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Modification Log for Changes

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of Changes to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, or a trial version, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
0.02Q17/12/2008Bug-fix: Ian spotted bug when updating submitted budget on edit of source document details from alloctions.
0.02P15/12/2008Added 'two line' approach to package and s/c order reference in Budget / Cost Report - and changed order to reflect chosen ID
Added prefix ability to pop up lists for searching for contracts by order number
Changed column headings around for last two columns in pkg gain/loss report
Added 'two line' approach to package and s/c order reference in Budget / Cost Report - and changed order to reflect chosen ID
Added prefix ability to pop up lists for searching for contracts by order number
Changed column headings around for last two columns in pkg gain/loss report
Stopped new contracts picking up default funds
Made new contracts pick up last NON 900,000 series number
Modified the way the award section of new/mod contracts applies the 'locked' condition to allow for default to yes in most cases
Bug-fix unable to award packages from souce documents due to new math for provisional sums
Added ability to add a contract while allocating variations to source documents
Stopped new contracts picking up default funds
Made new contracts pick up last NON 900,000 series number
Modified the way the award section of new/mod contracts applies the 'locked' condition to allow for default to yes in most cases
Bug-fix unable to award packages from souce documents due to new math for provisional sums
Added ability to add a contract while allocating variations to source documents
0.02O04/12/2008Added 'two line' approach to package and s/c order reference in standard cost report
0.02N16/10/2008Added ability for users to update instruction funds to match source documents, when allocating existing variations to source documents
0.02M23/09/2008Swapped last two columns in pkg gain/loss reports to match other ones.
0.02L22/09/2008Modified project gain/loss report totals section to make it add up.
0.02K19/09/2008Modified reports via excel to run in asynch mode to enable Changes to carry on after loading excel.
Modified source document allocation wizard to cope with variations funded from prov. sums
Modified prompt on CRFLIST to prompt user that they might end up with a lot of paper - to default to yes, rather than no
Modified CRFLIST to avoid duplication of items which have variations related package contingency and non-contingency packages.
Modified the project gain and loss report to match the package one
0.02J22/05/2008Bug-fix: Budget/Cost A3 report not including column S in the total and doubling up CON_CON
0.02I15/05/2008Noted that it was not possible to print variations of type CON because the template ALWAYS exists (CON is a device map to the PC keyboard)
Modified references to CON.doc to CON_.doc
0.02H30/04/2008Changed calculation of O-value for contracts to prevent doubling up of PSUMBUD values
Cosmetic changes to budget/cost report on A3
0.02G29/04/2008Added sub total tender summary column to budget/code report
0.02D24/04/2008Added A3 option to project cost/value report
0.02C17/04/2008Modified popup totals for package list so that % margin is calculated against cost, not value
0.02B26/03/2008Bug-fix: summing PSUMBUD into current budget value twice, and leaving it out on reports!
0.02A25/03/2008Added ability to print all variations (with customisation note) for selected package
0.02 17/03/2008Added Provisional sums to budget and cost elements of packages
Modified CRF list to make sure that any source document with any kind of allocation to
contingency fund or package falls into the contingency pot
Modified source document breakdown register to export to excel.
Added ability to print CRFList in A3 format
0.01C17/03/2008 Added function to test for funds being provisional sums, and then modified the data entry in the allocation to
treat prov sums like additional budget.
Added ability to completely zap a project from the list - including all the subfolders etc.
Tidied up handling of main menu when projects added or deleted - was crashing sometimes...
Added sub total to variation change report
08CH.001 B 05/03/2007Added ability to export CMI running list to excel.
08CH.001 A 04/03/2007Bug-fix: Update to new structure not possible with extra index on contract table - can't open tables
if old structure.
08CH.001 03/03/2008Modified printing via pageview to do 'fit to' height/width dependant on landscape/portrait orientation
Added 'margin %' to totals from 'T' in contract list
Rejigged selections for new project regions - now using numbers for quick keys and added V for crownhouse projects
Put in functions to locate Excel.exe and remember where it is - and added ability to edit that path.
Added sort order to contracts for title and description - also added as an option to cost reports and variation change report.
Stopped source documents where reported value <> sum of allocations from throwing message up when there are no allocations
Allowed contract report and running list to include/exclude cancelled variations.
