point for incoming documents
1.02 B 20/05/2004 Added features to copy unlying documents to $INCOMING folder before deletion and to prompt for user to confirm deletion. Fixed bug in incoming documents - which made delete function look in wrong folder for underlying documents
1.02 A 14/05/2004 Added feature to prevent seljob & selenq being seen if the tables aren't available
1.02 12/05/2004 Added default catcode to document types to allow H&S documents to be files by type for PexHurst and fixed problem with file attribute setting...
1.01 D 28/04/2004 Changed length of company code on main screen, added validation to new correspondence, and made adding new company add a contact!
1.01 C 26/04/2004 Added legends to the companies, incoming and incomingdist forms
1.01 B 26/04/2004 Enabled 'readonly' elements - only setting on entry to document not on leaving it.
1.01 A 23/04/2004 Problems with 'readonly' elements - disabled for time being.
1.01 - 23/04/2004 And all that goes with it! also added ATTEXT to outgoing documents
1.01 10/04/2004 Added incoming correspondence...
1.00 D 07/04/2004 Made 'Title' big enough to take 'Bishop' (after realising that 'Miss' wouldn't fit!)
1.00 C 07/04/2004 Added slight delay to opening documents after creation
1.00 B 05/04/2004 Modified templates to use new FULLNAMESANSTITLE
1.00 A 05/04/2004 First Delivery version - including reports & labels
1.00 16/03/2004 Started work on InTouchPro