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Modification Log for DocsPro

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of DocsPro to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, or a trial version, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
1.12V14/11/2014Added ability to change tq originator
1.12U22/07/2014** 1.12 K 12/12/2012 Added criteria for document type to document distribution report PRNCDIST
** 1.12 L 23/01/2013 Added criteria for document type to APPROVALS document distribution report RVWDIST
** 1.12 M 24/01/2013 Modified current dist report to allow for selectig lead reviewers only
** 1.12 N 25/01/2013 Modified current dist report to highlight originator and comments due back date
** 1.12 O 19/02/2013 Modified current dist report to highlight comments returned date
** 1.12 P 26/02/2013 Modified current dist report to work at all
** 1.12 Q 27/02/2013 Modified current dist report to revert to highlighted originator and comments due back date
** 1.12 R 27/02/2013 Modified current dist report to respect selection of lead reviewers only
** 1.12 S 08/03/2013 Modified current dist report to use daterecd, rather than date expected!
** 1.12 T 22/03/2013 Added criteria for profiles to cdocs and cdist reports
** 1.12 U 22/07/2014 Added yellow colour for tq report to indicate dealtwith has been ticked
1.12J16/02/2012Restricted trial back to allow for 30 goes into a given project
1.12I07/05/2010Added ability to decide whether to copy or move attachments as they are registered
1.12H30/03/2010Added legend for issue reasons to current documents report
1.12G27/03/2009Modified document approvals distribution report to encompass non approvals!
changed layout of above to use less paper as well
1.12F24/06/2008Extended trial to allow for 190 goes into a given project
1.12E02/06/2008Added new Alt. Transmittal layout
1.12D02/06/2008Extended trial to allow for 90 goes into a given project
1.12C28/02/2008Changed system to use VFPCompression.fll instead of shelling out to FBZIP.
1.12 B 05/03/2007 Bug-fix: unable To review distribution of revisions from documents awaiting issue form.
1.12 A 17/01/2007 Modified reporting criteria forms to allow for selection of specific documents (using 'magnifying glass') from 'To Originator' boxes.
1.12 08/01/2007 Added new columns to Q&R sheets to indicate whether variations had been issued and/or priced.
1.11 W 11/07/2006 Bug-fix: Not adding new projects when searching drive.
1.11 V 27/06/2006 Modified Documents Issued report to ignore 'extra' issues that fall outside specified date range etc.
1.11 U 20/06/2006 Added method to stop import of .bmp files from being corrupted by other software on users machine
Also added lookup for lead reviewers when adding/editing companies
1.11 T 12/06/2006 Added facility make some document sizes 'blind' - so that A3 and A4 documents would not be included on print shop requests.
1.11 S 10/06/2006 Bug-fix: routine that searches for databases to do subfolders as well, could be trying to use temporary folder before it has been created.
1.11 R 06/06/2006 Modified routine that searches for databases to do subfolders as well.
1.11 Q 03/06/2006 Modified add documents routine to pick up document type from existing document.
1.11 P 26/05/2006 Modified 'Documents Issued (Specific Recipient) report to allow for selection of 'Latest Rev Issued to Recip'
rather than current rev only (which could be different).
1.11 O 22/03/2006 Bug-fix: Document Type not correct on issue list while generating transmittals.
1.11 N 03/03/2006 Bug-fix: Problem with declining to distribute documents in the approval cycle/withdrawn causing crash - fixed.
1.11 M 08/02/2006 Added check after running reports - to improve system for use with pdf creators, using a different
path for output of file rather than the data folder.
1.11 L 03/02/2006 Improved setting of document status - to alert use if lead reviewer not same as person commentating.
1.11 K 31/01/2006 Added ability to double click revision to select it (rather than using a button)
when manually adding a document to a transmittal note (feature added in 1.11J).
1.11 J 28/01/2006 Added a check in issuing mechanism to warn if documents are withdrawn
also added ability to save an incomplete issue process and return to it.