07CH.006 D 19/11/2007Modified cost and cost scoped reports to improve layout (thinner lines, sort order, sub totals printing when not reqd).
07CH.006 C 29/10/2007Added ability to prevent site instruction number printing on Site Instructions.
Modified checking of allocations to allow for margin if it has been calculated
Modified package list to include s/c order number
Modified font for standard narratives report.
Cosmetic change to allow for short budget/value labels
Cosmetic change to prevent display of contract number in an editable field when modifying
a contract (which wouldn't save it anyway).
Added ability to select element (parcel) on scoped cost report and to specify the package identifier
required (AKACode, contract or whatever)
Changed inkey() to inkey(.001) for browsing - as the old method was taking up too much processor time
Changed report previewing to use RunShell - and hopefully prevent dosbox popping up
Also modified DOSPROC to use CreateDir and RemoveDir
Modified printer port selection to remember whole of the word 'printer' not just prin
Changed order or printer ports in selrpoc to put PageView at the top
Added variation Running List report.
Changed Import of existing archive to cope with longer titles etc.
Modified scoped cost report to sort by selected id format (as per standard cost report)
07CH.006 B 01/10/2007Added features to test for validity of configuration on startup.
Added explanation of flags on source document screen
Updated layout of financial details on variations to allow for SHORT value/budget label.
Added 'total' to variation list to enable quick view of forecast costs
Modified layout of SI to get distribution falling in the correct place
Allowed system to control PageView ini file - to enable control of A3/A4 printing
Started work on A3 layouts for large reports (budget/cost)
07CH.006 A 15/08/2007Changed default for locking estimated cost to value for allocations to source documents to be NO.
07CH.006 25/07/2007Added lock field to package customisation notes
Increased size of default distribution recipients (now 25 chars) and similar for 'others' on variations
Tidied report to match and added shading
Removed PND_LB from defaults (although it won't delete the field until another update on same table is done)
Modified all code documents to pick up terminology for Value/Budget rather than hard coding it
Added ability to set reported value to either the sum of a source documents allocations or a chosen number
Added validation report for source documents.
07CH.005 B 16/07/2007Modified package identification/ordering selections to use uppercased abreviation for contract in all cases - rather
than CON
Modified source document list to improve format (added shading) and selection criteria form to bring most used
options to the top
Added support for VFP module to create and update word templates
Modified CRF list to pick up variation types RSK and RIS for contingency
Added sub totals for agreed and unagreed.
07CH.005 A 27/06/2007Modified the criteria for allocating contingency in the Contract Review form - also tidied the layout of the last column.
07CH.005 25/06/2007Added 'No Format' field to source document types - to allow for users who want a non-defined format.
07CH.004 C 25/06/2007Modified cost reports to shade finalised accounts and sort contracts according to selected order.
07CH.004 B 09/06/2007Modified function that recalcs source document allocations to prevent message about allocations - when multiple
'Picked' documents are being processed.
07CH.004 A 10/05/2007Added an indicator to cost report to show when an identifier for AKA order or code is missing and the contract number has been used instead.
07CH.004 09/05/2007Added functionality to source documents so that zeroing the report/agreed values generates a prompt
to zero the reported allocations.
Put two line contract title and description option on most reports and added option to defaults (0) to enable it
Modified cost report to allow for selection of Pkg Number, S/C Order or AKA as the identifier for packages
Modified the main list of packages to allow for displaying in S/C Order.
07CH.003 D 14/03/2007Added a scan of source documents setting the agreed date to be the initiated date if status was agreed
Modified labels on cost control log
Modified contingency transfer to work with BTF style source documents
Moved contract review report to financial review menu
Modified contract review to ignore filters - thereby including cancelled cost variations (i.e. contingeny transfers)
Modified PKG gain/loss report, rectified unlet packages unlet scope change calculation
and added option to include 'kitchen sink' approach whereby zero cost/value changes are printed
Modified deletion of source documents to force recalculation of package values/costs.
07CH.003 C 09/03/2007Modified Contract Review List to exclude previously reported items from 'catchall' variations section on report.
07CH.003 B 08/03/2007Changed the saving of budget transfer source doucments to pick up initiated date if agreed date is empty.
