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Modification Log for WebElite

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of WebElite to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, or a trial version, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
1.61O14/10/2014** 1.61 O 14/10/2014 Added ability to scan a mail folder for BAD FILES (which mount up)
** 1.61 N 08/10/2014 Modified auto issue to not send where later revisions have already been sent
** 1.61 M 06/10/2014 Added auto issue documents not issued where previous versions have been
1.61L06/10/2014** 1.61 L 06/10/2014 Added ability to email more Q&R sheets - as if urgent
** 1.61 K 02/07/2014 Enhanced recently added ability to import Information Release Schedule to turn everything uppercase
** 1.61 J 20/05/2014 Added enhanced error reporting (from DocElite UnUsual procedure) and made copying decision based on day of week
** 1.61 I 22/04/2014 Modified system to delete any copies of NewDocsToIssue.xls from temporary folder before processing.
** 1.61 H 10/04/2014 Added ability to turn off 'new submissions' on DAILY NAG
** 1.61 G 17/03/2014 Added 'new submissions' TO DAILY NAG
** 1.61 F 06/03/2014 Modified 'friday email' to be more spreadsheet like and more thur/tues
** 1.61 E 07/02/2014 Modified 'friday email' to ignore 'for approval' documents and highlight current revs
** 1.61 D 06/02/2014 Modified to prepare a Friday email of documents received but not issued to recipients of earlier revs
** 1.61 C 16/12/2013 Modified daily mails to ignore people finished on project
** 1.61 B 06/12/2013 Modified backups to allow for different drives/folders for each day of the week
** 1.61 A 29/11/2013 Modified printshop requests to cope better with -1 copies
1.61 16/06/2014Added enhanced error reporting (from DocElite UnUsual procedure) and made copying decision based on day of week
1.58 10/09/2012Modified version to match DocElite
1.57P03/08/2012Added weblink to emailed transmittals
1.57O18/06/2012Added full recipients address to transmittal pdf file
1.57N12/06/2012Added full project address to transmittal pdf file
1.57M11/06/2012Added msvcp71.dll to the binaries table
1.57L11/06/2012Added ability to send PDF version of transmittal note
1.57K08/06/2012Bug-fix: Urgent TQ not being sent!
1.57J08/06/2012Improved layout of Q&A reminder email - doing it as blocks rather than a list
1.57I27/03/2012Problem with system continually crashing on checking system messages...
1.57H08/03/2012Modified the way cc recipients for tender packages get transmittal notes - is they were using [ to stop nagging in the cc section the system just kept sending emails
1.57G28/02/2012Bug-fix: Email about 'new documents' always included very first on on the system
1.57F06/01/2012Modified creation of document distribution sheet from web site - for transmittal notes - so that very large logos could be accommodated
1.57E14/12/2011Bug-fix: When requesting new password, should user enter a duff email address the system crashed
1.57D05/12/2011Added distribution sheet to emailing of transmittals
1.57C26/11/2011Improved security of requesting password changes to stop malicious changes
1.57B25/11/2011Added ability for users to request their passwords be reset.
** 1.57 A 07/11/2011 Modified web log scanning to report any netries with a 'bar' in them
1.57 30/10/2011Modified version to match DocElite
1.56A12/10/2011Added web log check for |operation
1.56 10/10/2011Modified version to match DocElite
1.55I06/09/2011Bug-fix: introduced bug, trying to report CHUNKS instead of m.NOCHUNKS!
** 1.55 H 01/09/2011 Modified emails from backup system - not getting through on new 1&1 servers
1.55G12/07/2011Made label for transmittal description bigger on transmittals
1.55F04/07/2011Bug-fix: When sending transmittals the system was recording a random date as the date it was sent instead of the system date as intended
1.55E28/06/2011Used Enhanced error reporting to pinpoint error causing crash after creating printshop requests
1.55D27/06/2011Enhanced error reporting to include the 'calling stack'
1.55C17/06/2011Double encrypted passwords not salt
1.55A16/06/2011Added Salt Key Management to user passwords
1.55B16/06/2011Double encrypted passwords
1.55 14/06/2011.
1.54C03/06/2011Modified error handler to try and send email to finedata.
1.54B03/06/2011Added a project reference to the timestamp file
1.54A16/05/2011Added transmittal description to emails of transmittals
1.54 12/05/2011Modified version to match DocElite
1.53B12/04/2011Bug-fix: Only removed right hand square bracket!
