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Modification Log for EasyDoc

To help you decide if you want to update your copy of EasyDoc to the latest version, we are pleased to present a summary of the recent changes.

If you need more information, or a trial version, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website.
1.10 14/08/2012Added new index on reason for issue ... so the register can be sorted by that
1.09D18/10/2011Modified the document attachment system to only MOVE files when they are coming from $incoming
1.09C10/10/2011Moved default lockdir location to be the same as whereami
1.09A05/03/2009Modified global update structure to allow for a parameter
1.09 19/02/2009Added new index for popis3 - missing on one project, also enabled changing of name for attachment folder when changing originator id
1.08Y19/11/2007Extended size of mail sender's name
1.08X26/07/2007Improved usability of install form, set C:\$incoming to be the default import/export folders
put a system updates button on the main list of projects form.
1.08W26/04/2007Made main document register use full screen as far as possible.
1.08V20/04/2007Made temporary files open exclusively to allow for tag style indexing.
1.08U19/04/2007Modified creation of index files to prevent usage of root of C: drive.
1.08T17/01/2007Modified reporting criteria forms to allow for selection of specific documents (using 'magnifying glass') from 'To Originator' boxes.
1.08S14/11/2006Modified distribution reports to only include recipients who got documents between specified dates - the
existing criteria filtered documents that were issued between specified dates, but included all recipients regardless
of the date they received the documents.
1.08R27/08/2006Bug-Fix: Problem with setting the document matrix report as
unavailable when running as read-only.
1.08Q11/07/2006Bug-fix: Not adding new projects when searching drive.
1.08P27/06/2006Added feature whereby 'Find' is activated whenever user enters main document register
to make finding documents easier. Also added ability to 'Save' insert mode.
1.08O20/06/2006Added method to stop import of .bmp files from being corrupted by other software on users machine
1.08 N 12/06/2006 Added facility make some document sizes 'blind' - so that A3 and A4 documents would not be included on print shop requests.
1.08 M 10/06/2006 Bug-fix: routine that searches for databases to do subfolders as well, could be trying to use temporary folder before it has been created.
1.08 L 07/06/2006 Added ability to use 'ALT' layouts to print transmittals from transmittal list.
1.08 K 06/06/2006 Modified routine that searches for databases to do subfolders as well.
1.08 J 08/02/2006 Added check after running reports - to improve system for use with pdf creators, using a different
path for output of file rather than the data folder.
1.08 I 30/01/2006 Changed "..." to magnifying glass icon.
1.08 H 17/01/2006 Bug-fix: HTML layout of narrative text showing encoded linefeed entries.
1.08 G 14/12/2005 Bug-fix: incorrect number of copies being picked up when manually adding companies to document distributions.
1.08 F 09/12/2005 Moved back-up control file to same folder as system is installed in.
1.08 E 24/11/2005 Bug-fix: duplicated html_addr function (one with only one parameter).
1.08 D 28/10/2005 Added ability to create current document reports as an HTML file.
1.08 C 25/10/2005 Modified import of companies to pick-up 'finished' condition correctly.
1.08 B 24/10/2005 Added ability to upload companies and individuals to DocumentDepot and import same from .CSV file.
1.08 A 11/10/2005 Resolved problem with database reference to DocSafe and EasydocAFL based forms.
1.08 07/09/2005 Modified transmittal import routine to provide a bit of analysis - to make it easier Added 'finished' flag to companies to reduce their being listed in issues Added AKA & PREFIX fields to companies.
1.07 I 02/09/2005 Modified document depot upload routines.
1.07 H 02/09/2005 Added progress indicator to on-Line update checker.
1.07 G 22/08/2005 Enhanced On-Line update checker.
1.07 F 22/08/2005 Modified DocumentDepot update to 'double check' details uploaded when 'Timeout error' is returned - perhaps when user has proxy system timing out uploads.
1.07 E 12/08/2005 Modified import of transmittals to accept filename as is.
1.07 D 13/07/2005 Added auto updating features.
1.07 C 08/07/2005 Improved import form/routines for accepting data from DocumentDepot.
1.07 B 15/06/2005 Incorporated e-mail systems from West Wind to enable transmittals and copyshop requests to be sent electronically.
1.07 A 27/06/2005 Added ability to upload Outstanding Issues list to DocumentDepot.
1.07 15/06/2005 Added new field to incoming versions to support use of DocumentDepot, and extended size of drgtitle field.
1.06 M 10/03/2005 Added shortcut menu to all text and edit boxes, and then allowed spellcheck on them - as well as cut/paste etc.
1.06 L 17/01/2005 Added spellchecking functionality.
1.06 K 27/08/2004 Bug-Fix: modified company reporting to allow for at least some to be printed.
1.06 J 22/06/2004 Modified saved lists to include revision - and reports to use them
1.06 I 09/06/2004 Changed back-up compression program to FreeByte's FBZip
1.06 H 10/05/2004 Added a series of new label formats - taken from DocsPro
1.06 G 22/04/2004 Added ability for development system (not end users) to modify MCI numbers
1.06 F 16/04/2004 Modified transmittal notes to put status on all transmittals - if requested (it was incorrectly leaving it off ones not going back to originator)
1.06 E 24/03/2004 Modified documatrix to stop it picking up recpients not send documents (in issuedto - taken from other older projects!)
1.06 D 20/02/2004 Fixed problem with order of items on html transmittal
1.06 C1 02/02/2004 Added Premier Repro as default Copy Shop
1.06 C 02/02/2004 Added inbuilt reference to Premier Repro for CopyShop
1.06 B 23/01/2004 Added ability to 'not send paper' in copy shop requests
1.06 A 11/11/2003 Fix - unable to add new companies - forgot to reference pageframe!
1.06 10/11/2003 Upgraded document issue sheet to match the achitectural version and added comments to list of companies & individuals - and added distribution matrix option!
1.05 L 04/11/2003 Updated install form to match new standard
1.05 K 23/09/2003 Fixed problem with back-ups
1.05 J 17/09/2003 Fixed bug in PRNCDOCS which was stopping report printing correctly ignoring request for new page for each originator - made prncdist use same technique for printing either preview or hardcopy
1.05 I 08/09/2003 Added ability some warnings for doing restores and Back-ups
1.05 H 13/08/2003 Added ability to export current documents list to a .XLS file
1.05 G 06/07/2003 Added ability to use 'AltTransmit' as per DocsPro - thereby allowing different report formats for transmittal and document issue sheets
1.05 F 02/07/2003 Added date validation to new documents and tidied data entry so tabs off revno complete dates and so forth
1.05 E 26/06/2003 Used MoveFile API Call to rename folder in Change Project Number
1.05 D 03/06/2003 Added ability for user to create lock file whereever they like using -L and a path
1.05 B 14/05/2003 Modified printing of copy shop request - to make sure last transmittal was included
1.05 A 07/05/2003 Added ReadOnly Functionality
1.05 12/03/2003 Added new sort order for document inventory - by title