1.11 I 17/01/2006 Bug-fix: HTML layout of narrative text showing encoded linefeed entries.
1.11 H 10/01/2006 Added cut-off days to link with DPC Manager for alert reporting.
1.11 G 10/11/2005 Added email address to company details report.
1.11 F 08/11/2005 Added features to enable DPCManager.
1.11 E 25/10/2005 Added ability to upload and import companies & individuals to/from DocumentDepot.
1.11 D 11/09/2005 Added updating features and online version checking.
1.11 C 17/08/2005 Added DATE SENT AND TRANSMITTAL to saveCDOCS function./td>
1.11 A 30/06/2005 Added additional features for DocumentDepot support.
1.11 15/06/2005 Extended size of drgtitle and added FileName to PopIV in preparation for link to DocumentDepot.
1.10 H 15/05/2005 Put checkboxes for transmittals and document issue sheets on company front form - to enable users to set them on more easily. Also made system go straight to main menu if project details already entered - as per docelite.
1.10 G 10/03/2005 Added shortcut menu to all text and edit boxes, and then allowed spellcheck on them - as well as cut/paste etc.
1.10 F 24/02/2005 Added new 'design comment sheet' and added ability to turn issue comments on or off.
1.10 E 17/02/2005 Added ability to place documents in a selected transmittal back in the 'list awaiting issue'.
1.10 D 31/01/2005 Bug-fix, TQ sheets losing type after aborting 'add' function.
1.10 C 17/01/2005 Added spellcheck functionality.
1.10 B 27/10/2004 Bug-fix, problem when adding new Q & R sheets - if none exist of type chosen, none get added... ok if some exist though.
1.10 A 07/10/2004 Added ability to use new alternative report format for review transmittals AltRevwTransmit.
1.10 30/09/2004 Copied new TQ Features from DocElite, added screen sizing features and MS Word location features also added 'find' feature to main document register - as users enter it, to make locating documents quicker. Also incorporated FBZIP within executable.
1.09 L 17/08/2004 Added 'Set No.' to distributions (as per DocElite) and enabled users to 'concentrate' highlighting of documents to a specific 'set' on the document issue sheets.
1.09 K 12/08/2004 Modified layout of PICKLIST report and SavedList Report to include date received and reason
1.09 J 16/07/2004 Modified the way comments are included in word templates for Query & Response sheets
1.09 I 02/07/2004 Added ability to print all 'ticked' transmittals
1.09 H 25/06/2004 Added check on document distribution to help prevent issue of unapproved documents, also added company name to document issue selection form, and recipients list for clarity
1.09 G 10/06/2004 Bug-fix - restore not going to correct folder
1.09 F 09/06/2004 Changes back-up compression program to FreeByte's FBZip
1.09 E 04/06/2004 Added html outputs to outstanding and overdue approvals reports
1.09 D 21/05/2004 Moved lock file - to allow easier install on XP with service pack security
1.09 C 10/05/2004 Added new label formats
1.09 B 22/04/2004 Modified Document Exception Report to allow filtering by incoming reason & Type
1.09 A 26/03/2004 Problem with adding Profiles - only allowed 2 characters
1.09 24/03/2004 Started adding profiles to document records - to allow 'Pre-Defined' distribution - taken from DocElite
1.08 H 24/03/2004 Modified documatrix to stop it picking up recpients not send documents (in issuedto - taken from other older projects)
1.08 G 03/03/2004 Allowed 'Does Not' option on Current Documents Report
1.08 F 27/02/2004 Added new report - Documents Issued to Specific Recipient
1.08 E 19/02/2004 Fixed problem with not saving document type when adding documents and modified document report to get just lastest revisions, when that's what is wanted
