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Finedata Limited - Lesson 10 Quiz

Lesson 10 - Distributing Documents: Distribution Sheet and Transmittal Notes.

Question 1 - Which of these statements is generally CORRECT:
Distribution sheets are the more recent way to issue documents.
Transmittal letters, or notes, are not often used to issue documents.
Spreadsheets can be used to create distribution sheets if required.
Transmittal letters are used when document controllers do not have any postcards left.
Transmittal letters are never produced by computer.

Question 2 - Which of these statements is generally CORRECT:
Transmittal notes rarely leave room for any explanatory narrative.
Transmittal notes do not normally include a list of documents.
Transmittal notes do not normally include a reason for issue.
Documents being sent are identified on transmittal notes.
Documents being sent are not normally identified on transmittal notes.

Question 3 - When a document controller has completed the distribution of some documents and printed the transmittal letters, which of the following is a likely course of action:
Spend the rest of the day reading spy novels.
File the transmittals away carefully - but not send out the documents.
Find someone in reception to chat with for five minutes.
Sign the transmittals, file a copy of each one and send the documents to the recipients.
Send the documents to the recipients, but don't send the transmittal letters with them.

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