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Latest Versions of Finedata Applications

You must have fully installed and registered copies of these programs in order to use these self-extracting files to update your existing version.

If you need a full version, or a trial version, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website. If you only download these updates, without having a full installation, the applications will not function.
Change Management System
Changes0312CH - Version 0.02BH Released 31/08/2016
Changes Logo Files
Required if upgrading past 06CH003O
Changes External Template/Report Processor
Changes Modification History (CH012.001 - Present)
Changes Modification History (CH011.001 - Present)
Changes Modification History (CH010.006G - CH010.011C)
Changes Modification History (CH009.001 - CH009.006E)
Changes Modification History (CH005.001 - CH008)
Order, Contract, Change & Payment Management System
FineCosts - Version 1.42R Released 18/09/2014
FineCosts Modification History (1.04 - Present)
FCCManager - Version 1.01I Released 10/05/2012
FineCosts Communications Manager Modification History
EasyPO - Version 1.65H Released 01/04/2022
Easy PO Modification History (1.27 - Present)