1.53A12/04/2011Modified sending of transmittals to allow for all entries having [] brackets
1.53 07/04/2011Modified version to match DocElite
1.51I05/04/2011Modified tender emails to hide other recipients
1.51H14/03/2011Bug-fix: Rename of button caused download to cease working
1.51G14/03/2011Bug-fix: Bad label on main menu
1.51F04/03/2011Added ability to scan different log file names
1.51E23/02/2011Added ability to delete old log files (keep a weeks worth)
1.51D09/02/2011Modified the global users interface to make deletion easier and to add a search
1.51C25/01/2011Added revenue protection feature to scanner
1.51A11/01/2011Bug-Fix: wrong number of parameters for email to copy shop
1.51 15/12/2010Modified version to match DocElite
1.50B09/12/2010Modified reading of back-up list of files so that a failure to communicate does not
cause a crash
1.50A16/11/2010Added link to copyshop html file in copyshops!
1.50 30/10/2010Modified version to match DocElite
1.49H21/09/2010Modified LogUpdate function to prevent ACTIVATE method for the form from being fully called during processing
1.49G21/09/2010Added ability to send a 'FallBack' message where zip files are sent to users - in case their mail system rejects the version with the .zip attachment
Also added ability to use square brackets to disable reminders being sent to specific email addresses
1.49F10/09/2010Added list of documents received to email alert where notifiying of documents received
1.49E09/09/2010Noted problem with document distibution planning not working as expected
1.49B19/05/2010Modified reminders and transmittals to enable inclusion of document details within email message
1.49A19/05/2010Modified to alow 'breaking up' of large zip file requests into multiple messages
1.49 17/05/2010Modified version to match DocElite
1.48Z25/03/2010Modified transmittal HTMLs to remove email addresses from tender packages
1.48Y24/03/2010Modified the way additional comments are inserted into messages sent with Q&R sheets
1.48X19/03/2010Modified criteria for sending attachments to RFIs etc
1.48W12/03/2010Bug-fix - system sending URGENT Q&R Sheet emails to people who have no logins...
1.48V12/03/2010Modified processing of email reminders for Q&R sheets to look at LASTREAD date as well as FIRSTREAD one
1.48U11/03/2010Put short pause back in the logupdate function - to slow things down a little
1.48T10/03/2010Added check for ASP_ in web server logs - might bring out some more problems
1.48S04/03/2010Stopped email reminders for unread - but dealtwith transmittals
1.48R23/02/2010Modified the way emails are sent to do the same thing as subversion P below did for transmittals
1.48Q22/02/2010Modified processing of popmsgs table to export old record and import it again after deleting
1.48P19/02/2010Modified create/send transmittals to try and reopen tables after a send that either fails or just goes wrong
1.48O19/02/2010Modified requests to remote site to use 'LstAction'
1.48N18/02/2010System 'forgetting' data environment after creating zip files in Print Shop requests and Transmittal Zip files
1.48I08/02/2010Bug-fix: Pause-Start being overwritten by exchangestart if exchange start not set
1.48G02/02/2010Removed ability to process thumbnails - now offloaded to ThumbElite
1.48F29/01/2010Inserted 4 emails in data exchange process so that Griff can be made aware of status for each portal
1.48E28/01/2010Set licensekey for imageviewer control in form INIT function
1.48D26/01/2010Make copyshop zip creation check for copyshop folder before making zip file.
1.48C24/01/2010Added short pause between downloading chunks and trimmed exchangesite name to ensure it was correct
1.48B19/01/2010Continued work on Data Exchange features
1.48 17/01/2010Modified version to match DocElite
1.47C13/01/2010Continued work on Data Exchange features
1.47B13/01/2010Continued work on Data Exchange features
1.47 10/12/2009Modified version to match DocElite
1.46 07/12/2009Modified version to match DocElite, also changed printshop request to try and reduce size of files.
1.45G04/12/2009Added csv file output for printshop requests - so printers can see list of attachments
1.45F04/12/2009Added dividing lines on print shop request that is emailed to copyshop - to delineate the attachments from the
next document, to make it easier for the printers to see which attachments are for which document
1.45E27/11/2009Corrected the format of firstread set by system for tq actions
1.45D24/11/2009Added notes section to presentation details to allow for start-up message
1.45C11/11/2009Modified the running of print shop requests to ensure that they work in the same order as
they are expected to - had example of one which was random.
1.45B03/11/2009Added drgtitle to document CSV export
1.45A28/10/2009Modified dttolong function to show properly decoded minutes!
1.45 19/10/2009Modified version to match DocElite
1.44B15/10/2009Modified layout of transmittal notes to include return comments by date
1.44A28/09/2009Added 'show withdrawal requests' to the definable columns in the list of projects available
1.44 14/09/2009Modified version to match DocElite
1.43 11/09/2009Modified version to match DocElite
1.42E08/09/2009Modified scanning of projects to avoid emails when projects no longer require them.
