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Modification Log for T.A.I.L.S.

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
1.34D07/07/2022** 1.34 D 07/07/2022 bug-fix - Left PUWR reports of export/import
** 1.34 C 30/05/2022 0.5 HR - Made PUWER title one line
1.33J17/05/2022** 1.33 J 17/05/2022 0.5 HR - Modified Formal inspection report toput PUWER regs at top
** 1.33 I 15/04/2022 1.0 HR - Modified ROTE form to get more space for SWL etc
1.33H21/02/2022** 1.33 H 21/02/2022 Modified imorts of handwritten sheets to allow for really long serial numbers (which come across as **,***.**) and added potential registry fix for
** windows 11 and paint
** 1.33 G 18/02/2022 Modified UTR reports to make results slightly bigger
1.33F07/02/2022modified handwritten imports
1.33E18/11/2021Problem importing TENARIS excel sheets
1.33D27/10/2021Modified sendtostagtic to include test for missing file before deletion and file error handling in case it is still open
1.33C18/10/2021Modified handwritten imports to read first 50 items - not just the first 33
1.33B03/09/2021Added import from handwritten sheets for MPR tally form
1.33A03/09/2021Added import from handwritten sheets for LPR tally form
1.33 09/08/2021Increased size of heat number field on MPI/LPI Tally forms
1.32B11/05/2021Added Gary Boyne to default users
1.32A23/04/2021** 1.32 A+ 22/04/2021 0.0 hr - Continued mods to upload to cope better with big locations
** 1.32 A 21/04/2021 0.0 hr - Modified upload to cope better with big locations
1.15A20/03/2012Modified reports/certificates to avoid employer being printed twice (A4 reports only not US formats)
1.15 18/01/2012Added authenticators name to location table and certificates
1.14G16/01/2012Report numbering changes causing system to wipe authenticating signature.
1.14F06/12/2011Bug-fix: Report numbering still being spoilt during editing - now taking from the saved value - as if reloaded system
1.14E27/11/2011Bug-fix: Report numbering sometimes going astray - because the current job number was being truncated
1.14D25/11/2011Bug-fix: Did not modify the numbering for report sheets
1.14C25/11/2011Modified default job numbering to more closely match StagTIC requirements
1.14B24/11/2011Bug-fix: Import and export of surveys did not have access to bucgi table (general inspection report)
1.14A22/11/2011Modified layout of report according to ST instructions
1.14 21/11/2011Added new inspection report General Inspection
1.13C08/11/2011Neglected to update the next inspection date.
1.13B08/11/2011Added the ability to change an inspection date, and put the correct cert details on the formal inspection report
1.13A22/10/2011Bug-fix: Back-up not working!
1.13 22/10/2011New branding of Buchan06 for Stag TIC