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Finedata Support Downloads

Where we have been asked a question and think the answer would be useful to others we try to make these available to visitors to our web site on a completely free basis.

Our first download section enables corporate users of DocsPro to obtain, a set of 'New Project' defaults (logo, standard letters and so forth).
The third file is a 'zipped' up copy of the 'TechTips.txt' and Registry Merge files for people running EasyDoc on an NT network.
Tech Tips for EasyDoc

The fourth file is a '.pdf' version of the installation guide for EasyWeb, which includes information on setting up Microsoft Personal Web Server.
Installation Guide for EasyWeb

The fifth file is a '.pdf' version of the user guidance notes for EasyWeb.
User Guide for EasyWeb

The sixth file is a '.pdf' version of the user introduction to EasyDoc.
User Introduction for EasyDoc