1.42D07/09/2009Modified transmittal notes to include email address and put a 'no web address' message on print shop requests
1.42C02/09/2009Problem not putting links to attachments in emails to copy shop people
1.42B14/08/2009Set the table prompt off - to try and isolate the HWA problem with vanishing tables during processing!
1.42A05/08/2009Added ability to stop processing of thumbnails - which is now available in ThumbElite
1.42 04/08/2009Modified version to match DocElite
1.41F20/07/2009Converted to run under VFP9
1.41E10/07/2009Added ablility to zip all attachments for list of urgent TQs etc.
1.41D10/07/2009Added reducememory call after each sendmail instruction to try and alleviate problems with HWA
1.41C01/07/2009Modified transmittal note emails to make them clearer
1.41B29/06/2009Modified pront shop requests to pick up 'reinforcement' of b/w printing
1.41A26/06/2009Modified messages with zips of transmittals to send them to requestor - not recipient of transmittal
1.41 21/06/2009Modified version to match DocELite
1.40D18/06/2009Added snag reminders to daily email system.
1.40C18/06/2009Added control of snag flag on project selection menu for web interface
1.40B15/06/2009Added slightly more informative message to requests for zip files
1.40A10/06/2009Added list of documents processed to request for document list
1.40 09/06/2009Modified version to match DocELite
1.39A06/05/2009ProjectSchedule variable not visible on one project - added initialisation to ensure it is.
Only a problem on portals with just one training project (or archive) and no live data
1.39 25/04/2009Modified version to match DocELite
1.38E08/04/2009Added list of 'zipped' files to request for document zip file
1.38D04/04/2009Discovered problem with email large numbers of attachments - where someone never reads the web site
data and thus gets more than 255 attachments for unread messages! Made system create a zip file instead
1.38C03/04/2009Reverted to scanning all (will try to put in a stop list )
1.38B03/04/2009Quick fix to stop processing of projects before HOL20268 project - which is causing difficulties
1.38A03/04/2009Quick fix to stop processing of HOL20257 project - which is causing difficulties
1.38 22/03/2009Modified version to match DocELite
1.37H18/03/2009Added ability to request zip file from a batch sent to internal people 'for interest'
1.37G10/03/2009Problem with urgent TQs not reseting 'sent' flag
1.37F10/03/2009Problem with emails being sent in bulk to people - because (primarily) the TQAction table has blank records on it
1.37E09/03/2009Modified TQAtt types to be back to 3 characters, and allowed for existing 20 character types!
1.37D09/03/2009Modified to try and avoid duplicating reminders about emails and to send emails to
external people about RFIs etc.
1.37B26/02/2009Modified formatting of email addresses to remove spaces when combined on one line!
1.37A16/02/2009Added ability to send link to new requisitions
1.37 15/02/2009Modified version to match DocELite
1.36M12/02/2009Modified web links to use two formats
1.36L05/02/2009Added ability for email to be sent 30 mins after a req is raised
1.36K03/02/2009added ability to save list of documents in list awaiting issue to CSV file
1.36J02/02/2009Made the columns in the list of projects available administrator definable
1.36I26/01/2009Made title for SITE REQUISTIONS very clear for Buyers!
1.36H20/01/2009Added ability to make small thumbnail of title blocks (bottom right corner)
1.36F09/01/2009Added new short link to email messages
1.36E07/01/2009Modified the way emails are extracted to make sure duff addresses are less likely to be processed
1.36D06/01/2009Modified the way emails are extracted to make sure duff addresses are less likely to be processed
1.36C06/01/2009Modified the creation of links for emails to use the "<>" format instead!
1.36B06/01/2009Modified the creation of links for emails to use the <> format
1.36A16/12/2008Modified processing of Print Requests to ensure that they get printed
1.36 12/12/2008Added 'hidesubm' field to companies table
1.35C04/12/2008Removed DOEVENTS from logupdate function - causing problem with 'losing tables' for some reason!
1.35 02/12/2008Updated to match change in structure on DocElite
1.34M26/11/2008Added feature to allow users to put a note on their requests for CSV files and ZIPs
1.34L24/11/2008Added feature to filter out original documents from print shop requests when comments have been added
1.34K14/11/2008Added details of preapprovers comments to reminder email
1.34J10/11/2008Added ReduceMemory function to try and help manage memory problems
1.34I07/11/2008Modified scanning to deliberately close all the tables and reopen them
1.34H07/11/2008Added more details of sender to log file
1.34G06/11/2008Added details of sender to log file
1.34F05/11/2008Modified treatment of email addresses to prevent commas being put at the end of items
1.34E05/11/2008Added ability to request csv file with list pf picked documents
1.34D04/11/2008Modified processing of thumbnails to replace extension with jpg where none specified.
