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Finedata Limited - Document Control Tutorial

Lesson 11 - Reporting Requirements from Document Control Systems.

Computerised document control systems have one major advantage over manual ones - the ability to extract information in the form of reports.

Document controllers may be asked for a very wide spectrum of reports, but there are three basic ones which cover most everyday situations:

  • Lists of incoming documents, their revisions and when they were received.
  • Lists of documents and their distribution.
  • Lists of recipients and the documents sent to them.

When producing these reports, the document controller will normally be able to focus on particular ranges of documents, dates and recipients so that they can extract only the documents received or issued on a given day (week or month).

Click here to see an example of an incoming document report.
Click here to see an example of a document distribution report.
Click here to see an example of a document issued to recipient report.

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