07CH.003 A 08/03/2007Changed label on FFC sheet to match std cost report (the PJ_PND exchanged for PJ_UNC - just above contingency) Modified so that budget transfers could optionally become committed costs - set in Defaults (page 9)
To utilise, also set appropriate fund to not anticipated (i.e. committed)
Made allocations to unlet packages (from source doc. wiz.) default to not in cost log - and prevented user
from overwriting at creation (gave a nice message too).
07CH.001 08/02/2007Modified cost logs to separate out unlet scope from totals at top of page.
07CH.000 D 01/02/2007Modified variation to contract change report to allow selection of contract, cost report group, snap code or parcel (element)
Modified programs recalculating ffc to allow for contingency packages - where pending vars are ignored
Modified FFC Sheet to move client instructions into the first line of committed changes
Added label WSAGR to terminology for FFC Sheet Committed Changes label.
07CH.000 C 24/01/2007Modified package gain/loss report to pick up current cost - even if selected archive didn't have any.
07CH.000 B 24/01/2007Added ability to reprocess source document numbers to match new layout (from 01.1 to 0001. 1).
07CH.000 A 14/12/06 Modified most reports to remove project number and description, also fixed bug in all reports using 'ABLURRY' to
decide if variations should be included in the cost log (for archived items)
Also added two OK_SIGN fields to package customisation notes.
06CH.004 B 29/11/06 Modified layout of financial details for cvars - to allow for not having source documents.
06CH.004 A 28/11/06 Logos modified to allow for multiple companies, gain and loss report modified
adding new column (change in gain or loss).
06CH.004 13/11/06 Added 'Contingency' indication to funds
Changed layout of data entry on financial details for variations
Clarified hours entry in defaults.
06CH.003 P 18/10/06 Modified reporting to use logos with 600x600 resolution, and cost report to use two lines
for description/subbie and break cost from value columns.
06CH.003 O 26/09/06 Modified Prov data entry to work with older clipper style technology - as the xBase++ didn't
like updating data entry boxes.
06CH.003 N 15/09/06 Modified system to use different terminology for 'Port' and 'Other' in the printing
modules (Now Printer and PageView).
Tidied up presentation of printing progress - and made it a little faster by only updating
the progress every 100 lines.
Removed access to ability to run another program AFTER printing.
Removed need for prompt for printer details when outputting to PageView
Added SnapCode to files copied when creating a new project from an old one
Increased the width of the table being displayed when looking at cost report archives
by two characters to make it show the year (designed with 'century off'
Modified Updater to remove some messages and give an indication of progress -
also made it delete the existing system - test that and check that the new version
was actually in place before exiting.
Moved printer settings to utilities menu - where most people will be able to adjust them
Made cosmetic changes to the basic details of new variations - instructions and pending - and
the editting mode as well, changing the description to note and the order of the data entry.
Added (possibly put pack!) ability to specifiy whether an instruction/variation is put on the
cost log when raised via a source document.
Bug-fix: changed validation of edit variation costs to allow for non-zero costs being excluded from
cost log - it was only testing whether the item was PREVIOUSLY not in the cost log, not the current
cost log inclusion status as well.
06CH.003 M 12/09/06 Made some cosmetic changes to the source document breakdown report criteria form.
06CH.003 L 22/08/06 Enhanced the way variations are excluded from from the cost log - giving the user more feedback
when they try to exclude items with cost - or after award date.
06CH.003 K 22/08/06 Bug-fix: Package gain/loss report crashing due to mis-spelling of CAUSE in 'old items' reporting.
06CH.003 J 21/08/06 Bug-fix: Error loading picklists, also accessing the S.Doc breakdown report
Also moved pkg register to supplementary reports menu.
06CH.003 I 17/08/06 Reorganised reporting menu structure.
06CH.003 H 17/08/06 Added export from cost report to .csv file (which pops up in Excel)
Made the package contingency column option on the cost report - and the
Package Description wider to suit.
06CH.003 G 10/08/06 Added ability to put items in descending order on all cost logs.
06CH.003 F 10/08/06 Modified export for Payment Applications to run Excel on completion
Modified the way the cost log (for contracts) works to include items 'not in log' but
to zero costs and use <-> indicator on status
Modified editting of variations to allow users to say 'not in cost log' WITHOUT
re-editing after manually zeroing costs (better for source documents)
Added direct link to modification log (at for Changes.
06CH.003 E 10/08/06 Add export to csv feature from the contract register print out.