1.34C03/11/2008Modified emailing to use single names (one per line) on tender packages, and traditional copy to on ordinary ones
1.34B31/10/2008Bug-fix: Error with wait window when sending emails
1.34A31/10/2008Bug-fix: Error with wait window when sending transmittal
1.34 30/10/2008Modified to allow for multiline email addresses
1.33A24/10/2008Modified thumbnail generators to allow for zero sized files - which are sometimes created when uploads fail
1.33 02/10/2008Increased size of file extensions on DocElite - had to update webelite to match also added support for Urgent on Q&R sheets
1.32G07/08/2008Fixed bug in distribution history - forgot to seek the document in the issue history, so just got a random result!
1.32F06/08/2008Added distribution history to document distribution plan using comments
1.32E06/08/2008Stopped export of withdrawn documents to distribution plan
1.32D06/08/2008Added ability to complete and review the first two profile fields from popnm
1.32C05/08/2008Modified document distribution plan to change size of top row to accommodate large logos
1.32B05/08/2008Modified document distribution plan to include company logo
1.32A28/07/2008Modified scanning of attachments to allow for renaming when 'bad characters' spotted
1.32 24/07/2008Updated to match new structure
1.31X18/07/2008Added option to stop the userscanning
1.31W16/07/2008Added extra tabs between nameref and colons in processing of TQ sheets with templates
1.31V10/07/2008Bug-fix: Switching on and off not recognised by global users form
1.31U10/07/2008Modified to allow switching on and off the 'Global Project'
1.31T04/07/2008Incorporated new ImageViewer control and ability to send Friday back-ups to an alternate location
1.31S18/06/2008Added ability to process requests for all attachments from selected TQs
1.31R11/06/2008Modified colouring up of document distribution plans, also made them less likely to
fall over when there are no documents to process, and easier to copy/update from docelite
to webelite and vice versa
1.31Q28/05/2008Added ability to send transmittals to 'cc' people
1.31P27/05/2008Added ability to import and export Document Distribution Plans
1.31O21/05/2008Added 'High Quality' option for imageviewer
1.31N20/05/2008Accidently retired too many people. Relaxed still further.
1.31M16/05/2008'Retirement' process too extreme, relaxed to send messages only!
1.31L16/05/2008Added 'retirement' for non-users after 30 days
1.31K14/05/2008Shortened links from event alert messages - to help prevent then being 'broken' by email clients
1.31J14/05/2008Added links to event messages to enable jump to system from emails
1.31I09/05/2008Added more features to the mail server details form - for connectivity testing
1.31H02/05/2008Added more and more logging info - so added a 'verbose' mode which is normally OFF
1.31G01/05/2008Modified the processing of TQs to try and find out why some X-Refs not being copied
1.31F29/04/2008Modified the sending of transmittals to include the project name
1.31E24/04/2008Modified to ignore ARCHIVE folders in the same way as TRAINING and TEMPLATE ones
1.31D22/04/2008Modified to try and resolve error message on HWA server when processing SOME query event alerts
1.31C21/04/2008Modified to enable processing of instruction templates as well as queries - to enable 'locking ' of some info
1.31B15/04/2008Modified to make log entries of all emails sent - to allow for more detailled tracking
1.31A04/04/2008Modified all references to email addresses, to allow for use of comma instead of semi colon as seperator
1.31 26/03/2008Updated to match DocElite
1.30B18/03/2008Added ability to copy web users to all projects
1.30A13/03/2008Added ability to correct uploaded document sizes and note number of pages in a file
1.30 12/03/2008Added field to TQTypes to allow for downloading of attachments from closed Q&R Sheets
1.29C10/03/2008Modified password reseting in global admin users section
1.29B03/03/2008Added error message from smtp_trans to log file - to help debugging problem for barratts
1.29A26/02/2008Discovered clip board text very annoying on production Finedata Server - driving me mad!
1.29 14/02/2008Added ability to email attachments with updated/new TQs
1.28 11/02/2008Brought up to dates with DocElite - now will not process databases not matching version number.
Above done because key fields added to PopNM and PopLO tables which are needed to process print shop requests and zip files
1.25R07/02/2008Added rotation to thumbnails and modified scaling
1.25Q06/02/2008Problem processing thumbnails again - put in some more advanced error checking
1.25P06/02/2008Problem processing thumbnails for HWA first file has an @ in it
1.25O05/02/2008Added feature to stop the thumbnails from spoiling the server performance
1.25N05/02/2008Added creation of large thumbnails from PDF attachments