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EasyDoc - The 'Easy to Use' Document System

Not every project or company has the resources to retain a dedicated document controller. It is not uncommon for smaller companies to expect Junior Planners, Receptionists and temporary workers to take on the responsibility of managing drawings and other documents alongside their normal tasks.

Finedata has developed EasyDoc to fill the need for a system which is easy to learn, easy to use and can cope with the basic document control functions of a small project.

EasyDoc is a Lost-Cost, High-Performance system. There are no frills, no bells and no whistles.

Like all Finedata applications, EasyDoc is designed to run on low spec. equipment and is scalable. You can start a project from a laptop in the back of a van, move to an office with a small network and then, as the project runs down, either return to head office for archiving - or back to the van with the laptop.

To download and/or read an Acrobat PDF datasheet on EasyDoc click here.

Because small projects have more modest data requirements, EasyDoc is often able to be backed up onto floppy disc or zip drive. If required, EasyDoc information can be held on a server and backed up centrally.

EasyDoc enables users to register the receipt of documents, issue them to the various people who need copies - printing a simple, clear, letter for each recipient - and producing a copying schedule for the various documents in their various sizes.

EasyDoc has two simple to use reports detailing the documents received and who they were sent to, and the individual recipients and what was sent to them.

EasyDoc enables users to run more than one project from a single machine - thereby allowing users to work on two projects during the transition phase when they might be starting a new one whilst closing out an old one.

EasyDoc has built-in support for common terms and expressions - which companies can use to ensure that procedures are followed across projects. For example a company might wish to use similar letters, or coding structures for documents and drawings.