06CH.003 D 24/07/06 Altered layout of variation print outs so that only subcontractors
name was being shown - regardless of layout for package lists
Added new report with package names, numbers and contractors (no fin. details)
Created project Omega logos for reports
Modified pop-ups for libraries - making first item in list show - users sometimes
unaware that options alphabetically before the selected one actually existed
Added ability to list variations in ascending or descending on the following reports:
i) Instruction Type Register
ii) Variation to contract change report
iii) Source document list
iv) Source Document Change Report
v) Source Document Breakdown register
vi) Contractor Instruction List
06CH.003 C 19/07/06 Modified source document allocation recalculations to allow for locked value margin packages.
06CH.003 B 04/07/06 Added 'tertiary' and group level totals to aggregate (snap) reporting on cost report too.
06CH.003 A 04/07/06 Bug-fix: New D for Details conflicted with D for Down in cost report layout.
06CH.003 19/06/06 Added new 'tertiary' level to cost report grouping.
06CH.002 C 15/06/06 Made it possible to 'hide' a sub-total line on the cost report and financial summary
by simply making the description blank and adding a couple of mill to the line spacing.
06CH.002 B 31/05/06 Added user category C for clerical people who can input instructions and pending vars
(the existing A category could not do pending) also removed the W category.
06CH.002 A 16/05/06 Bug-fix: Unable to use pop-up selector for contracts in source document wizard.
06CH.002 11/05/06 Increased size of user id to 30 characters
modified structure of funds & causes to allow for 'Award' types to be tested
fixed bugs in awarding packages from source documents - needed to include windows features.
06CH.001 Q 27/03/06 Modified keyboard handling for Contra Charge handling using Enter to move to second column and edit
Y/N/Link value.
06CH.001 P 16/03/06 Fixed problem with selecting all source documents after creating new one - where it SHOULD have taken user to the section on adding allocations.
06CH.001 O 15/03/06 Fixed problem with cursor skipping to description field instead of title field when adding
new pending variations (due to removal of FORM field).
06CH.001 N 11/03/06 Modified system to enable identification of when records are modified or added
this enables the system to avoid scanning all variations if no mods are made
Also modified scanning routines to avoid using push-pop routines for al tables.
05CH.001 M 10/03/06 Modified contracts screen to remove obselete data entry fields
Removed import functions for Approach Databases
Modified user control for contracts screen - was showing columns for Admin user
when logging in a 'blank' user
Modified sub contractor log to use PAA value for assessment column - instead of original
Estimate value
Added alternative way of calculating unlet scope on unlet packages
using the appereance of a label in the project terminology XUCC
Removed access to 'Form' throughout system and early start/early finish dates.
06CH.001 L 24/01/06 Modified entry of financial values in variations to inhibit copying of reported costs to reported
values in any circumstances.
05CH.003 L 19/01/06 Modified recalculation of source document allocations to prevent reporting of inbalance
in values (when doing many source documents the continuous reporting can be annoying).
Added a % gain/loss number to the standard cost report
Added AKA_CODE (as S/C Order No) to CVARREPT
Added check on Originators to allow users to add them to the library as they go along
Restricted visibility of cost and value information for A level users.
05CH.003 K 13/01/06 Enhanced restrictions to what level B users can do - preventing references to source documents that do not exist
Also removed references to old clipper code - ClipStuff - that was not xbase++ compatible and did not work.
05CH.003 J 22/12/05 Added some restrictions to what level B users can do - not allowing creation of new source documents and
preventing them from modifiying 'value' side of variation info.
05CH.003 I 21/12/05 Modified the cost report log - printed for all packages within a given parcel (element) -
to avoid getting 'page 1 of 0' on reports.
05CH.003 H 12/12/05 Added check for filter when accessing project.
05CH.003 G 23/11/05 Added ability for users without full rights to create new archive projects.
05CH.003 F 16/11/05 Added ability to create new projects - for users without access previously.
05CH.003 E 03/11/05 Modified modification of narratives/comments to reduce insert line breaks as shown on screen
- not at fixed widths - and modified all prints to suit.
05CH.003 D 06/10/05 Modified layout on variation change report - added column for overall difference.
Also added icon to executable.
