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Finedata 'Off-The-Shelf' Products

Finedata has developed a suite of applications for use in the construction industry called the 'FineDetail Suite'.

The FineDetail applications can be installed as a set or as individual parts. They all run on Windows NT/2K or XP and do not require the expense of SQL server .

Because they have been developed with users making a significant contribution they are easy to learn and Finedata's support experience means you are assured that they are a breeze to install.

For more information about individual packages click on the item of interest below:

CarTrack - A really easy to use Vehicle Management System
InTouchPro - Our new Correspondence Management System
EasyDoc - The 'Easy to Use' Document System for projects without a dedicated document controller
DocsPro - The Professional Document Control System for projects with full-time Document Controller
DocElite - The 'Flagship' Document Control System for very large projects