1.08 D 16/02/2004 Fixed problem with layout of review O/D and Reminder letters
1.08 C 14/12/2003 Added ability to produce document exception report as html document
1.08 B 05/12/2003 Added ability to save document exception report to csv file
1.08 A 03/12/2003 Modified GETDRGRETEBYDOCNO to match the assessment of status done by the REVNDIST exit code
1.08 02/12/2003 Added ability to use word format documents for Q&R sheets
also rejigged the approvals reports to allow for inaccurate data entry
1.07 C 02/12/2003 Extended structure of export file to include more dates!
1.07 B 21/11/2003 Added ability to export document distribution to CSV/TXT
1.07 A 10/11/2003 Fix for printing document issues - making them fit!
1.07 10/11/2003 Added batches to distributions
1.06 ZB 05/11/2003 Added ability to get to revs & dist for documents in 'Awaiting Issue' form
1.06 ZA 04/11/2003 Added date received column to docuinvt form - for YJL
modified the activation system (setting activation key into blocks)
And changed the default settings for dist. reports
1.06 Z 17/10/2003 Added feature to DOCUMATRIX - highlighting documents sent to recipients only
1.06 Y 11/10/2003 Fixed problem with adding TQs - not picking up correct number
1.06 X 07/10/2003 Added ability to prevent printing issue sheets to people who aren't there.
1.06 W 23/09/2003 Fixed problem with Back-Ups
1.06 V 08/09/2003 Added ability some warnings for doing restores and Back-ups and made system check
for exclusive access
1.06 U 04/08/2003 Added ability for system to search a folder for all the projects that
might be there and add them to the list.
1.06 T 26/06/2003 Changed changproj to use MoveFile API call to rename folders Added date validation to new documents and tidied up tabbing from revision to prevent problems
1.06 S 10/06/2003 fixed bug in picklist management form - forgot to add revno to
table based on popin (which doesn't have one!)
1.06 R 09/06/2003 fixed bug in extracting return comments - always getting mci 0000 for items which aren't issued to anyone for approval
1.06 Q 05/06/2003 Added ability to put Document Status on ALL transmittals
1.06 P 31/05/2003 Added ability to select which DistSheets are printed
1.06 O 15/05/2003 Put back ability for DistSheet to ignore 'Finished' packages
1.06 N 15/05/2003 Dist Sheet had bug - using popis3 from easydoc, should have been popis6 in docspro
1.06 M 14/05/2003 Added ability for DistSheet to ignore 'Finished' packages
1.06 L 07/05/2003 User spotted bug in load list - must have bust in in later development also added collection of wild card functionality to reports Current docs, docs issued, not issued & exception
1.06 K 06/05/2003 Added document type column to Current Documents List
1.06 J 01/05/2003 User spotted bug in finddocs - it kept 'Going Top' because it had a default data environment
1.06 I 29/04/2003 added Picklist system (similar to DocSafe one) to DocsPro
1.06 H 15/04/2003 added ability to specify transno on Current Documents Report
1.06 G 15/04/2003 Added 'No Comment' ability to review documents - using 'review' field of POPPM table
1.06 F 07/03/2003 Added check to save forms - so that they don't try to save to a non-existent folder (also made forms larger to more could be seen) and incorporated EasyDocAFL document issue sheet.
1.06 E 04/03/2003 Fixed bug - not using alternate transmittal when doing distibution!
1.06 D 27/02/2003 Modified install / activation to use a GUID and return much more variable numbers
also started on work to use .ini file in working folder.
1.06 C 26/02/2003 Added ability to 'hand craft' an alternative transmittalformat
1.06 B 13/02/2003 Added ability to comment on documents NOT ISSUED to a reviewer!
1.06 A 15/01/2003 Added ability to print labels and altered the way browsers are activated
1.06 13/01/2003 Added ability to import a transmittal from either easydoc or docspro Added ability to export current documents report to a .txt file Added ability to run current documents report and current dist. report selecting documents with specified comments only. Added ability for recipients to have their own approvals cycles