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Modification Log for OpTech

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of OpTech to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
1.19D06/02/2014Added attachments to run history and improved the excel export
1.19C05/02/2014Start of Runs in, modified Asset Cascading to trim spaces and CRLFs
1.19B05/02/2014Added ability to cascade changes to product description through the asset register
1.19A03/02/2014Bug-fix: Quotations not printing - unable to find two temp tables.
1.19 31/01/2014Added Run History table - ready to link to asset register
1.18I19/11/2013Added 'Part Invoice' button to invoice comments, and added colour as well.
1.18H19/11/2013Sage 'oddness' caused by looking at wrong database!
1.18G18/11/2013Added feature to asset register to allow for searching by asset owner
1.18F07/11/2013Odd handling of record size for sage 2014, some seem to have headers 688 bytes between records, others have 698
1.18E01/11/2013Added ability to export sales and rentals from invoices, and support for Sage 2014
1.18D02/10/2013Bug-fix: Year end date not correct - invoice export not working...
1.18C20/09/2013Bug-fix: Asset report not working
1.18B09/09/2013Bug-fix: PQPReqd not getting set an initial value - caused crash when creating new order
1.18A27/08/2013Made search facility for assets case insensitive
1.18 26/08/2013** 1.18 23/08/2013 Added a PQP Requirement to OPTORDR
** Also added a find assets form...
** Also added attachments to everything
** Also added certification
** Also added ability to find upcoming certification in the find assets form/
1.17D18/02/2013Added a confirmation before adding assets from receipt items and purchase orders
1.17C05/02/2013Added a confirmation before adding assets from receipts.
1.17B05/12/2012Added ability to specify alternative range of serial numbers when adding a series of assets
1.17A23/11/2012Bug-Fix: Left JOBS list popping up when selecting quotatons!
1.17 25/10/2012** 1.17 25/10/2012 Added fields to control printing of free circ. narrative on despatch notes, to 'kill' quotations and an index to link jobs to quotes.
** also enabled support for Sage 2013
** 1.16 A 24/09/2012 Modified the jobs list to stop the cursor on the main grid from flying to the first record after printing invoices etc.
1.16 13/09/2012Added checking for logged on users and purchase order documentation options
1.15H16/08/2012Modified creating and modifying of despatches from jobs, to include currency and rate
1.15G15/08/2012Bug-fix: Export to sage contained type on custname
1.15F31/05/2012Added ability to put multiple serial numbers into the asset register
1.15E09/03/2012Modified Sage export to gross up values with currency exchange rate
1.15D29/02/2012Added image to jobs list to show part and full deliveries
1.15B24/02/2012Modified layout of Purchase Order to remove repeated company reference and add comments
1.15A02/12/2011Allowed the order of the assets excel export to be controlled by the display order.
1.15 02/12/2011Added quantity and status fields to asset register
1.14O17/11/2011Added support for Sage Accounts 2012
1.14N11/11/2011Added description to asset register report layout
1.14M05/10/2011Modified asset register report layout
1.14L05/10/2011Added really simple asset register
1.14K13/09/2011Bug-fix: not creating a temporary contacts table when adding owners for assets
1.14J23/08/2011Added company name to top of addresses on orders etc.
1.14I05/08/2011Added colouring up for purchase orders.
1.14H03/08/2011Added blue colour to jobs list for items part delivered
1.14G03/08/2011Added colour to jobs list, and modified purchase order layout slightly - cust reference not showing properly
1.14F03/08/2011Added delivery address to purchase orders and modified invoice layout to allow for longer narratives at the bottom
1.14E08/07/2011Bug-fix: Problem exporting to Sage - Nameref used instead of code
1.14D27/06/2011Added faciity to import product descriptions from an excel spreadsheet
1.14C17/06/2011Added code to set currency to GBP and rate 1.00 if proformas added to despatch without a job number
1.14B13/06/2011Bug-fix: Problem when adding copying orders to orders - orderno not being used
1.14A03/06/2011Bug-fix: Problem when adding PO Items - PO form appears in front of add item and unable to exit
1.14 19/04/2011Added proforma invoice details to despatches
1.13 24/03/2011Added JobItemType to Order Details table
1.12C17/03/2011Bug-fix: Accessing invoices via jobs threw an error if no PDF printer specified.
1.12B07/03/2011Bug-fix: Blacklisting of invoices for export to Sage not working, because it always gets overwritten
1.12A23/02/2011Bug-fix: Rental return notes picking up date from despect notes!
1.12 16/02/2011Added tables for sage export, and added access to receipts from purchase orders
1.11A06/12/2010Added comments from quotations to printouts
1.11 03/12/2010Corrected size of currency field in most tables (should be three characters)
1.10G01/12/2010Set reports to use new reportapp
1.10F01/12/2010Problem with using report behaviour 90 on win 7
1.10E01/12/2010Added add and edit invoice rental items
1.10D01/12/2010Added ability to print invoices
1.10C30/11/2010Added signatures and approvals to purchase orders
Also added in ability to pull invoice records from orders
1.10B15/11/2010Added notes for quotations
1.10A15/11/2010Added total for sales cost on quotations
1.10 11/11/2010Added ables for interface with Sage
1.09C27/10/2010Bug-fix: Date required not being saved / printed on job rental items.
1.09B27/10/2010Added links between jobs and purchase orders and rental returns
1.09A28/09/2010Added comment to bottom of purchase orders
1.09 07/09/2010Added tables for rental returns
1.08B31/08/2010Added feature to enable selective copying of quote items to orders
1.08A28/07/2010Completed first drafting of receipts features
1.08 28/07/2010Added new tables for receipts and receipt details
1.07 27/07/2010Added recipients signature to despecth note - and fixed bug in deleting despatch items
where the quantity despatched was not being corrected also added 'self' to suppliers and customers
1.06A27/07/2010Added ability to complete ownership records..
1.06 27/07/2010Added RTG and RESERVED fields to Assets and owership tables
1.05B22/07/2010Added signature to despatch note
1.05A22/07/2010Stopped addresses being copied from invoice to delivery for customers and suppliers
1.05 22/07/2010Increased size of currency field in customers table to 3 chars
1.04A15/07/2010Added approval and signatures to quotations
1.04 14/07/2010Added delivery field to quote details
1.03 14/07/2010Added Asset table and owner table
1.02 08/07/2010Added tables for purchase orders
1.01 06/07/2010Changed size of email fields throughout
1.00A10/06/2010First delivery version with start of quotations
1.00 08/06/2010Started work on OpTech - first stage of deliverable ready