05CH.003 C 29/09/05 Bug-fix: layout on source document wizard header section offset by one column
Modified warning on source document value not equalling sum of estimated allocations
was comparing report value against assigned, now comparing reported with estimates
Changed order in which reported value is entered in the modify source document 'form'
called from within source document allocations
Made Title field compulsory when adding new source documents.
Changed order of items in source document deletion menu
Added validation to new variations (pending and instruction) to ensure that source document
types are entered, valid and in the correct case
Added validation to prevent mod/add of variations on finalised packages
Changed order of CAUSE and FUND in most Source Document forms - to make them
consistent with variations section
Added Updating system - to remove the need for batch files
05CH.003 B 14/09/05 Modified variation change report to put correct columns under headers (cost and value having been reversed)
05CH.003 A 05/09/05 Modified portrait header to allow for project titles to be 95mm wide
05CH.003 25/07/05 Added a check in the source document allocation recalculation to warn if the estimated value
is not equal to the assigned value
Added a field to the variations table to allow for the reported value to be locked
this then attempts to stop system from calculating an 'assigned' value
Modified layout of 'Originated by' and 'Distribution' list on variation print out
Changed order to menu items on the 'delete variation allocation' from source documents.
Simplified the manner in which fund, cause, type an origin are prompted for when creating new
variations from the source document wizard
Automated pop up of users project privileges after addition.
Made list of users bigger (more in view)
Fixed bug with selection of privileges for the first time (giving users access to all projects)
Removed confirmation from updating vaiations financial details
Removed confirmation from new source documents and mods to source documents
Added a field to 'lock' contract unlet scope at award and modified the layout of the
award section to put those details at the bottom - and made current unlet scope copy to unlet
at award - if not locked.
05CH.002 H 08/07/05 Bug-Fix: Project Gain/Loss Report putting value of deleted variations from archive into current total
(instead of change in period total)
05CH.002 G 07/07/05 Bug-Fix: Variation change report putting 'ARCHIVE' entry in variation table, instead of temp table
05CH.002 F 21/06/05 Enhanced breakdown report to allow further exclusion of documents with no src.doc
05CH.002 E 20/06/05 Modified source document breakdown list to include criteria for element - and put
Element on report (parcel)
05CH.002 D 14/06/05 Moved Narrative from STDNARRS to external text files - to allow for
easier text editting
Similarly with CONTNOTES - to external text files - to allow for
easier text editting. Also revised Path references with would contain \\
i.e. TEXT, NARRS, COMMENT, CNOTS Also modified delete routines to refresh the screen a lot better (everywhere there is
a Browse:Up command
05CH.002 C 09/06/05 Added ability to add default contract notes to all contracts at the same time (updating
any which exist already
05CH.002 B 25/04/05 Added 'variation change report'
05CH.002 A 22/04/05 Implemented GrpTot on cost report, also inhibited prompt for 'allocate children'
when creating source documents (see version 5.001 point 3 above).
05CH.002 22/04/05 Added 'grptot' field to cost report layouts - to allow for additional
subtotals (1 at present - not yet implemented)
05CH.001 D 19/04/05 Modified Source Document list and Source Document change reports to remove
'best and worst' references
05CH.001 C 13/04/05 Modified CostLog to make items listed (with no filter) match items counted
for total summary (at top)
05CH.001 B 23/03/05 Modified the layout of the cost report - decoding the parcel reference
05CH.001 A 18/03/05 Added ability to export pending items in Payment Application Assessment
05CH.001 28/01/05 Mods as requested by ID:
1) Removed colon from printed versions of VARIATION sheet - before second decription
line as it is not required (the scond line often being empty)
2) Revised layout of columns in Source Document form to show more flags - some were
'hidden' by being outside the range of the screen window. Also moved detail window
up one line to allow for wider first line of menu - because an addition shortcut
item was required 'T' for setting document status (also added to pop-up menu and
to allocation screen and to wizard
3) Added ability to add 'children' records to Source Documents, rather
than having to just allocate 'parent' records one by one. Also made system
prompt for whether to add children after creating source document.
4) Modified layout of Package Gain/Loss Report to enable hiding of Best/Worst columns
5) Modified layout of Project Gain/Loss Report to enable hiding of Best/Worst columns
6) Modified Project Gain/Loss Report to group all the individual package
sheets into one large file for printing.
7) Changed size of AKA field to 8 chars